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Weekly Editorial

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Welcome to another week in JBoss. A little late (again); looks like we're still ramping up again and it takes a while to get back into the flow.


EAP 7 Is here!

eap7-logo.pngThere are a few Open Source technologies and products that have spearheaded the drive of Open Source  into the enterprise and managed to overcome historical objections. Red Hat’s JBoss EAP  (upstream WildFly , previously JBoss AS) is one of those pioneering technologies. The latest EAP 7 beta was launched this week and there is a lot of coverage around it. If you can't wait go ahead and read all about it and get the latest bits from


Hibernate Community Newsletter

Starting this year, we are hosting a series of articles focused on the Hibernate community. We share blog posts, forum and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant to our users. The second edition of the newsletter went out this week.


Vert.x News

Vert.x Unit is a very elegant library to test asynchronous applications developed with vert.x. However because of this asynchronous aspect, reporting test failures is not natural for JUnit users. Learn how to overcome this with the latest blog about using Hamcrest Matchers with Vert.x Unit.

The expectations of users for interactivity with web applications have changed over the past few years. Users during bidding in auction no longer want to press the refresh button to check if the price has changed or the auction is over. This made bidding difficult and less fun. Instead, they expect to see the updates in application in real-time. Vert.x can help a lot and the other highlight blog-post of this week shows you how to implement a real-time bidding with Websockets and Vert.x.


New Releases


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

Back after the winter break. My first day in the office today and I have to admit, that I had to clean my inbox. Like many of you. But we're getting back to normal eventually and so is the weekly editorial. More or less the same team with a new 2016 schedule and we're ready to guide you through the JBoss universe week after week.


WildFly Monitoring

The Hawkular community released a post about Hawkular WildFly Agent API For Your Own Inventory and Metrics which introduces you to a hidden gem provided by the Hawkular WildFly Agent. That might be useful to those developers that want to store metrics in a metric storage facility for later reporting and graphing but don't want to take the time to implement that storage facility. This hidden gem also provides a way for developers to store their own managed resource definitions in an inventory storage facility but, again, don't want to implement all of the backend required for such a thing.


Up tp Speed With Microservices

Everybody is talking microservices these days and Red Hat is doing some very cool developer events around the world. The latest one happened at the beginning of November last year. The amazing speaker lineup produced an amazing amount of content and all the sessions have been recorded. So, I thought it might be very helpful to see my personal microservices talks from the road show.


Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Switchyard in OSGi

If your have ever played with JBoss Fuse Service Work, then you will probably know this already. So what exactly is switchyard? SwitchYard is a structured framework for developing integration applications using the design principles and best practices of Service Oriented Architecture. Christina Lin walks you through everything you need to know and gives you a head-start.


We are hiring!

Red Hat is hiring a Java sustaining engineer JBoss Operations Network (JON), RHQ and Hawkular JBoss Operations Network is the product that is fully supported by Red Hat, it is currently based on the RHQ project. And the Developer Experience and Tooling group, of which JBoss Tools team is part, have a set of software QE job openings available.


New Releases

The release schedule has slowed down a bit in between the years, but a little has happened in the last week:


And a little Goodbye

After many many years in the JBoss Middleware Evangelism Team, Eric D. Schabell left the team. He moved to the Integrated Solutions Business Unit, as a Technical Product Marketing Manager. Thank you, Eric! For all your passion and hard work! It's good to still know you in Red Hat!


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

20151231_155131.jpgIt's been a more silent week. Holidays and family time. We tend to reflect about the passing year and formulate ideas and goals for the next. But as usual, the JBoss Community barely sleeps and I am very happy to have the honor to write the definite and last weekly editorial in 2015. Let's see what happened this week:


JBoss Forge 3.0.0.Beta1 was released. It has better support for creation of generic projects: Not every project is in Java nowadays (unfortunately), so we are introducing a new addon (project-generic) that should allow you to create commands for non-Java projects more easily. And it introduces component Upgrades: We have upgraded Furnace to 2.22.10.Final and Roaster to 2.17.4.Final. Head over to the download page and get it while it is hot.


JBoss Hibernate Search Version 5.5.2.Final is now available, the latest stable version sporting integration with Hibernate ORM 5 and Apache Lucene 5.3 - the state of the art. Creating this version to be compatible with these two great OSS projects kept us busy for a good deal of this past year; I remember discussing this option with superstar OSS contributors Uwe Schindler (Apache Lucene developer) and Gustavo Nalle (Infinispan developer) at FOSDEM in January 2015! I am grateful to both for their guidance and suggestions, as driving progress forward is sometimes challenging when we strive to keep backwards compatibility as best as we can. Everything you need is available on Download the full distribution from here, or get it from Maven Central and don’t hesitate to reach us in our forums or mailing lists.


