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Weekly Editorial

20 Posts authored by: burrsutter

Today is a big day - France vs Germany and Brasil vs Columbia in the World Cup.  But some of us will be still dutifully at the keyboard and now is a perfect time to catch up on your reading of JBoss happenings!  As always the JBoss team continues to crank out new releases, innovations, content an

events. The following is simply my quick summary.



  • Eclipse Luna and JBoss Tools by Arun Gupta
    Eclipse Luna is here and so are your favorite plugins via JBoss Tools

  • Arquillian Team keeps on rocking
    Beta3 of their Spring Framework Extension, giving test access to Spring's transaction manager and datasource/persistence.
    CR7 release of Container Tomcat Adapter is now available
    Alpha3 release of the REST Extension is also available
    Arquillian is open source software that empowers you to test JVM-based applications more effectively. Created to defend the software galaxy from bugs, Arquillian brings your test to the runtime so you can focus on testing your application's behavior rather than managing the runtime. Using Arquillian, you can develop a comprehensive suite of tests from the convenience of your IDE and run them in any IDE, build tool or continuous integration environment.

  • Eric's East Coast Tour announcement and his upcoming London JBug




I am writing this blog from the air - the beauty of modern air travel - an hour of Internet access is only $6. Gone are the days when you could truly disconnect, leveraging the excuse that you were flying!  Now when I am supposed to catch up on my reading?


We just wrapped up Red Hat Summit and DevNation 2014 in San Francisco - where thousands gathered to learn about the next generation of Open Source.


It is impossible to describe all that happened but I do suggest you check out a few photos and browse the Twitter or Google+ stream.


Twitter Photos


Keynote Photos:


Demo Video:

The JBoss team takes the big stage at Red Hat Summit & DevNation 2014 with a demonstration of



  • xPaaS having being: aPaaS (apps), mPaaS (mobile),  iPaaS (integration),  bpmPaaS (process)
  • OpenStack for provisioning a private cloud (IaaS) across a few laptops.
  • OpenShift Enterprise (PaaS) for carving up those OpenStack created VMs into app-ready, developer-friendly containers.
  • JBoss Fuse Fabric (iPaaS) for dynamically, provisioning those containers with the necessary middleware components, turning them into custom business integration services.  Integrating Twitter to SalesForce to JBoss BPMS (bpmPaaS) based on jBPM and Drools.


Mark Little has a nice write-up on the keynote.

And you can watch the video recording on YouTube


We built an on-stage private cloud out of inexpensive laptops.  Checkout some of the tweets from the live event.


This is not demoware, try xPaaS for yourself now!



It was particularly cool to have ARM send in several engineers and suit cases full of new toys (mbed for us to play with at the Hackfest - like most of the technological transformations of the last several years - open source, open standards and now open hardware platforms are key catalysts to igniting the spark of technological creative.


Other notable announcements:

Perhaps the biggest news of the week is Hibernate's new website. Hibernate continues to be one JBoss' all-time favorite OSS projects, while many of you know it for its ORM capabilities, perhaps you did not know about Search, Validator or OGM.   The new website organizes the content in a way that allows newbies to more easily get started while also allowing experts to more quickly navigate to their area of interest.



And Hibernate ORM 4.2.8.Final has arrived and 4.3.0.CR2 has as well.



* Salaboy will be giving a Drools & jBPM Workshop in Barcelona on the 10th of Dec

Perhaps you can convince the boss to pay for the trip - to improve your Spanish and BPMN2 skills

* Mark Little's recent visit to Lyon

I love the Richard Hamming quote - go check it out

* Arun Gupta will be heading off to JavaLand in Bruhl Germany, I wonder if a German-based themepark/programmer conference will include all sorts of fun references to Grimm's Fairy Tales characters? That could add some fun to the average coder presentation.

* Aerogear 0.9.0 of the UnifiedPush Server is now available

If you need to integrate APNS or GCM into your iPhone/iOS, Android Java, HTML5, Apache Cordova/Phonegap apps or simply your web apps you should check out Aerogear

I created a little video a couple of weeks ago of the Aerogear AeroDoc sample application showing cross-platform push notifications

* JBDS 7.1.0 and JBoss Tools 4.1.1 is almost here - check out the Candidate Release

* By the time you read this, Eric Schabell's session entitled What's New in the JBoss Integration & BPM World at the Open Source Conference Amsterdam 2013 will be likely be completed.

