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Weekly Editorial

30 Posts authored by: eschabell

Screenshot.pngThis week in JBoss is like getting that extra thick Sunday edition of the newspaper.


It is full a not just a weeks worth of JBoss news, but has piled up over two weeks worth of fantastic community activities, events and articles for you!


Developer in the Wild

This week I have a surprise developer that is not often seen roaming outside of his natural environment. He is a newer contributor to JBoss technologies but has been a long time contributor to Apache projects and is famous for his work on Camel projects.


He was interviewed in detail this last week, so here is Claus Ibsen!


Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 13.32.25.png



Some of the events you might want to take part in are listed here.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:



Find out how you can edit Switchyard configuration files as provided by the official documentation. On top of this there is a new integration demo that is showcasing some of the possibilities when using JBoss BPM Suite with JBoss FSW, including a video tour in setting it up and governing your BPM artifacts with FSW S-RAMP and DTGov (design time governance) tooling.



A cross post on integrating Infinispan as a caching solution in your web apps. There were more posts in the coming Hot Rod Remote Events functionality by the Infinispan team, this one showing how to receive events. Also here is a wicked cool article describing how to integrate Infinispan with Apache Camel to ensure your messages are not processes twice in a cluster. If you are worried about cluster failures, check out this article on partitioned clusters with Infinispan.



Here is a short overview of the new in-memory scheduler coming in the next release of ActiveMQ.



Excellent story around how to use EAP in a continuous delivery environment, followed by Thomas's view on continuous delivery and devops. Also a new tech tip is available around using WildFly, configuration tips, a camping success story, one on compiling, using Openshift and another showcasing the older java 6 demo around Ticket Monster.


Drools / jBPM

It might have escaped your attention, but the various Drools project mailing lists have been moved, find out where in their article. Also this week a flexible example set was published that now works with the latest releases of the Drools projects and the JBoss BRMS products as they can be integrated into the Fuse products. Finally, part four of the Drools series on Bayesian Belief Network Integration is out. There is also an ultimate starter kit published for both JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite products. Mark Proctor describes the background on making the Drools project pluggable for a Bayesian system.



A call for action by the RHQ team, if you could provide feedback on alert definition templates here.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!

Screenshot.pngThis week in JBoss has pretty much found us all in full Summer swing.


Some of you will be reading this only after returning from your summer vacations, others are tidying up their desks and getting ready to head out the door. Let this be the last news item you read before heading off to enjoy some quality downtime while trying to stay cool.


With that I want to introduce you to another developer...


Developer in the Wild


This week I wanted to introduce you to a developer I had to travel far out into the wilds of eastern Europe to find, Maciej Swiderski. He is a shy creature by nature and we met up in Krakow, Poland where he lives to work together on some demo magic that will be coming soon around document integration into BPM workflows.


He works hard on various aspects of the jBPM project, is a lot of fun to chat with, and knows where to find all the heaviest foods Poland has to offer.



Some of the events you might want to take part in are listed here.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


Did you know that the Development of Hybrid Tools is now part of the Eclipse Foundation? Well it is, check it out, that is going to accelerate adoption don't you think?


Have you take a look at Circuit yet? It is a uni-directional data flow model for GWT applications that you might find helpful when working in your next Java GUI framework project.


Our sky diving guru Rich has take a critical look at Restful API modeling language, always providing us with the latest sharp analysis of all things technical.


Another JEE tech tip (#38) is on display where Batch Addon is done for JBoss Forge and JEE tech tip (#39) introducing Docker.


Here are some fun stats and facts presented by the JBoss Tools team on WildFly and Luna.


Are you ready to be that JBoss Rock Star you always dreamed of? Well now you can with a repeatable setup for the JBoss Keynote Demo from Red Hat Summit 2014, just spin it up and wow your friends and family in minutes.


Have you always been a bit mystified by the myriad of ActiveMQ connectors? Well now you can fix that, so take a few minutes to sort them out with Jakob.


Building on last weeks part I, we continue with part II of BRMS deployment architectures.