The JBoss BRMS Quick Start Video Series by Eric Schabell now has seven chapters for you to check out:

Quick Tour #1: JBoss BRMS the Basic Install Project

Quick Tour #2: Where to get JBoss BRMS product

Quick Tour #3: How to install JBoss BRMS

Quick Tour #4: Start your first JBoss BRMS project

Quick Tour #5: How to import a project into JBoss BRMS

Quick Tour #6: Build & run a JBoss BRMS project

Quick Tour #7: What's in Business Central


Mark Litle blogged about software transactional memory with WildFly-Swarm and points us to an example with JAX-RS & Arjuna Transactions.This example uses a JAX-RS resource and the Software Transactional Memory implementation of Narayana. This is a non-distributed transaction example. And Christina Lin shows you how to move Camel application between OSGi and Java EE containers.


And Eric and I posted some 2015 reviews which list the most read blog posts and reflect a little on the passing year.

2015 in review - On the road with JBoss Integration & BPM

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016! - Happy New Year.


After all it has been an amazing year in the JBoss Community. So many contributions, so many releases, so much progress and innovation. And I am really looking forward to another exciting and successful year for all of us! See you all again somewhere soon!

And let me thank the whole editorial team for their all year effort to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in and around JBoss. Don't forget to follow @jbossdeveloper on Twitter!


"Every end marks a new beginning.

Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road.

With courage, faith and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.

I wish you a very Happy New Year."

Another week almost behind us. Today is Thanksgiving and the start into a silent week for most of us non Americans. But the good news is, the JBoss community never sleeps and has some news for you every week. Time to start over with the weekly editorial which brings you the latest news from all of JBoss. This time, I'm going to cover three particular highlights:


Vert.x - Reactive Applications On The JVM

Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM. Unlike restrictive traditional application containers, Vert.x gives you incredible power and agility to create compelling, scalable, 21st century applications the way you want to, with a minimum of fuss, in the language you want. This includes JavaScript. In a recent blog-post Paulo Lopes explains what you have to do to port your existing EcmaScript 5 applications to EcmaScript 6. If you want to learn more about it, the project team provides a wide range of examples demonstrating usage of Vert.x in many different situations - from getting started with a hello world example in Maven to a range of web application examples. Don't forget to follow project lead Tim Fox (@timfox).


Make your JBoss EAP Fuse ready!

Christina Lin started an interesting series about how to make your JBoss EAP installation ready for Fuse. With the upcoming JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 release Red Hat is supporting a new scenario: Running Camel on EAP. And because Fuse and especially Camel are so rich in terms of features, it takes a couple of blog-posts to walk you through the various development options. The first part showed you how to use the Spring Framework to define your Camel route. The second explains everything about using CDI with the Java DSL to create your routes and the third part uses plain XML without Spring. The final post glues everything together and gives you a complete walk-through on how to integrate your Camel CDI application with a Database.


Learn About JBoss Technology Online

virtualjbug_twitter_avatar_400x400.pngThe Virtual JBoss User Group got a make-over. More precisely the website. Make sure to check out and enjoy the 40 recorded sessions which are already available on demand. And we’re adding another one or two every month! Make sure to follow our Twitter handle @vJBUG and also check out our meetup group regularly. Next upcoming session will be the legendary Burr Sutter (@burrsutter) talking about “An Enterprise Developer’s Journey to the IoT”.

The new Red Hat developer programs blog has a longer article about the vJBUG up. Make sure to read it!




That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

22921480296_e86af0dabd_z.jpgAs if we would have anticipated something to happen. This years Friday the thirteenth marks the week, we failed to deliver the weekly editorial. The good new: You get two this week. But beside this, the week has been pretty busy as usual. Here's the latest happenings of last week with all the relevant JBoss Community News.


Ceylon News

As you might know, Ceylon already has the most feature rich IDE of any modern language for the JVM, with some features that even the Java IDE for Eclipse doesn't have. But IntelliJ users don't like having to switch to Eclipse when they code Ceylon, so a few months ago we got serious about porting Ceylon IDE to IntelliJ. And another post shows you how to write and publish a bare-bones application on OpenShift Online.