Make sure to hit up Eric on Twitter for a look at his slides and he does have numerous video recordings of many of his demos.

* Plugin Plugin? - Announcing RHQ Agent Plugin Plugin

A Maven plugin to help you create RHQ Agent plugins - if you wish to extend the RHQ real-time monitoring and management capabilities, well, you need a plugin and now plugins are even easier to create.

* TorqueBox 3 == TorqBox gets leaner and meaner - while the JBoss AS/Wildfly core is already damn skinny, this is going even thinner - and "TorqBox should outperform every other Ruby web server"!

* JBoss EAP 6.2 is here, check out Arun's blog describing the key enhancements

* Teiid 8.6 CR1 is now available for download

* IntelliJ 13 for Java EE 7 with Wildfly 8 - for those of you who love IntelliJ, please try out Java EE 7 and Wildfly and send us your feedback.


As always, the JBoss ecosystem continues to thrive and grow - making for many, many exciting events, announcements and releases.  It is a lot to keep up with so follow our This Week in JBoss blog for your weekly summaries.

We missed a week but I tried to capture a full two weeks worth of interesting news and announcements (double the pleasure, double the fun).  JBoss folks have both amazing energy and a great variety of interests and in this blog I hope to capture some of the highlights and point you at some very interesting new content.



The Narayana project visualized by Gource

3 years of WildFly Gource Animation

  • Eclipse SWTBot gets a logo - The face of SWTBot
  • Andrew Rubinger comes clean on his recent transition to becoming a "marketer" ;-)

Joining the Dark Side | Developer Advocate and Program Manager


New Releases:

* Arquillian TestRunner Spock 1.0.0.Beta2 Released

* Integration Stack for JBoss Tools and Developer Studio

* JBoss Tools 4.1.1 Alpha2

* Hibernate Search: 4.4.0.Final released, with 4.5.0.Alpha1 released too

* Arquillian Droidium 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released

* Forge 1.4.2.Final Released

* AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.8.1 released

* Portlet Bridge 3.3.0.Beta2 released

* Teiid Designer 8.3 Beta2 available

* Teiid 8.6 Alpha2 Posted

* Arquillian Graphene 2.0 - Functional Testing with Elegance

* JBossWS 4.2.2.Final - Controlling Apache CXF Bus creation for JAXWS clients

* Hibernate ORM 4.2.7.Final Released

* Wait, Hibernate ORM 4.2.7.SP1 Released (yes, back to back releases)

* ModeShape 3.6.0.Final is available


Upcoming Events:

* OpenShift Primer - a JBoss workshop coming soon to JAX London 2013

* DecisionCamp 2013 : Nov 4-6 : San Jose

Push It with Aerogear

"Push it real good", Aerogear is here with its new UnifiedPush Server and SimplePush Server.  Mobile application developers have historically had to rely on relatively expensive hosted solutions for sending push notifications to APNs (Apple Push Notification service) and GCM (Google Cloud Messaging).  Now there is a open source Java solution for sending native push notifications from your server to iOS and Android devices.




The Aerogear team has not only created the server engine but also the client SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript as well as an Administration Console to help you get up and running quickly. the server, read through the documentation, check out the sources on github and visit the Aerogear team on IRC at #aerogear


Hijack JGroups - Bela Ban is back with a great blog on getting into the weeds with the JGroups in Infinispan and Wildfly. 


OpenStack - Shane Johnson explores OpenStack - a middleware developer's view of the IaaS world.


Releases (Early and Often)

I am sure many of you are enjoying some warm July vacation time, hopefully you are still reading these blog posts and tweets on your mobile device at the beach!  :-)


Mobile Screencasts:  While many of the JBoss team are taking some much needed downtime after the ramp up for Red Hat Summit, there are still key members of the overall team cranking out some great stuff.  I love the new screencasts created by the GateIn team to show off some of the new mobile capabilities.   Check out this blog post or if you want the direct access to the videos then check out   We have 181 videos published and this is a great resource for digging into JBoss technologies.  


Visual Regex Tester: Lincoln has created a great video/screencast of his Visual Regex Tester.   Let's face it, most of us have not memorized the regex syntax so having a tool is great.


