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Welcome to the weekly roundup from the JBoss Community. Read on for an overview of the week's news and releases.


How to defeat gerrymandering and create fair elections

Over the years, politicians have redrawn electoral voting lines to gain an unfair advantage. This has led to district boundaries with shapes that have no obvious pattern or reason other than political gain. When districts are redrawn you can sway an elections results without changing a single voter’s mind. Can OptaPlanner draw fair electoral boundaries and save democracy?


Easy Workitem installation (jBPM WorkItem Repository)

The jBPM team has added the ability to install workitems hosted by the  jBPM Workitem Repository on any running KIE Worbench instance directly from the repository. itself This lifts some limitations of installing workitems which was so far only possible from within process editors inside each running workbench. It also allows for future integrations with other runtime systems that can take advantage of the hosted workitems.


3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Hybrid Multicloud (Part 4)

This article series highlights three pitfalls you should be aware of when transitioning into hybrid multicloud environments.


Enterprise Integration for Ethereum

Ethereum is distributed and decentralized, but it is mostly a closed system with the embedded ledger, the currency, and the executing nodes. In order to be useful for the enterprise, Ethereum has to be well integrated with existing legacy and new systems. In this post Bilgin Ibryam presents the Apache Camel Connector for Ethereum.


Inspect HTTP Sessions in Undertow

The Undertow WildFly subsystem has been enhanced and provides new operations to inspect HTTP sessions.


Log all configuration changes to WildFly

There is a feature to record all configuration changes to an in-memory log per host or server, it records any change performed on Wildfly, for example: deploy an application, add a datasource, change any configuration, add any resource. This blog post will show how it works.


Five Advantages of Log-Based Change Data Capture

In this post Gunnar Morling answers the question of "why use a log-based change data capturing tool such as Debezium over simply polling for updated records?"


Performance baseline for jBPM 7 (7.8.0)

The aim of this article is to measure the base performance of jBPM so as to set a baseline and to answer the basic question of how good jBPM performs when it comes to execution. This is not to be seen as competitive information or show that jBPM is faster or slower than other engines, but more for setting a stage and open the door for more performance tests that can be performed in different types of environments.


Red Hat Process Automation Manager v7.0

In this post Kris Verlaenen introduces Red Hat Process Automation Manager v7.0. This is the latest major release of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite product, which brings with it a product rename that reflects the broadened scope of the software.


Maciej Swiderski is the new jBPM community lead

In this post Kris Verlaenen announces that Maciej (aka "Magic") Swiderski will officially become the new jBPM community lead.




This editorial looks like it's going to be about release after release after release! The teams have really been busy!


First Marc has written a few articles about the new APIMan release (version 1.4) followed quickly by 1.4.3 (if anyone finds 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 please return them to Marc care of JBoss!) He's also found the time to write about how you can customise your path patterns for the gateway.


While we're at it, of course let's not forget about the equally interesting Hibernate Community Newsletter. And on the theme of Hibernate, Hibernate Search 5.10 has another maintenance release and Hibernate ORM 5.1.15.Final along with ORM 5.3.2.Final were also released by the team, followed closely by OGM 5.4.0.Beta2.


Other releases over the period include Infinispan 9.3.0.Final, Thorntail 2.0.0.Final, a couple of RESTeasy releases, ByteMan 4.0.3, the ever popular Debezium had a release, Apache Camel 2.22 came out, and Keycloak 4.1.0.Final (check out this article around Keycloak on Kubernetes too!)


Not quite a release but definitely newsworthy, Mario Fusco is the new Drools lead! Well done Mario!!


Chritina Lin has written a great first article on contract first design with Apicurio and Fuse.


Let's wrap up with a personal favourite: the JBossTS team have done some interesting work around the LRCO optimisation and you can read about it in this article.


OK that's it for now. Enjoy!

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