Java EE And More

I had the pleasure to give two talks at Øredev. One of them is about my favorite topic: Security and Java EE. It is designed to fulfill two goals. On the one side to introduce the typical Java EE developer to the overall application security process and main objectives. But also to look at the details about what Java EE has to offer. Learn all about Security and Java EE in my blog-post. And after that, it was Devoxx Belgium time. There has been a lot of Java EE involved also. The CDI reference implementation Weld released a development mode and JMX support. And finally, the JBoss EAP 7 ALPHA release went out! Right in time to look back and ask, if Java EE is still relevant. Mark Little answers in his blog and also reflects on things he has seen at JavaOne.


Devoxx Belgium

The Docker Tooling was presented by Xavier. Chris talked about Process Driven Applications. And Red Hat was happy to sponsor Devoxx4Kids with a significant amount this year. We love opensource and am very proud to help raise the next generation of open source developers.Find the complete set of picture impressions online on flickr. And also make sure to watch all the sessions you missed. Because they are already online available! For Free!! Thanks Devoxx! If you have some more time, spend it on the recording or Aslak's and Alex's talk about The Borg is docking your system; testing is futile! Or is it?.


The Rest


New Releases


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

20150901_090204.jpgIt's Thursday and as such time for another weekly roundup on latest JBoss news and features. It's been another week full of surprises, releases and how-to's by fellow Red Hat JBoss Middleware egineers and friends and going through it as the responsible editor once a week is a little bit of a time-machine experience. So, sit back, relax, grab a #coffee+++ and read through it while enjoying your lunch-break.



Red Hat Tech Exchange has taken place in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city two weeks ago, it was a great event held by Red Hat in Asia Pacific Region. Many of the technical marketing managers have been there and brought back some new technical presentations. Christina Lin and Thomas Qvarnström showed the audience how to Supercharge your integration services .  Another interesting blog by Christina was about how to Load Balance Quartz Cron Jobs with JBoss Fuse. Claus Ibsen blogged about Apache Camel 2.16 - Swagger Java and API documentation out of the box.



Our very own Eric D.Schabell wasn't vacationing this week either. He posted a couple of revamped quickstarts for the updated JBoss BPM Starter Kit: Quick Tour #1: JBoss BPM Suite the Basic Install Project and Quick Tour #2: Where to get JBoss BPM Suite product. If you're a Java developer and looking for the JBPM API documentation, he also knows how to get you there: How to setup JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 API (javadoc) documentation. A little cross technology synergy was raised by the OptaPlaner team: They showcased how to integrate JPA with Hibernate.


Hester Mofet - The rest of the week

For all you movie loving readers no need to explain that title (everybody else, check IMDB). The Keycloak project wrote down a longer experience post about their fun with REST API documentation. And I have a new post up after a while about Running OpenShift Origin on Windows. A little more specific the Infinispan team introduced you to the Infinispan Hadoop Connector. And we've seen a great wrap-up of one of our Google Summer of Code students about his experience with the Keycloak project. If you want to get 50% off of selected WildFly titles by Packt Publishing, check out my blog post for a discount code!


The Bossi Award for JBoss Teiid!

We are very proud to announce that Teiid was named one of the winners of the 2015 InfoWorld Bossie (Best of Open Source Software) awards in the business applications, enterprise integration and middleware category.


New Releases

Data Virtualization 6.2 Released!

JBoss Data Grid 6.5.1 is out

JBoss Tools CR1 for Eclipse Mars - more Docker, OpenShift and WildFly 10

Infinispan 8.1.0.Alpha1

ShrinkWrap Resolver 2.2.0 Released

Weld 2.3.0.Final released!

Teiid 8.12 Beta3


And A Goodbye

Beside all the new releases and news, we had one loss this week. My fellow boss and friend Arun Gupta went on to new endeavors and left Red Hat with a last Au Revoir Red Hat blog post. We wish you the best for your new gig Arun.


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

Another week in the JBoss Community is almost over. Time to sit back and relax with a decent cup of coffee to reflect a bit about the news and releases that the week brought us.


Security Is Hot

With another popular breach a couple of weeks ago, the topic gained more attention again. But we have some security content for you to educate yourself and help making software secure. A post about secure Vert.x apps helps you getting started with securing vert.x web applications. It is by no means a comprehensive guide on web application security such as OWASP. Standard rules and practices apply to vert.x apps as if they would to any other web framework. The post will cover the items that always seem to come up on forums. And the first recordings from this year's JavaZone conference are already up. One of them is from my talk about "Securing Your Java EE Applications" and it outlines the key capabilities of the Java EE platform and introduces the audience to additional frameworks and concepts which do help by implementing all kinds of security requirements in Java EE based applications.