CDI + JSF in your Portlets:  Ken Finnegan blogs about the new edition of the Portlet Bridge, where you can build JSF pages, leveraging Java EE 6 dependency injection and use them in the portal container.   In addition, you can use CDI for injection directly into your non-JSF-based portlets.  Check out Ken's blog demonstrating the simple @Inject code.


Well, the CapeDwarf is back from vacation and if you have a need to create portable Google App Engine to Java EE-based apps then this is the project for you!  Even Gartner is talking about our CapeDwarf project - vendor lockin (even by Google) has never been popular so make sure to check it out.


BeanValidation 1.1: Gunnar Morling has produced a great feature spotlight on BeanValidation 1.1's EL capabilities.


Wise on OpenShift: Wise is an awesome tool for the dynamic invocation of SOAP services and now it is available for the public to use at Openshift.   I just tried it out for stock quotes and "RHT". 


Aerogear 1.1.2: Yes, JBoss does JavaScript - with the Aerogear project. 


Java EE vs Spring: The first rule of fight club...Shane has crafted some interesting rules for having the Java EE vs Spring smackdown - heavy vs light, real standards vs defacto standards and monolithic vs modular.  It is a fun read and I encourage you to go check it out.  

Voting: is currently open for the 2013 JBoss Community Recognition Awards. 


Please vote for your favorite contributor and/or contribution.  Just reading through the notations is very valuable even if you do not recognize any of the names from forum postings, blogs, wikis, jiras or in the codebase.  A special thank you to all of our community contributors that make the open source ecosystem so vibrant and exciting!


Demo: In case you missed it, the JBoss team pulled off another live demonstration leveraging Vert.x, TorqueBox, Immuntant, Aerogear and OpenShift - a polyglot, real-time push notification-based application.  The demo starts around minute 25 -


My Hitchhiker's Guide to the JBoss Galaxy 2013 slides are at - leverages Reveal.js and if you have a Leap Motion - you can "swipe" your way through the slide deck.



Release Early, Release Often


Significant Final Releases:

* Infinispan 5.3.0.Final

JSR-107, MongoDB/LevelDB/JPA cache stores, lower memory footprint

* RHQ 4.8

Cassandra, New Charts (

* Hibernate ORM 4.2.3.Final

OSGi and new quickstart examples

* GateIn 3.6.0.Final

OAuth2, CDI, New Admin UI, new quickstarts

* Arquillian Core 1.1.0.Final

Created to defend the software galaxy from bugs

* Forge 1.3.2.Final

Because Getting Started S^@%$

* Byteman 2.1.3

New rulecheck maven plugin

* Errai 2.3.2.Final and 2.4.0.Beta1

Bug fixes and some new goodies coming

* JBossOSGi-2.0.0 Final

R5 compliant for WildFly 8 integration



Alpha/Beta Releases:

* Arquillian Warp 1.0.0.Alpha3

Jacoco, Meaningful Reports, JSF Managed Beans Injection

* Arquillian TestRunner Spock 1.0.0.Beta1

Annotation driven activation, Groovy 1.8 and 2.0

* JBoss Tools & Developer Studio Beta 2 (Eclipse Kepler)

LiveReload on your device

* Teiid 8.5 Alpha 1


In addition to all of this release activity there were numerous blog postings over the last couple of weeks, I encourage you to try out our aggregated feed at - I recently started monitoring via FlipBoard as seen in the following screenshot - give it a try and you are always welcome to send me feedback via Twitter @burrsutter.


2013-07-04 12.27.42.png

The Overloard has awakened - Kurt has been cranking on S-RAMP and created this awesome video - while I love a good blog post, I really love a good blog post with a great accompanying video!  If you are interested in BPMN2 and workflow governance then you really need to see what is going on in Project Overlord


Not only have we delivered the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1.0 Alpha last week (FAQ), but we have now released the JBoss Developer Studio 7 Alpha 1 based on Eclipse Kepler as well the Fuse technology based on Apache Active-MQ and Apache Camel.  That is an amazing amount of enterprise-class middleware hitting the community!


Integration - JBoss Fuse Beta - you can download the new beta version, watch several videos and explore the demo source code.  


Tools - JBDS 7 Alpha - Updated to support JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 Alpha 1 - please download both and give it a try.  You can simply unzip the application server into the "runtimes" directory of JBDS and upon restart, it will automatically detect that you have a new app server and ask if you wish to configure it.