You can participate in shaping the future of WildFly with this call for help, where you can provide input to how the web console will look.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!

Screenshot.pngThis week in JBoss we have a myriad of  news, events and project updates  for you.


The next time you are running around one of the Red Hat offices you might be interested to note that some of the hard work you put in on a JBoss community project does result in some pretty neat product demos. Case in point, a huge sign leading you to the latest bpmPaaS demo.

bpmPaaS - JBoss Generic Loan Demo.png

A fascinating discussion and musings around microservices is given by Mark Little over on Narayana. He follows that up with more thoughts on the future with an article on xPaaS, IoT, Fabric, and DevOps, and a short suggested reading list on transaction research.


Did you notice the new look of site? There has been some early goodness released so stay tuned as official announcements coming soon.


With that I want to introduce you to another developer...


Developer in the Wild

This week I wanted to introduce you to an interesting character that has almost single handedly brought resource planning out of the dark and into the JBoss light. His name is Geoffrey de Smet, he is the lead on OptaPlanner, he looks too young to be out of school yet, but don't let that fool you as he is a smart cookie.




Some of the events you might want to take part in are listed here.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


Infinispan team takes some time out to show you how to iterate over all the entries in your cache with this article.


A start to a series on making a NOSQL data store transactional with examples running on JBoss Wildfly.


Training materials have come available for Bean Validation 1.1, so get your beans on!


Looking to add on Batch Addon in JBoss Forge? Look no further as part III takes you towards your goal.


Our JBoss Technology Evangelist provides you with some help in determining the differences between PicketLink and Keycloak, following this with a look at gaining control of your data security with data virtualization. There was also more news around the details of the JBoss EAP 6.3 Beta release.


If you are interested in getting started with rules and processes with JBoss BRMS we now have a canned workshop that you can even spin up into your own OpenShift instance. Is that called a workshopPaaS? There is also a new Tips & Tricks article around the roles in JBoss BRMS / BPM Suite.


If you are interested in the Rasberry Pi and running managed domains with WildFly, you are in luck with this article.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!


We have come down from the DevNation and Summit highs of the last few weeks.


We have now been given the chance to play with all the new technologies that were announced, right?


You told yourself a few weeks ago that you really wanted to give that xPaaS a try, so have you dug into it yet?


All the amazing JBoss projects you are used to using locally can now be launched on OpenShift and become your platform of choice no matter where you are in the world.


It has been easy for some time now to run anything JEE in the Cloud with aPaaS on OpenShift, meaning you have that JBoss EAP container available for all you do in the Cloud.


You can dive into the new iPaaS technology and put your Camel projects into the Cloud, leveraging your messaging, transformations, ESB and data virtualization capabilities from almost anywhere.


It is time to spin up a new bpmPaaS to fly high with rules, events, and processes that you have running locally but now can run on external cloudy OpenShift based PaaS.


Next you can integrate your mobile experience into the Cloud by leveraging mPaaS, a platform that allows you to make use of a unified push server based on JBoss technologies.


It has never been more fun to be a developer and it has never been more fun to work with our tooling so easily that we can therefore focus once again on what we love to do, develop our projects and applications.


Developer in the Wild

This week I wanted to introduce you to a long time jBPM user, developer, and now core engineer at Red Hat JBoss, Marco Rietveld. He has been working behind the scenes to help maintain jBPM3 for our customers until end of its supported life, he also is contributes a lot of very interesting and deeply technical elements to the current versions of jBPM. You might have seen him around on the various mailing lists or online forums, but here you have a photo sighting so that you can stop him on the street. He is easy going and glad to chat about all things developer, java, BPM, jBPM, and if you ask nicely, Frisbee.




Some of the events you might want to take part in are listed here.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


A fun two part series on how to use Bash to highlight some interesting stuff in your logs and maven builds from Jirka.


Maciej has been busy with deploying jBPM onto WebSphere with a focus on 8.5.x versions.


A great overview of the RHQ teams time in San Fransisco during the DevNation and Summit events. They put together a neat plugin using Aerogear to push notifications from RHQ to a locked phone screen for admins.