Java EE, Weld and WildFly

The recent Java SE 8u60 update revealed some issues with the CDI implementation Weld. And we released WildFly 10 CR1 last week! And there is already an OpenShift cartridge available with it!


Persistence and Caching News

"Order, ooorder!" - Sometimes not only the honorable members of the House of Commons need to be called to order, but also the results of Hibernate Search queries need to be ordered in a specific way. And Infinispan introduced the new Redis Cache store and initial support for Apache Avro and Gora. Another Infinispan post about Simple cache introduces you to using Infinispan with Hibernate.


Integration News

In her post Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Tips, Driver not found in JBoss Fuse , Christina introduces us to solutions about JDBC driver class loading issues. And there's also a very nice blog post about How to reason about queue depth graphs. This came out of field experience and will help your in communicating about ActiveMQ problems.


We Are Hiring!

The Developer Experience and Tooling group, of which JBoss Tools team is part, have a set of job openings available. We are looking to continue improving the usability for developers around Eclipse and around the Red Hat product line, including JBoss Middleware. Topics range from Java to JavaScript, application servers to containers, source code tinkering to full blown CI/CD setups.


The Rest Of It

Mark Little gave a report about the Red Hat Tech Exchange 2015 and Eric Schabell is giving an outlook to the Red Hat Forum Benelux in his post.


New Releases


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

34116489_527e153c4e_m.jpgHoliday season all around us. People slow down a lot because of the ongoing heat and even the project news and weekly newsletters are late this week. But we're all doing the best we can: Sitting in the backyard, feet in the pool and trying to make it bearable. Welcome to this weeks news in Red Hat JBoss Middleware ecosystem. (Title image, CC-BY-NC by Toni Lucatorto)


WildFly, Microservices and Containers

As it is still a very hot topic, which could be better to start of the hot summer edition of the weekly newsletter with latest news in this section. Followed by the new WildFly 9.x and 8.x releases last week, I wrote something about how to not only run WildFly on OpenShift Online, but on latest OpenShift v3 with full Kubernetes support. And Arun added some best practices to collect logfiles from those installations with ELK. And even later, I also added another post about how to scale and loadbalance WildFly with Kubernetes and OpenShift v3. Not directly related to microservices or containers, but also part of the broader set of technologies to build upon is Hibernate. And there's been some new articles around Handling queries on complex types in Hibernate Search or Map me if you can - Advanced embeddable mappings.


Integration News

Claus introduced us to a new feature in the upcoming Apache Camel release which will be about Apache Camel 2.16 - Show me all my incoming and outgoing endpoints in real time.

Last but not least, Rich looked into why TIBCO has some valid points about open CORE integration technology. Eric Wittmann walked us through the latest changes in apiman and told us that Plugins - Not Just For Policies Anymore. And Christina updated all her integration demos on to latest Fuse 6.2: Read about one of the updated examples in Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Getting Started Home Loan Demo version 6.2 Part 1 and Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Getting Started Home Loan Demo version 6.2 Part 2.

BPM Suite And Processes

And no, Eric D. Schabell doesn't sleep at all. He kept updating his readers with latest workshops and information: Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite - Online Workshop Building a Travel Agency (Lab 04 - Create Data Validation Guided Rules). And also makes us aware, that there is an upcoming Webinar: Developing process-enabled applications with BPA and BPM tools.

IoT And Big Data

Kenny came up with a couple of posts this week about What is the Hadoop Ecosystem? and also introduced us to Suggested Minimum Requirements for Data Virtualization Server and Designer.

Hot Summer Releases

WildFly 9.0.1.Final and 8.2.1.Final are released

Infinispan 8.0.0.Beta2

Arquillian Container Chameleon 1.0.0.Alpha4 Released

JBoss Tools beta2 brings some Bower to Mars

Teiid 8.12 Alpha2 Released

Keycloak 1.4.0.Final released

Hibernate Validator 5.2.1.Final

Hawkular, all good things make three!

Third Candidate Release for ORM 5.0


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

Another week in JBoss. It's been pretty busy and everybody went straight back to work from a long vacation weekend. Now we're gearing up for Summit and DevNation. So, let's see what happened over this last week:


Microservices - Container, Orchestration and More

We are hosting a full day event, in central London on June 11th 2015, where we will present the latest stuff we hack on our day time job - that is fabric8, hawtio, kubernetes, openshift, Camel, and more. Eric Schabell published a Microservices Migration Story with JBoss BPM Travel Agency. And you got to learn how to secure microservices with Keycloak. James Strachan showed you what Kubernetes means for Java Developers. A lot more hands-on is Thomas' post about Installing Red Hat Container Development Kit on Mac OS X. He also taught us how to use the Docker Client with the Red Hat CDK. Our own Mark Little published a nice peace on InfoQ about Microservices Premium.