JSF Components - RichFaces ready for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1


JBoss Forge 1.2.2 has arrived - our command line tools that aid in rapid application development have a new blog and video.  

Forge is integrated into JBoss Tools/JBoss Developer Studio - use the Window - Show View - Other - Forge Console or simply Command/Control-4 on the keyboard.  (note: JBDS version of Forge is still 1.1.2 with 1.2.2 coming soon). 


Alien Adventure - The Arquillian (Created to defend the software galaxy from bugs) community cranks out their Weld Container 1.0.0.CR6


NoSQL at - Shane Johnson takes on the theoritical computer scientists with his posting related to Partition Tolerance. And if you have not heard, is a fantastic place to learn more about JBoss in enterprise. infrastructure - our team has the thankless job of maintaining a MASSIVE developer-focused community site but they keep bringing the enhancements - check out this post by Vlastimil on Atlassian GreenHopper upgrade - get your agile on.   In addition, Vlastimil also posted about to show GitHub (or Bitbucket) commits in our Jira!


Hibernate and Bean Validation - Did you know Bean Validation is not standing still?  Enhancements to the specification lead to enhancements in the TCK and of course Hibernate Validator.  Check out this posting by Hardy.


New Book on Drools - Drools Starter


Beta 3 of CapeDwarf is available - bringing portability those Google AppEngine Apps


The Errai team has uploaded a series of videos from JavaOne 2012 - check 'em out.


RHQ and D3.js is pretty awesome stuff - and our RHQ project has been integrating it - check out Heiko's blog


Secret Agent Tricks, also in the RHQ world, Mazz talks up a recent enhancement to RHQ to deal with those sneaky agents.


Ceylon M5 "Nesa Pong" is now available for download


Do you have gnarly schema problems?  Then virtualize your data with Teiid 8.3.0.Final with OData and JSON support









Team JBoss continues to crank out more and more open source for your consumption pleasure - remember "everything in moderation"  :-)



  • The Alien Invasion continues with the Arquillian Team producing new releases of Graphene, Warp, Drone and Android.   Automating your testsuite has never been easier. 
  • Hibernate Search 4.2 Final brings us Spatial Queries - The "I know where you live" edition. You can combine fulltext searches (think 'google' my database) with distance from a particular lat/long.  Perhaps you can set up a real estate web app allowing users to find "all 3 bed, 2 bath houses with a basement within 10 km of current location". In addition, 4.2 introduces the indexing of MP3 and other binary document meta-data.  Make sure to check out Emmanuel's blog for more details!
  • This week I also wanted to highlight our RHQ project which recently hit its 4.6 Beta. RHQ is an extensible tool to monitor your infrastructure of machines and applications, alerts based on user defined conditions, configure resources and run operations on them from a central web-based UI. Other ways of using RHQ include a command line interface and a REST-api.  This goes well beyond simply starting & stopping your JBoss Enterprise Application Platform servers (aka app servers).




  • Eric Schabell - published several blogs related to his demo projects.  If you are interested in Drools or jBPM, you should definitely check out what Eric has done in his series of BRMS demos:
  • Mike Brock publishes a few blogs on Errai @Dependent and Timing Your Methods - if you have not seen this awesome video created by Jonathan Fuerth and Christian Sadilek, please stop everything and watch it now! It clearly demonstrates how Errai helps you build richer web applications faster.
  • Have you heard of the CapeDwarf - a framework that enables you to make your Google App Engine applications portable!  Ales Justin continues to roll, check out this blog on his latest endeavors.
  • Modeshape 3.1 is coming soon and will bring back Federated Data - Randal Hauch does a GREAT job explaining how this feature can impact your application architecture.
  • Geoffrey De Smet continues to blow our minds with the magic of Drools Planner - who needs humans to plan for and allocate resources when an AI can do it? :-)


Well that is all for this week!