Max has a fix for a datasource error in ironjacamar project when using this with JBoss archetypes and examples.


A look ahead at what a future adaptive middleware platform will look like by Mark Little.


Looking to get started with Immutant 2, look no further!


Arun helps you get started with Wildfly on OpenShift in JBoss Developer Studio in Tech Tip #21.


JBoss tools now provides for easy Java 8 installation in your IDE, Max shows you how.


The online workshop series Building the Cool Store is reaching its climax, with this weeks Lab 9 teaching you how to build automated tests on the JBoss BRMS platform.


The first part in a tour of what Errai 3 is all about, starting with part I covering the RPC enhancements.


A small book review was posted by Ioannis on Learning Apache Camel.


The modeshape team posted an article on using a ring buffer for events in 4.0.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!


You can tell that it is almost time.


The snow is melting... the sun is coming out more often... you start to wear some of your lighter jackets, and you can just tell that Spring is coming. This also means that we are very near to kicking off the inaugural DevNation conference in San Francisco, California.


This is going to be a sensational event with leading speakers from all over the development world. Check out this star studded cast, and this are but a few; Gene Kim (Tripwire), Tim Fox (JBoss), James Pearce (Facebook), Kris, Brochers (JQuery), Gavin King (JBoss), Jeremy Edberg (Netflix), and many more. Check out the jam packed agenda and register to join us today.


Developer in the Wild

On the road again and who should I run into, but the lead of the Uberfire project, Jonathan Fuerth. He is Canadian (all good), does wicked impressions from The Great White North album (comedy), is somewhat of an authority on brewing your own beer (has pictures of his brewery), and has a keen interest in unit tests (just ask him!).




Special attention has been given this week to more JBoss DevNation with reports:


Lucas Holmquist is talking at MobileWeek in NYC April 14th, if you are interested he might be able to get you in but need find him and ask nicely.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


We have a new project to announce this week, welcome to the Simone Project, a Java library for system monitoring.


More tips and tricks with JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite, this time with permissions and BAM component and changing default LDAP configurations. There was another release in the online lab series, Building the Cool Store, this week building your domain model.


We  have some OpenShift fun with JBoss Fuse in the Cloud, get your Twitter on with Claus Ibsen.


Wildfly had a live to follow session on the 25th of March at PTJUG (Portugal), you can pick up the slides here.


WildFly tech tip #16 is out this week, covering clustering and failover. Also a good look at using WildFly 8, JDK 8, NetBeans 8, and JEE 7 in the enterprise.


J. Mazz takes you through a remote install of JON Agent.


Teiid shows you how to read a MS Excel spreadsheet document as a relational table.


CapeDwarf has a new website, check it out.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!


This is one of the busiest times in the JBoss Community, when products that are being churned out that leverage their projects and it is often much heads down coding and very little time for taking a break to read the latest news.  Luckily for you, there is the wonderful JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Central that embeds all this great JBoss news right in front of your nose. Instead of bailing out into a browser and context switching your code-focused brain, you can stay within the caffeine cozy world of the IDE.

Nothing quite like a bit of Java (be that code or coffee) and the latest news we post here fully embedded in your world:


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 13.44.48.png


With that tip out of the way we can now move on and bring you this weeks news from the wonderful world of JBoss, short and sweet style.



This coming April there is the brand new DevNation conference coming, aligning all the JUDCon / CamelOne goodness you were used to and bringing them under one umbrella in San Francisco. Expect the speak invites to be sent out any second now, so watch your inbox.


The Red Hat Summit 2014 is coming in April to San Francisco and the agenda was made available today so you can browse the talks.


This week there will be a JBoss BPM Suite webinar covering as much of the fantastic UI web based designer and modeling components that the new version 6 ties together in the products dashboard. Hard to imagine, but we can pretty much support non-developers with their rules, events, and processes. See the slides here and the recording is available online already.