Interesting Picks To Read

Asciidoctor encompasses and builds an ecosystem around Asciidoc for writing documentation, and well, writing anything. If you want to host your own blog, documentation site, book, ect., Asciidoctor would be an excellent choice. If you want to do that in OpenShift, that is what this post going to help you with. If you're into Hibernate, make sure to check out the great content on Vlad's blog. He recently wrote about How does Hibernate READ_WRITE CacheConcurrencyStrategy work and has a ton of other great tutorials and Hibernate details over there.

Find a new page on all Internet of Things related activities on


devnation_250x250_blogbadge_joinme.pngDevNation Highlights 

The open source community loves sharing. So do we. Here are some blog badges for you to share. Let everybody know, if you’re attending or even speaking!


New Releases


Thant's been it for the week. See you again next week! If you have interesting picks we missed, just let us know!

Don't forget to follow @jbossdeveloper or @myfear on twitter.

Another busy week is almost over. Time to wrap it up with the weekly editorial post. Get a #coffee+++ and enjoy the weekly recap.


Microservices and Container Still All Over The Place

Mark Little had a few conversations with different people recently on the subject of Transactions and Microservices and he put down his thoughts. While Arun added another angle to the discussion with the Microservice Design Patterns that he published. And even I got caught by the Container and Microservices hype and talked to Alex Soto in a new edition of the Developer Interview (#DI17) series about Arquillian, Docker and Testing In Containers.

I gave a talk at the Virtual Java User Group about how to architect large enterprise java projects which also talks a lot about all of this.The Keycloak team was playing around with OpenShift v3 and made it run there with Kubernetes.


DevNation Is Getting Hot

%7B4df908d9-becb-4bce-a05b-b67b674ce306%7D_devnation_emailheader_anopensourceconference.pngWe're just a few days away from having the complete schedule posted and the activities are winding up. A first introductory interview with our first keynote speaker, Venkat Subramaniam was published this week. If this isn't exciting, there's still some time left to get an early bird discount on DevNation tickets.

At DevNation, you’ll find a mix of: Technical sessions, Hands-on labs, Birds-of-a-feather panels specifically for developers, Late-night hacking events, A shared Summit-DevNation session track, Access to select Summit events.

Register on


Data Virtualization 6.1 Getting Started

Last Month JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1 was released.  It is a released packed with goodness around three major areas: Big Data, Cloud and Development/Deployment Improvements.  To get you started with an initial JDV video series, Blaine Mincey, Senior Solutions Architect, walks you through a "Soups to Nuts" 3 part series. Eric D. Schabell adds even more with his "Taste of Training" series which covers Managing Virtual Databases with JDV.


Red Hat JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 Released

Yesterday it has arrived! The official release of JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 has brought to you an array of interesting and new functionality. You can find the products on the Customer Portal for downloading and using today. Before you get started with all of the content and assets that we have available right from the launch, Eric D. Schabell provides a comprehensive overview.


Virtual JBoss User Group News

Paul and I are running the Virtual JBoss User Group and we aim for delivering interesting and high profile talks around all kinds of JBoss projects and technologies. And we have some cool shows upcoming next. Make sure to join our meetup group and don't miss any news anymore.


This And That

Some competitive information about how Red Hat JBoss EAP has superior clustering compared to IBM WebSphere Application Server. The AeroGear Team tours Germany. And the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2 Achieves Highest Level Common Criteria Certification.



Teiid 8.11 Alpha2 Released

Immutant 2 (The Deuce) Beta3 Released

Hawkular-Monitor Agent

Alert notifiers for mobile devices

Hibernate ORM 4.3.9.Final, 4.2.18.Final, and 4.2.19.Final Released

Forge 2.16.0.Final (Spear) is here

Arquillian Core 1.1.8.Final Released


Stay up to date with everything JBoss on a daily base by subscribing to @jbossdeveloper.

cold_but_beautiful.jpgThe weather isn't exactly changing. Still chilly and cold almost everywhere. Looking at the posts from the technical marketing managers traveling the east cost these days leaves your with a scary feeling that this will never turn into summer again. But I think, life goes on and it is my pleasure to heat you up with all the exciting new developments during another week in JBoss. The last week in February wraps up an amazing month of many new releases and blog posts.


Microservices - one persons "micro" could easily be another's "macro".

VP of Engineering marklittle did a blog post and a supporting interview with InfoQ about this topic. He lays out his thoughts on microservices and how they should relate to SOA and other approaches which have gone before.


