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As summer has ended, and we have approach conference season, activity picks up and a flurry of news flows from the various JBoss projects.


Help designing Bean Validation 1.1


While working on the upcoming Bean Validation 1.1 specification Emmanuel Bernard asks for feedback on a new feature: method validation. Striking the balance between simplicity and flexibility is, as always, non trivial, so your opinion matters.


What's new in Drools


A series of blog posts focus on the new features of Drools 5.5, as well as advanced features and functionality. Mario Fusco writes about upcoming support for conditional named consequences in Drools 5.5. Mark Proctor has published an interview with Ronald G. Ross, "the father of business rules", and also writes about conditional branches with sub blocks and switch statements and enhancements in the Drools Spring module.


Modular Java before Jigsaw


David Bosschaert has published a blog entry describing how most of the goals of Java modularization can be attained with OSGi. As it provides a number of learning resources as well, it is a good starting point if you want to get familiar with the technology and how we use it at JBoss.


Advanced dependency resolution with latest ShrinkWrap


Andrew Rubinger has published a blog entry describing an important new feature of Shrinkwrap 2.0.0.Alpha2: Maven dependency resolution based on the Aether API. Apart from the elegant API,  the feature that looked most interesting to me was transitivity control - now you can include dependencies in your test, and the rest of the Web stays in its place, and not on your machine.


Team Errai at home and abroad


Team Errai is going on tour! Christian Sadilek has published the agenda of their upcoming presentations. If you're in Toronto, Montreal, at JavaOne or in Nice and you're interested in the future of the rich web, make sure you attend.


From Tomcat to JBoss


Are you a Tomcat user trying to run your application on JBoss? Read Francesco Marchioni's blog post to get you started.

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