Hello JBoss Followers:


To kick of this week's note, I wish to focus on a major delivery by MANY of our teams - JBoss Developer Studio 6 shipped TODAY and you can download it immediately.   Key features include:

- Based on Eclipse Juno

- Installing JBDS into your own Eclipse Juno via Eclipse Marketplace (see screenshot below)

- Android Tools now in JBoss Central

- GWT Designer now in JBoss Central

- Improved OpenShift Wizard to support OpenShift Enterprise

- Improved Maven Project Wizard

- Support for Seam 2.3

- Tested on Windows 8 and Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

- Tested on Java 7 32-bit and 64-bit


Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.58.42 PM.png

The delivery of JBoss Developer Studio represents more than a simple Eclipse-based toolset due to JBoss Central.   On JBoss Central, you will find the following:

- Easy integration with OpenShift - including the new OpenShift Enterprise

- Use of Java EE 6 Maven Archetypes and JBoss Developer Framework's Stacks

- HTML5 Archetype from the Aerogear Project - which has also dramatically updated their project's website

- RichFaces Archetype from the RichFaces Project

- Spring MVC Archetype from the Snowdrop Project

- GWT Archetype from the Errai Project

- JBoss Developer Framework's Quickstarts - dozens of easy to follow examples to get you started quickly with Java EE6 and complimentary features

- Links to documentation, screencasts, blogs and much more


A significant number of open source stars have to align to deliver all of these capabilities at a single point in time.   If you are the type (like myself) who would rather spend a few minutes watching a video BEFORE you invest the time and energy into downloading and installing something - check out this video I recently uploaded to YouTube:



The JBoss Team has also delivered numerous blogs, new releases and crafted several other videos that I know you will enjoy:


There are still a few weeks left in 2012 - I suspect our team can crank out a few more great things in that timeframe.  Stay tuned, it gets better and better

Hello JBoss Community,  Welcome to another edition of This week in JBoss and as always we have a number of fantastic blogs, new releases and events to tell you about.


  • Objective-C anyone? Historically everyone thinks JBoss = Java, well that has not been true for a while with projects like TorqueBox that offer Ruby and RichFaces focused on JavaScript/AJAX. Now the Aerogear Project has released 1.0.0.M6 and we have Objective-C code for iOS!  If you are interested in going native mobile check out our latest and greatest from our Aerogear project.
  • Randall Hauch (@rhauch) published a blog that describes our JBoss Database - Modeshape :-) in When in ModeShape a good fit?  In the age of NoSQL, the development world is becoming more open to a non-relational database as the backend for particular applications.  ModeShape 3.0 is currently at CR3 but will go Final any moment now. 
  • UberFire (Drools likes clever names) needs YOU - If you are looking for a place to make your contribution to OSS then check out Mark Proctor's blog on Fun UI Projects we need help with.
  • The alien invasion continues with Arquillian providing another release of the Portal Extension, the 1.0.3.Final Core release and Drone 1.1.0.Final release.
  • JGroups continues to be the underlying core of JBoss clustering technologies - and the goto expert on all things JGroups, Bela Ban blogs about release 3.2.0.Final
  • Drools 5.5.CR1 - The world's best business rule, event and process engine gains Scorecards from contributor Vinod Kiran. 
  • Emmanuel Bernard opens Public Review for Bean Validation 1.1 - if you love those simple annotations (@Size, @NotNull, @Pattern) for including validation logic directly on your JPA POJOs then you should check out the BV 1.1 specification.
  • Gary Brown is our SOA Governance Guru and he announces a new ISO standard.
  • Teiid 8.2 Beta2 is out - Aggregate and abstract your various data sources into a Virtual Database - Developers Free Yourself from the difficult DBA! :-)
  • GateIn Portal 3.5.Beta1 is available - with Quickstarts!!! Make sure to check out our examples and send us your feedback.  There is also a new release of the Portlet Bridge to support RichFaces 4.2.3.Final.
  • Heiko Rupp describes REST/JAX-RS documentation generation, lessons learned while adding a RESTful API to RHQ.  If you are serious about "web APIs" and REST check out Heiko's blog and leave him a comment.
  • JBoss and SAP - Yes, we have an integration story - check out Eric Schabell's blog (@ericschabell)
  • What is a Data Grid? Perhaps you have heard about our Infinispan project and the supported product known as JBoss Data Grid but it it has been unclear where it fits into your overall enterprise architecture.  Check out Shane's blog entitled We, Data Grid.
  • Red Hat Developer Day in London - Make sure to check out our Nov 1st event if you are in the London area! You can learn about JBoss, OpenShift, MongoDB and much more
  • Finally, If you consider transactions to be the arcane and are wondering if they apply in the world of "NoSQL", please check Mark Little's (@nmcl) blog about NoSQL and Transactions.