Continous Delivery and DevOps

Arun continued his latest series around this with a couple of new blog posts which are really helpful to get you up to speed with tips and tricks together with Java EE:

Build Binaries Only Once for Continuous Deployment

Setup Local Nexus Repository and Deploying WAR File from Maven (Tech Tip #74)


Various Topics

JBoss bloggers have been hard at work to cover even more topics. Selected picks from this week are:

How to configure Geb/Spock with Gradle

How fast is logging?

Tips for Effective Session Submissions at Technology Conferences

Business Resource Planner Online Workshop (Lab 1 & 2)

JBoss Forge NetBeans integration - Getting Started

Plug in Policies Into JBoss Apiman


Webinars and Other Online Resources

Most important webinar of this week was about Learn how to build enterprise java apps in the cloud and was held by Thomas Qvarnström (@tquarnst). Make sure to check out the events page on and also the events area for middleware to stay up to date with latest offering. Another one titled "How to excite the travel industry with a BPM story" was given by Eric (@ericschabell). He was also giving a session at the Virtual JBoss User Group on Hit the ground running with BPM — a starters kit.




New Releases

Arquillian Cube Extension 1.0.0.Alpha4

Infinispan 7.2.0.Alpha1

Weld 3.0.0.Alpha5

Hibernate Validator 5.2.0.Beta1

JBoss Tools Alpha1 for Eclipse Mars


Follow the Virtual JBoss User Group (@vjbug) for even more content and make sure to sign up for the meetup group.

That's all for this week. Enjoy your weekend and join us again here for next weeks edition.

Welcome to this week's edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial, our regular dip into the communities around JBoss. In this week's edition we highlight a number of interesting topics, tutorials and videos that will keep you informed of the many recent developments occurring within those communities and hope that they serve as a start for your own explorations. We hope you enjoy what follows.


Container-less development


Mark's Little expresses it ideas and vision about what should/could be the container-less development. This is an interesting discussion opening the mind about advantages / drawbacks about the flat or bigger Java containers, that you should always take care about the consequences of your decisons and their impact on the project's cost, maintenance if you choose to adopt a flay pr bigger container.


Your Apache Camel applications now includes out of the box documentation


The Apache Camel project, part of the JBoss Middleware portofilio, continues to provide new richer features to improve its Domain Specific Language (aka DSL) readibility like and to better document the processors, endpoints and Components packaged by the project. With the inclusion of a documentation toolbox into the next incmoing release of Apache Camel 2.15, you will benefit from that great functionality as discussed by Claus Ibsen in its latest blog post.


Quickest Way into the Clouds with JBoss BPM Travel Agency


The JBoss BPM Travel Agency - application developed and designed by Eric Schabell moves to the cloud and will allow you to deploy the complete demo into OpenShift xPaaS platform. More info is available here.



Some interesting reading



More and more Releases



That's all for this week's spin through the JBoss world, please join us again next week when we will take you through more interesting and informative articles written by our communities.

fedora_loombands.jpgEverybody seems to be back from the well deserved vacation. And this third week in the year already had plenty of news and releases to talk about.


Java EE, WildFly, Docker and related Technologies

The Hibernate team has been busy like hell. Sanne Grinovero blogged about the latest Hibernate Search 5 goodies which will go straight into WildFly 9. Arun interviewed Emmanuel about Hibernate OGM and NoSQL. Gunnar walks you through the latest Hibernate OGM 4.1.1 features and I took my readers on a journey through all kinds of Docker, Java EE and WildFly at JBoss with this overview-posting. An extended version also got published at the Red Hat Developer blog and talks about all things Docker at JBoss. Thomas tried to explain why he loves Docker. And Bela finally closes this chapter with a heads-up to an upcoming JGroups workshop plus, there's some new alpha code, which shows RAFT consensus in JGroups. If you've been wondering, what Kubernetes is in the context of Docker, let Arun explain it to you. Pierre Sutra introduced us with a blog-post to A Factory of Atomic Objects in Infinispan.


Integration and Automation News

At the end of the month, 29th of January, there will be an event hosted in London, UK for showcasing integration and BPM middleware solutions by Red Hat JBoss (Red Hat Middleware Day) where Eric will be giving his Mastering xPaaS show! Don't miss it! Matthias was so kind, to write a getting-started blog about Pushing the Limits - Howto use AeroGear Unified Push for Java EE and Node.js. Eric also introduced a new video tutorial (part 1) about How to fly with the JBoss BPM Travel Agency (video 1 of 4). And I published a short piece about latest Apiman 1.0 release and how to start working with it Kickstart on API Management with JBoss Apiman 1.0.