Tim will be on tour with Vert.x soon at EclipseCon Vert.x Day and QCon London in March, then at Philly Emerging Tech in April.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


Kenny put together three amazing get started articles that put you on the road to working with JBoss Fuse, Data Virtualization, and Fuse Service Works:


Check out the new web server Undertow used in WildFly 8 as Arun walks you through the performance numbers.


Gavin stands up for why OO is not imperative, speaking out to the function programming community in response to their "...continued conflation of object oriented with imperative programming." You don't want to miss this read or a chance to post a comment.


Shane put up a very detailed article to get you started in add-on development with Forge 2.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!


It has been some time since we have had a chance to chat and update you on all the JBoss goodness that has been cooking up behind the scenes here since the New Year started.


Time we fixed that, so without further delay, we bring you several weeks of news from the JBoss communities.



Call for papers is open until the end of Jan for OSCON 2014 and in the JBoss communities there are things brewing, time to get your ideas in there too so we can meet up in July in Portland, Oregon.


This coming April there is the brand new DevNation conference coming, aligning all the JUDCon / CamelOne goodness you were used to and bringing them under one umbrella in San Francisco. The call for papers is ongoing, so hurry up and get your talks submitted!


The Red Hat Summit 2014 is coming in April to San Francisco and the agenda was made available today, you can browse the talks and enjoy a preview from some of the JBoss speakers in our community.


Next week, Jan 30th, there will be a JBoss BPM migration webinar covering the aspects you might be interested in when moving from the old version 5 to the new version 6.


There will be a Boston JUG meetup next week, Jan 30th in the evening that you can join to become a business rules hero. The following week all the JBoss Evangelist are going to descend on Chicago for a special workshop filled JBUG meetup.


There is a report following up on the workshops given in Singapore a few weeks ago training the locals up on JBoss technologies. The week after they were busy passing the gospel of JBoss to the Japanese in Tokyo at another workshop showcasing JBoss BPM Suite, JDV, and FSW. We also have a new translation contributor that is working on bringing various articles to the Japanese people.


You can follow up on the webinar around JBoss, Glassfish and Weblogic with links to the replay and Q&A lists from the webinar.


In March there will be an Atlanta JBUG meetup with speakers talking about the next generation integration with JBoss Fuse Service Works


There is a webinar coming up to get you started with JBoss A-MQ, don't miss it.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


The RHQ project has pushed out their vision of the future in a State of the Union address.

A new demo is available for the JBoss Business Resource Optimizer, this time running on OpenShift, start planning resource usage in the Cloud. If you are interested in upgrading from the older 5.5 to the new version 6, check out the blog detailing the experience.

The latest Forge 2 tooling has been made available in JBossTools and you get a tour through the tooling from installation to producing project code.

We welcome the brand new project, with an interview introducing the Narayana Transaction Analyser.


There was a series of WildFly tech tips published the last few weeks, you can catch up on them here; deploying multiple instances in the 8th tech tip, deploying applications and artifacts to Wildfly using the maven plugin in the 9th tech tip, deploying to WildFly using curl in the 10th tech tip, jboss-cli deployments in the 11th tech tip, and the 12th tech tip on using WildFly covers Role Based access control.

Take a tour of the new Drools core algorithm PHREAK stack based evaluations and backward chaining to sharpen your rules skills. Then you can watch them stress test the new algorithm with the OptaPlanner, find out which core engine is faster.


Take a closer look at using Spring with JBoss jBPM's newest release, this story will take you down the path to a warm Spring.

Interested in a new quick start guide for remote queries over Hot Rod by the Infinispan team?


There is a nice overview on how to integrate Apache Solr search results with your enterprise data using Teiid.


Catch up with the meetings in Brno last week by going through the slides to the WildFly EE Concurrency Utilities presentation.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!


Welcome to this weeks JBoss Editorial, where we bring you up to speed on the latest, greatest in JBoss open source.


This week we will put a bit of a spotlight on the task of optimizing your resource usage, with a closer look at the release of JBoss OptaPlanner 6.0.0.Final.