That is all for now - please feel free to send me your thoughts via Twitter @burrsutter or on Google+ burrsutter

A lot happened in the Summer of 2012, so much I thought it was worthy of a high-level recap.   




As always, the global JBoss community continues to create new code, capabilities and content.  What follows are some of the highlights that I have discovered over the last week.


Recent Blogs:



June 2012 has been a historic month for JBoss, we delivered practically every product we produce (e.g. Enterprise Application Platform 6, JBoss Data Grid 6, Web Framework Kit 2, JBoss Developer Studio 5, BRMS 5.3, with SOA Platform arriving in July), we gave birth to The JBoss Way, put on a massive virtual event, wrapped up the month with JBoss World at Red Hat Summit and had time to expand our influence in the open source ecosystem.  So, the first week of July is a wee bit of time to catch our collective breath - and produce some very interesting blogs! 


JBoss World 2012

The keynote at JBoss World captures where we have been and where we are going.  Our video team has been able to turnaround the recording with lightning speed.  This year, much like 2011, we were able to pull off a live demonstration, requiring audience participation via their smartphone while running all of our software in the cloud at OpenShift. Now we have published a high-level overview of the demonstration and open sourced the codebase, for more information check out


Kris Verlaenen has also produced a blog providing additional details as the role played by jBPM and JBoss BRMS.   Please download the code and give it a try - we would love to hear your feedback and hear about your adventures with running this demo at your local user's group meeting!  If you have questions related to the demo, pop into the JBoss Developer Framework forums and ask!


If you like to watch other recordings of JBoss World and Red Hat Summit 2012 sessions, please check out our YouTube playlist at


JBoss World was also an amazing opportunity to put our developer focused efforts in the hands of real users - we conducted hands-on labs where dozens of individuals were able to build their first applications The JBoss Way.  This was particularly exciting for me personally since I was deeply involved with the design of the IDE (JBoss Developer Studio), requirements for Maven and I wrote the Introduction and Getting Started tutorial that we used in the classroom.  For many of the students it was their first opportunity to get hands-on with Java EE6, jQuery Mobile and Maven.  


Google IO 2012

We were also involved in Google IO - how did we manage that when Google IO was happening at the Moscone Center in San Francisco at the same time all of the JBoss'ers were at the Hynes Center in Boston?  It takes planning!  :-)  Google announced a new open source initiative for GWT that we are excited to be involved with - Red Hat has numerous products that leverage GWT for our web-based UIs such as the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 and AS7 Admin Console, JBoss Operations Network (RHQ), Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and JBoss BRMS (Drools Guvnor).   In addition, we have been working to extend GWT via our Errai project with Java EE 6 capabilities - making the programming model vastly easier to work with.  Errai is also featured in our keynote demo, managing the real-time updates to the browser-based leaderboard.


Interesting Blogs & News

* Emmanuel Bernard answers the question "do we need a JPA for NoSQL JSR?"  - join in the conversation by adding your comment!

* Kris Verlaenen, jBPM Project Lead, discusses jBPM5 support in BRMS 5.3

* The JBoss Community Asylum podcast cranked out a session on Ceylon

* Ramesh wrote up his experiences at JBoss World - focusing on the various data related technologies such as Infinispan (JBoss Data Grid), GlusterFS and his own presentation related to Teiid

* Geoffrey De Smet was interviewed by FLOSS for Drools Planner and he published the link to the recording this past weekend

* John Sanda published a cool video demonstrating how you can install and configure Cassandra via RHQ

* Bert Erman and Paul Bakker of Luminis - active members of the overall JBoss community delivered Part 4 of their series of articles on Migrating Spring applications to Java EE 6

* Mark Proctor blogs about Drools 5.5, 6.0 and The Future, the Drools family of technologies continue to innovate and maintain its game-changing influence in the world of business rules, processes and events

jboss_org_home.pngHello and welcome!  We have been insanely busy for the last two weeks and managed to miss an editorial publication.  :-(   We will endeavor to be better about our scheduling.