And Even More

Gorkem Ercan (@gorkemercan) was my guest on the developer interview series and talked about Mobile Dev with JBDS and Cordova. Brett Mayer wrote about SSO with Errai and Keycloak.js.

Kenny shared his DevNation and Summit presentations: Red Hat Summit and DevNation Submissions and Arun finally takes you through all the details  How to write effective and SEO-friendly blogs?.

The Call For Papers for DevNation is OPEN! If you haven't, please make sure to submit your cool JBoss Community talk!


New Releases:

Hibernate OGM 4.1.1 released

Teiid 8.10 Beta1

JBoss Tools Integration Stack 4.2.0.Beta2

Arquillian Container - WebLogic Project 1.0.0.Alpha3

Infinispan 7.1.0.Beta1

Byteman 2.2.1


That is all for this week!  Please join us next week for another version of the weekly editorial.

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what-is-your-x.pngGetting something out the door is a challenge sometimes. Especially during this time of the year. One conference follows another and after the Thanksgiving holidays everybody is preparing for Christmas now. And sometimes people just get sick and need time to recover. All of this is no real excuse for slipping, but at least a bunch of reasons to compile a very special blog-post covering not only one week in JBoss, but three of them. It is my pleasure to bring you the most important news from the JBoss Community for three weeks in a row in one post.


21st November 2014: The OpenShift Week

A lot of announcements and blogs around OpenShift are the reason for the headline of this week. It all started with James Strachan who shows you how to get started with Fabric8 on Kubernetes. Further on, Central Log Management was introduced in latest OpenShift Enterprise and the November developer portal updates contain the most important information of the week. And there's an extensive blog about how to configure Highly Available External Routing with NGINX on OpenShift Enterprise. Don't forget to keep in mind, that Microservices, Containers, PaaS and DevOps play together. A great overview introduces you to the upcoming version of OpenShift which will be called v3.


More around xPaaS

The Devoxx events page on got a slight makeover and you need to check it out. It contains links to all blog posts that the Red Hat team generated. Arun Gupta collected some impressions and I have a personal trip report up for your reading pleasure. We are happy to announce that the JBoss Unified Push Server is officially available as a Developer Preview as part of the JBoss xPaaS Services for OpenShift!


Middleware and Java EE

I gave an interview about Java EE and community to Voxxed. And Arun Gupta started his very fist Hanginar covering Continous Deployment with Java EE7, WildFly and Docker.Beside that he is busy walking you through how to build a deployment pipeline and add automated integration tests for existing projects with the help of Forge. You also learn how to setup and execute Arquillian tests on OpenShift. And we also had some fun with Forge this week.

Thomas Qvarnström gets you started with In-memory data grid development. Sometimes JBoss products get compared to competitors and there are many ways this is interpreted in a misleading way.


Integration Technologies

DZone released the 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration and it contains an article of mine and some more information about Red Hat's integration solutions. More technical, Christina Lin shows you how to integrate Facebook via Fuse. Eric D. Schabell has a complete series up this week about how to setup Integration & SOA Tooling and BPM and Rules Tooling in JBoss Developer Studio 8. Maciej Swiderski walks us through cross framework services in jBPM 6.2. Mark Proctor blogged about JBoss BRMS and BPMS Rich Client Framework demonstrating Polyglot Integration with GWT/Errai/UberFire and AngularJS. Last but not least, get your apps and data up to speed by Kenneth Peeples.


JBoss Developer Studio Related

With the help of OptaPlaner the Red Hat team did a prototype at Devoxx Hackergarten for a conference schedule optimizer. New Videos on Hybrid Mobile Developement Tools have been published. And we got some maven improvements in JBoss Tools 4.2 and Developer Studio 8.0


New Releases

Immutant 2 (The Deuce) Beta1

Infinispan 7.0.2.Final

Infinispan 7.0.1.Final

Arquillian Cube Extension 1.0.0.Alpha1

Teiid 8.9 Final

Hibernate Search 5.0.0.Beta3



28th November 2014: DOCKER ALL THE THINGS!

This has been a Docker week. Leader this week about it was Arun Gupta. He started a series about Docker on his blog and covered how to create your own Docker image, how to publish Docker images to the registry, and a Docker Common Commands Cheatsheet. The OpenShift team blogged about the future: "Beyond Container Orchestration, PaaS Is Full Choreography".