OptaPlanner is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine written in Java to solve constraint satisfaction problems efficiently. Together with the Drools rule engine and the jBPM workflow engine, it is a strong and flexible foundation for knowledge management.


This release comes well documented with a series of demo videos that get you started and details a specific feature:



Now you have no reason to not get started with solving your resource optimization problems.



This week the news was around the Devoxx event that took place a few weeks ago. We get another recap of the Devoxx conference is provided this week by Dimitris Andreadis centered around the WildFly BOF. Then Geoffrey de Smet talks us through how he came up with the Tennis club scheduling solution (video mentioned above) during a Devoxx lunch session last week.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:

Kurt Stam is the tour guide today if you want to see how to get started with DTGov for managing your deployments.


Marek Goldmann takes us through developing with WildFly, JBoss Dev Studio, and Docker.


Mark Proctor put out a very nice video tour (six in all) of the loveliness that is coming down the road in the Drools / jBPM community releases soon, very soon. Stay tuned...


Over on the Arquillian blog they highlight the fact that Jakub Narloch was recognized AWS re:invent. Jakub and the other winners were present at AWS re:Invent to receive their award, a custom-made Cloud Monkey trophy, $10,000 in prize money from Netflix, $5,000 in AWS credits from Amazon and the cost of the trip to Las Vegas and admission to the conference. Well done!


You can automate your lending services with a new demo project based on JBoss BRMS / BPM Suite Beta releases, check it out, up an running in minutes by Eric D. Schabell!


Gavin King schools us (quiz included) in this article on Intersections & Variance based on progress made within the Ceylon project.


Anil Saldhana helps us choose between SAML and OAuth over in the Architect Zone on DZone.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!


Welcome to this weeks JBoss Editorial, where we bring you up to speed on the latest, greatest in JBoss open source goodness. There have been a ton of project releases, some interesting blogs posted, and we start with an events update.


We kick it off with a few links to the amazing Nobel Prize for Higgs boson, thanks to running on JBoss software. There was a session on it at Camel One and the news broke this week. It did not go unnoticed by Mark Little our big JBoss chief who Tweeted this:




It seems like the Arquillian project team has had an explosion of releases this week, with Drone Extensions, new containers, new QUnit extensions, and we are left wondering if they were left exhausted on the floor next to their desks after this activity? See below for all the latest news from this team.

This month there will be jBPM workshops in Poland and the UK, check them out if you are in the area.

You can meet some of your favorite JBossians in Munich this month at the JBoss One Day Talks.

There have been some security changes to, please take the time to look at them.

Blogs / Articles

Shane has been talking about the Fall of Server Side Web Frameworks this week, so take a look and let him know what your take is on this.


Mad Max and his team have pushed a fix for a Java regression bug that was introduced, so check out the JBoss Tools post and update your Developer Studio 7.0.


Community Teiid project member has contributed a fantastic article on his semantic web project involving a Web Scraping Teiid Translator. Furthermore, the Teiid team is excited by the JBoss Data Virtualization 6 Beta release. Kenny also launched a great demo around this release, check it out over at OSSMentor.


Mr. Barkely has posted More Errai Basics that will take you on a magic bus ride, you don't want to miss this bus!


Ray talks us through CDI in Standard Portlets as made available in the latest JBoss Portal 6.1 release, a howto that will guide your CDI efforts.


Marek is rocking the Wildfly on Fedora by putting together this story around clustering Wildfly using Docker on Fedora.


Ceylon has published a roadmap walking us all the way through their 1.2 release.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!


Welcome to this weeks JBoss Editorial, where you will find this last weeks activities and events around the JBoss Community. This week has produced a few project releases, but more interesting is the trend of introducing us to new topics, projects, and products that came out this week.



Shane Johnson over on is on a webinar today covering The Art of JBoss EAP Deployments, don't worry, you can catch a recording on the same link if you miss the live event. He also put together a recording to show you how fast JBoss EAP is, why, and how. It gives you all the details in the recording, slideshow, and accompanying article.

