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Welcome to the weekly roundup from the JBoss Community. Read on for an overview of the week's news and releases.


JUnit 5 support lands in Eclipse Vert.x for testing asynchronous operations

Eclipse Vert.x now has support for JUnit 5. Read this post to find out the details.


Infinispan coming to Snowcamp 2018

This week Katia Aresti will be presenting at Snowcamp in Grenoble. Here she will be talking about Clustered Locks in Infinispan.


AppDev in the Cloud - Data Virtualization Solves Acquisition Use Case

In this post Eric Schabell presents an example showing how data virtualization can be used to smooth the transition period when merging two systems together.


Do you use Infinispan's Replication Queue?

If you are a user of Infinispan's Replication queue, you should read this post. The Replication queue was deprecated in Infinispan 8.2 and removed in Infinispan 9.0. The post details the recommended migration path.


Hibernate Community Newsletter

Read this post to catch up on the latest news from the Hibernate community.


Camel in Action, Second Edition is Complete!

Claus Ibsen and  Jonathan Anstey have now completed the second edition of their Camel in Action book. It is now in print and will be released soon. Read this post to find out about the changes in this edition.


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