Integration Technologies and xPaaS

Christina Lin showed how to connect Fuse/Camel to Twitter and use the aggregator pattern for that. And I had a chance to record another episode of my developer interviews. This time it was the  Red Hat Devoxx Keynote Demo Team who got a chance to explain the relevant parts, they've been working on themselves. And yes, we also learn some lessons ourselves sometimes, which we try to share. I had some things to say about JMS with JBoss A-MQ on OpenShift. Mainly focused on lessons learned about remote Clients and Encryption. And you can also read about the Fabric8 Gateway for the Unified Push Server. Lukáš Fryč took this further and introduces you to Unified Push. Eric has the coolest JBoss Sticker, and the number one portal for all things BRMS & BPM Suite. Maciej Swiderski wrote about easy process instance migration in jBPM 6.


JBoss Developer Studio Related

What’s New in JavaScript Tools for JBoss Tools and 3 Ways to start developing Apache Cordova applications. Eric D. Schabell explains how To Setup SOA 5.x and Big Data Tooling For JBoss Developer Studio 8.


Middleware and Java EE

Michal Petrov blogged about how to customize charts in RichFaces. Dimitris Andreadis put the slides from the WildFly Community Meeting at Devoxx up and Darran Lofthouse introduced us to Kerberos Authentication with Remoting on WildFly 9. Just for the curious, Infinispan 7.1 is looking for a new code-name.


New Releases

Infinispan 7.1.0 Alpha1



5th December 2014: Get Ready For Winter.

20141203_075938.jpgThe last week finally has a little bit of everything. After Thanksgiving is done, we can relax now and start with all the preparations for Christmas. Arun does that by thinking about how to remove Docker image and container with a criteria. And I've been on a short visit to Oracle in Munich to present a bit about OpenShift, WildFly and the integration with NetBeans. The OpenShift Team asks you to take the “Winter of Code” Challenge.


Integration Technologies

Christina Lin started another part of her series about Fuse File Connector with Split Pattern and JDBC connector with Error Handling. While Jakub hat the pleasure to talk at MuCon, which is the new Microservices conference.


Languages and Architectures

Gavin King takes on "Useless lying version ranges" for Ceylon .


New Releases

Teiid 8.10 Alpha1 -

RichFaces 4.5.1.Final

Hibernate Search 4.4.6.Final and 4.5.2.Final

Welcome to the JBoss weekly editorial. This is a premiere for me, because it's actually the first ever post on this blog. It is my pleasure to bring you the most important news from the JBoss Community for this week.


Devoxx 2014

This week was all about Devoxx Belgium. With Red Hat as a Platinum sponsor there's been a lot going on around it. Beside the fact, that we hat 12 speaker on site which gave a total of 18 sessions we also had the pleasure to talk about our xPaaS offerings in the Wednesday keynote. In this keynote we took a look at what’s happening today around cloud and PaaS and presented some ideas and visions as to what may be the future of enterprise application development. The demo included a complete integration beginning with a mobile client and reaching all the way through to JBoss Fuse running on Open Shift Enterprise. The following blog-posts summarize the technical background of the keynote and give further pointer for you to dig into:

Beside that, another new initiative has been launched at Devoxx. The content portal Voxxed. Arun Gupta took the chance to publish a first Java EE 7 Course. Further on he published his slides from his Devoxx university talk "Nuts and Bolts of Websocket". And I gave an interview to Voxxed about Java EE and why it is important to contribute to the community.


News in Middleware and OpenShift

Mark Little pushed out some thoughts about the trends in middleware. His OpenSlava keynote was recorded and is now available for everybody to watch. More generally he reflected about EAP and the platform this week. The OpenShift team published a twenty minute interview which gets to the core of what OpenShift V3 is all about and how Red Hat's deep portfolio of open source solutions and outside community projects come together to make it all possible. You can also learn how to deploy a PostgresSQL Pod in OpenShift V3. The OptaPlanner Team wrote about the importance for open benchmarks. Another article in the series about "Tricks Competitors Play" talks about "pushing less functional products".


Messaging and Integration

The RHQ Team is busy to integrate messaging into RHQ and they started to work on rhq-msg which is a simple messaging API built on top of ActiveMQ and JMS. The tools team released an early access version of the Integration Tools for Eclipse Luna. Jamie Goodyear wrote a little tool which outputs your Camel route metrics in a Linux top like manner. Claus Ibsen wrote about what is cooking for next Camel 2.15 release which will be a lot smarter.

Travel and Reports

I pushed another trip report about my recent endeavors. This time it gives you some impressions from the amazing JokerConf which was held in Russia.


New Releases

There were two new releases this week:


That's all for this week, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news and events from the JBoss Community.

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