Blogs / Articles

Brian Che continues his tour of the Tenet of Hybrid Clouds with the fourth in the series.


We get introduced to Mobile Design with Errai by Erik-Jan de Wit.


Salaboy from the Drools team introduces us to Knowledge Is Everything (KIE).


Shane Johnson introduces us to Faster Big Data and Distributed Stream Processing over on


Finally, if you are ready to get started with business rules, processes, and/or event processing, there is a new JBoss BRMS Primer article in the series, Getting Started with JBoss BRMS that puts you right in the drivers seat to spin up demos, investigate capabilities, and kick start proofs-of-concepts in nothing flat.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!


Welcome to this weeks JBoss Editorial, where you will find this last weeks activities and events around the JBoss Community. We are all in the middle of our Summer Vacations, right? Enjoying the summer fun wherever you happen to be.


Well the JBoss projects and core developers have still been hard at work and we even have had sightings of JBoss high in the French Alps, more on that later as we have to share the news first.



Mark Proctor posted a paper and presentations from RuleML 2013.


Blogs / Articles

Heiko Rupp talks about the RHQ plugin generator this week.


Brian Leathem from the RichFaces team walks us through a security advisory fix they implemented.


Ken Finnigan enlightens us about the new CDI scopes that have been added to the GateIn project.


Shane Johnson continues his expose on Java EE or Spring Framework with installment #6.


Stéphane Épardaud talks about the Ceylon IDE improvements that were pushed out this week. 


Galder Zamarreño expounds on the faster file cache store in the latest Infinispan release.




A list of new project releases, enjoy!


Finally, just to share some Summer Fun, in the French Alps this mysterious JBossian was found cycling up the famous Tour de France mountains. Nice to encounter JBoss at 1700m!




Normally we would welcome you back to another week of JBoss activities, but there has been a bit of a gap between the last post and this one. On the one hand you missed out on last weeks news, but on the other hand I have a lot of interesting stuff to catch you up on. So lets get this kicked off with all that is new in JBoss over the last few weeks.



Koen Aers posted a short article on his adventures at the Eclipse Day Florence.


A report from the Singapore JBUG where they got a JBoss BRMS Primer.


Only a week or so until JUDCon and Summit kick off in the United States, catch Hibernate sessions there.


A special event was the first ever release of the Immutant project, congratulations on the 1.0.0.Beta1.



Blogs / Articles


JBoss Forge 2 project has a preview out on video, check it out.


Errai talks about non-trivial security in GWT.


An interesting interview about the OSGi Expert Group over on infoQ.


Interested in storing arrays on Infinispan 5.3 without wrapper objects, well read about how to do it over on their blog.


A nice look at choosing ACID vs BASE over on


Updates published to Rewards Demo and Customer Evaluation Demo, both JBoss BRMS based demos now work on JBoss EAP 6.1.0.


The RHQ project talks about support for paging in their Rest-API.


Infinispan now supports interoperability between embedded and server endpoints.


The Drools team put together a video tour of the newest releases for their Guvnor, a video tour of backward-chaining features, slides on the newest features in v6, and finally a post on how to build and run the newest components.


Interested in a closer look at domain mode on Fedora's JBoss AS?


A discourse on 2PC or 3PC, will make you think a bit. From the same JBoss TS team we have a look at compensating transactions.


JGroups talks about making a shift to the Apache License for their project, following in the footsteps of Infinispan.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!


splash_wildflylogo.pngThis weeks weekly JBoss Editorial comes to you at this late hour due to some very special news, the new name you as a community have voted for has been announced live in Sao Paulo, Brazil just before this posting in the JUDCon:2013 Brazil keynote speech. We are happy to introduce WildFly as the winning name and successor to the JBoss AS project.


WildFly is the upstream project that supports Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and we welcome it to our JBoss family of projects. This project will be active on Twitter as @WildFlyAS, be sure to follow it!




In other news, JUDCon 2013 Brazil is in full samba swing with Infinispan providing another round of great sessions and JUDCon 2013 United States has posted the agenda for Boston on June 9-11th. It should be noted that CamelOne 2013 will be co-hosted with JUCCon 2013 United States in Boston, so it is a great time to be in Boston this summer!