Big changes to our various web properties have been made recently - specifically related to and - has been folded into and hopefully all your previously bookmarked URLs are being redirected properly.  Leave us a comment if you feel there is something we missed.  In the case of - it has been relaunched with a new, more engaging front page - where we are making it much more obvious how to get started with building applications using various JBoss technologies. has historically been much more of a community OSS site where contributors, both internal and external to the organization, have been able to collaboratively work on some amazing technologies over the last several years.   However, we realize that we had an under-served userbase - developers whose primary focus was to build business applications on middleware, not necessarily build middleware itself.   For that group, we have developed and launched a new microsite of  Our initial efforts have been around getting you started with HTML5 and mobile web application development and easy deployment to Openshift.  And that leads me to another major delivery.

This week we gave birth to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Beta - based on's application server v7.1 and we also shipped JBoss Developer Studio 5 Beta 1 to support this new Java EE 6 offering.   The bottom line is, keep you eyes on - more tutorials, more videos and more examples will be coming soon.


JugLogo.gif immutant_icon_256px_flipped.png

  • JBoss visits Transylvania - Kabir "Van Helsing" Khan not only has a cool name but he has had some interesting travels.  He visited the Transylvania Users Group to deliver a presentation on JBoss AS7, Java EE6 and JAX-RS.   The Transylvanian Duke reminds of one of our newest projects - Immutant


  • JBoss in Egypt - Lukas Fryc, a member of our rocking RichFaces team, made a trip to Cairo for the 2012 Java Developer Conference.  Lukas was brilliantly able to cover Aerogear, RichFaces and Arquillian and he kindly posted his slides for review.  In addition, our very own Koen Aers presented and even had the time for an interview! Check out the video on his blog titled "Code like an Egyptian".  Koen has been bringing Forge to life inside of JBoss Tools.   We will definitely have to update some videos around Forge & Tools soon.  


  • Eric Schabell have also been out and about, delivering presentations on jBPM and Cloud/OpenShift - he also has some video of a jBPM presentation.  Speaking of jBPM, that team continues to bring the power of Open Source to the otherwise arcane (ok, just really expensive) world of BPM.   Tiho Surdilovic cranked out a great blog showing off the jBPM Web Designer - that is right, design those business processes via your browser.  In addition, Kris Verlaenen, produced some jBPM demo videos showing off the power of jBPM in action.  It is very fun watching the power of the open source community and open standards (BPMN2) transform a previously unassailable industry.  And I will let you in on a little secret, great community contributors are normally the next Red Hat employees - Welcome Maciej

  • The Teiid team is bringing back Dynamic VDBs - Dynamic VDBs using DDL with out Teiid Designer - Your virtual databases can now be defined, on-the-fly, aggregating schema & data from multiple external databases (and files).   If you love data - this is the project for you to check out.   Personally, I think the DDL definition for a VDB is awesome.  Now you can get your vi/emacs on with Teiid.  :-)

  • Manik Surtani runs from the USA to Poland but still has found the time to backport Java 8's ConcurrentHashMaps to Infinispan. Memory reduction means better performance.

  • Get the 411 on Hibernate - that is 4.1.1, we now refer to Hibernate "core" as ORM as it releases at different times from Search, Tools, Validator, OGM, Metamodel, etc.

  • Hardy Ferentschik publishes a blog on the Hibernate Validator project roadmap - BeanValidation is part of EE6 and the OSS project that moves it forward continues to innovate.

  • And a moving Hibernate Validator is an indicator that JBoss' Emmanuel Bernard is cranking up BeanValidation 1.1 for Java EE7.

  • Does "NoSQL" = "No Transactions" - "I don't think" so says Mark Little in this recent blog post.  :-) OK, I am paraphrasing but it is good to see that the NoSQL movement is also interested in aspects of data integrity even if they are non-relational.  

  • Team Errai continues to innovate (and blog) with numerous enhancements that extend the power of Java EE 6 to the browser with Google Web Toolkit (GWT).  Christian Sadilek provides code for a MVP (model view presenter) example and a fantastic blog post explaining it.  Mike Brock goes deep with Marshalling in Errai 2.0.

  • Thomas Diesler and the JBoss OSGi team released 1.1.0-Final with over 80 fixes and many enhancements - not too mention a nice user guide.