JBoss was also at GartnerBPM, with a full report posted online to give you an impression of the event.


Blogs / Articles

The series of Rules and BPM demos that Eric has been maintaining now have support for Windows installations. Now that last group of users has no excuse not to be spinning up these environments in a flash.


We get another look at how we are ramping up our SwitchYard knowledge, with Keith Babo giving a workshop in DC last week.


The JBoss TS team blog takes us on a tour of how they have Simplified XST Context Propagation.


Here is a great article on how the Eclipse tooling has been simplifed for working on Hibernate ORM projects.


Marek Goldmann walks us through JMX connections to JBoss AS, a gold mine for the options you have.


Over on the very informative site, an article was posted on Data Grid Performance Factors, a must read for all you cache-heads out there. There is also some tips on how to go To the Moon there.


A short article introducing BPSim standard and jBPM's adoption was published this week.


The JBoss WS team posted a Feature Preview article on the coming 4.2 release.





That is it for this week, be sure to tune in next week as we bring you the latest, greatest news coming at you from the wonderful world of JBoss!


Welcome to another week of JBoss activities and news which kicks off this week with the newest project in the JBoss family, Opta Planner. Check it out over on their new site and give them a helping hand. Opta Planner optimizes business resource usage and is a fascinating project.




In April there will be a two part webinar series called Zero to Hero with JBoss BRMS Primer.


JBossTools will be in Boston this week at EclipseCon and Devoxx London.


Infinispan will be at CodeMotion in Rome this week.


Blogs / Articles


Marek tells us about scheduling jobs within Torquebox at runtime in this article.


RHQ team presents a nice practice on how to store your Agent preferences in a file, nice write-up by Jay.


Michal details his adventures migrating a RichFaces 3.x application to RichFaces 4.x.


Eric shares a project on performance testing framework around BPM processes using JBoss BRMS.


JBoss TS's Paul explains some of the API changes taking place inside the WS-AT and REST-AT.


An overview is given of Java EE 7 & EJB 3.2 support in JBoss AS 8.




A list of new project releases, enjoy!



Welcome to another week of JBoss activities and news! There is a lot of organizing going on behind the scenes to bring you great content at the JUDCon events coming your way, so hold on to your hats, here we go!




JUDCon Boston from 9-11 June was announced, so get over to the Call for Papers and submit your sessions.


The agenda is live now for JUDCon Brazil from 19-20 April so get on over there and register.


DevCon 2013 will be taking place in Brno with a much touted Arquillian Hackfest, join them from 23-25 Feb.


Blogs / Articles


Shane takes us on a walk through how to abstract the framework of Apache Hadoop to provide Big Data services.


Gavin shows off a new feature in Ceylon in his post covering Reification, got to check that out to find out what it means!


The JavaOne Errai talk has been posted on YouTube, so no reason not to go take a look at what Christian says is 'Taming the Spaghetti' of rich web application development.


Ramesh shares his views on accessing Teiid VDB's from node.js in his latest article.


Heiko teaches us about the best practices when paging in RestFUL API's, always good to slow down and learn from the masters.


This week Emannuel and his team turned over the Bean Validation 1.1 CR1 Proposed Draft Final to the JCP, check it out as he takes you on a tour in his article.


Finally, Bryan Che laminates on the value of running your Big Data on an Open Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. This is a bit off topic for the Java / JBoss developer, but I think you will enjoy broadening your coverage of topic when you are hanging at the coffee machine next time. This article will put you in the center of the next IaaS discussion involving cloud technologies, so give it a spin.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!



Thinking of getting involved in a JBoss User Group (JBUG)?

Setting up or running a JBoss User Group? Follow @JBossNews on twitter and catch the next event online especially for you and your group.


JBoss AS project renaming vote closed!

Are you as curious as I am? The word on the street is that they will be announcing it real soon...


Until next time... keep it real, open and in the code.

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