  • Geoffrey De Smet produces yet another great video showing off Drools Planner - have you ever had to write code to properly load a warehouse so that the most popular inventory is in the most accessible bins? Or have you had to pack and route a truck for the most efficient delivery order?  Geoffrey must have worked in some warehouses as a young lad. :-)  Check out his vehicle routing video and this blog on chained execution means OSS will soon solve the world's energy challenges.  That's right open source software saves you gas - Go green.

  • GateIn (eXo + JBoss) brings us Java EE 6 Portal with 3.2.0.Final - plus the GateIn project opens the proverbial kimono all the way - check out their specifications page.  In addition, they have produced some nice screencasts by Nick Scavelli, I am a sucker for video - I guess because I was born during the rise of MTV (which used to actually show videos - I know hard to imagine).

  • The Mazz (John Mazzitelli) provides us with some great insight into RHQ - monitoring custom data from DB queries - Make data a monitorable metric - I wonder if we can combine that with Drools Planner? When inventory levels drop below a certain point, kick of a Planner job to determine the best place to replenish from based on price and time.  

  • There is good in this world according to Anil Saldhana (and Samwise Gamgee) and it is Open Source and what that means to the world of information security.  I have to agree OSS has made the world a better place and a more secure one as well.

  • Google Summer of Code 2012 - Dan Allen posts about our recent submissions for the GSoC - students from around the globe will have the opportunity to participate in the open source movement.  This is a wonderful program that incourages the next generation - to work in the open, collaboratively, for the greater good - and it looks great on a resume!


Well that is all I have for now - JBoss has been extraordinarily active already in 2012 and the pace is quickening - more innovations, more presentations and more community. 


If you are one of the lucky few who managed to score a ticket to DevNexus 2012 in Atlanta, please find me and say hello.



Hello Again,

Welcome to our weekly run down of what is happening within the JBoss community.   One of the beauties of living in the open source world is that it is always changing.


Do you know somebody in India? No? Well, now you do.  JBoss'ers from around the world are converging on Bangalore for JUDCon India on January 24th.  JUDCons are our developer focused conferences - where our coders get to hang out with you!  This will be our largest developer event in JBoss history.

Check out the agenda for more information.



JBoss Developer Studio 5 M5 -  Have a love/hate relationship with Maven?  I do.  :-)  And even if you hate Maven, this latest version of JBoss includes a much improved JBoss Central with several new archetypes for kick starting your Java EE 6 projects.  Two of the most notable are an HTML5 archetype and the much improved OpenShift Express project Wizard.   Our tools include everything you need for using Maven with WTP-based projects - deploying to JBoss AS7 (or the cloud) is a simple drag & drop.   This is the fastest way to try your hand at HTML5 and mobile web development. Run the wizard, deploy to OpenShift then tweet your friends the URL for their phones - it only takes a few minutes and its FREE. 

Check out Max's blog for more information on M5.


Jonathan Halliday is brilliant in his rant on the "perils of trying to replace or do without bits of code that you don't understand".  He tosses out myth busters by clearly stating that Spring is not JTA nor JCA.  If you have ever had a computer go down (and who has not?) then you owe it to yourself to learn something about transactions.  Here is a tip: ACID is not (only) that stuff your parents played with in the 60's - see Steve Job's Bio for further details. 



The Infinispan gang continues to roll out the features and the blogs with Mircea Markus delivering a great post on transaction enhancements in Infinispan 5.0.


What is a "Guided Decision Table"?  I didn't know either until I watched these videos by Michael Anstis.   The JBoss Drools team has been rocking the RIA with an incredibly feature rich user application called Guvnor.  A Web-based UI that non-programmers can use to create business rules, processes and "spreadsheets", I mean decision tables.


The title says it all Hibernate Search 4.1 is coming - our very own Sanne "The Ice Man" Grinovero just tagged Alpha1, specifically focused on upgrading core dependencies like Lucene, Infinispan and JGroups.  We make Hibernate happen - how is that for a tag line?


I would also like to call your attention to Weld 2.0's first alpha release.  Weld is the reference implementation for Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE.  This release is the first one focused on CDI 1.1 - the next version beyond EE6.  See the future, happening now.



Have you had a JBoss'er visit your JUG recently?  Our team is always on the move and getting out into the greater Java community.  Eric Schabell published a great post about his evening with the YaJUG in Luxembourg.


Ben Browning will be visiting the Atlanta JBUG to talk up TorqueBox, January 31st - Ruby on Rails on JBoss.  

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