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Editoral 29 May 2020

Posted by lightguard May 29, 2020

Welcome back! Things keep rolling along for us within Middleware at Red Hat. We have a couple of new releases and some blogs to talk about this week, so let’s dig in.



  • Infinispan - This CR release sees non-blocking internal changes, a non-blocking Store SPI, slight modifications to clustering scaling, better/more server security, CLI, kubernetes/OpenShift operator, and an update to documentation!

  • Quarkus 1.5.0.Final - The milestoe is done and the artifacts are in Maven Central. There are a few things left to do to offically announce the release, but all the coding is done. The link here is to the GitHub milestone for a list of issues completed.

  • Teiid Spring Boot 1.5.0



To go along with the Infinispan release, a couple of new blog posts have come out:


Eric Schabell has a couple of entries into his Cloud-native development series:

There is also an entry called Reality Bites: 3 misconceptions that can lead to microservice mayhem discussing pitfalls to avoid while working with Microservices

Lastly, we want to cover episodes 2, 3, and 4 of the Quarkus Insights video podcast. Episode 2 covers quarkus:dev and Command mode. Episode 3 discusses Hibernate and Panache. The most recent one, episode 4, talks about JHipster for Quarkus. You can find these video pod casts at YouTube or the audio on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

We’re a little light on the news this time, but those of us who have been reading the editorial for a few years will be familiar with the "after Summit slump." With Red Hat Summit behind us (and what a great Summit, check out the sessions on demand if you missed them), many people have taken PTO. Expect all the news, blogs, releases, etc. to pick back up in the coming weeks.

All that being said, we do have some blogs to go over and one release.



First up is Eric Schabell’s second entry in his "Demystifying the Event Driven Architecture - Making the case" series. You can read more about it at his blog.

We have another post by Eric: Code Ready Containers - Installing an HR employee rewards project using developer container catalog. For more information about CodeReady Containers, please visit the Red Hat Developer page.

There are a number of DevNation Tech Talks and master courses dropping within the next week, please visit the DevNation page for more information.


Keycloak released a new version: Keycloak 10.0.1.


I'm writing this as we wrap up another successful Red Hat Summit. But this year, with a significant distinction: the event was 100% virtual. Despite the involuntary move to virtual, there were many benefits that came about from the change in format. The event was completely free, and of course required no travel, allowing a much broader and more diverse set of attendees to benefit from the content and experience. It was also ran in three regions to accommodate many more timezones.


Being Red Hat we were keen to experiment with the format and find new ways to engage with the community. It was important for us to carry over as much of the personality and intimacy of the physical event as possible. So, this needed to be more than just a bunch of streamed talks. The talks were pre-recorded which allowed the presenter(s) to participate directly in the Q&A in real-time as the talk proceeded. There was also a variety of sessions that went beyond the talk format. For examples see Ask the experts, Networking social hour, and the Virtual Open Neighborhood on the agenda.


If you weren't able to attend, or want to catch some of the talks you missed, you can re-live the virtual event here.


In other news...


Quarkus Insights on Youtube Live

This week Max Andersen and Emmanuel Bernard kicked off a new video/podcast series bringing insights into Quarkus. Each episode will focus on a guest speaker discussing the development or usage of Quarkus. There are also some dedicated Q&A sessions planned. Be sure to subscribe to the Quarkus YouTube channel to catch these sessions and other exciting Quarkus content. In particular join them on the 4th of May where Georgios Andrianakis will talk about Quarkus testing and specifically the new mocking improvements in the recently released Quarkus 1.4.


Kogito: A Modular Codegen Design Proposal

In this post Edoardo Vacchi explains how Kogito is improving performance by moving processing out of the run-time and into build-time.


Red Hat Summit 2020 - Ask the Experts: Hybrid Multicloud Pitfalls

In one of the many Ask the Experts sessions, Eric Schabell & Roel Hodzelmans focused on their hybrid multi-cloud pitfall theories. You can view the slides here, or register for the Red Hat Summit Virtual event to re-watch the content on demand.


Free book on Knative covering Camel K and Kafka and upcoming webinar with live demos

In this post Claus Ibsen alerts us to the free eBook written by Burr Sutter & Kamesh Sampath on the subject of Knative. Go get your free copy here!


Red Hat Summit 2020 - Business Automation Sessions

If you are interested in the area of Business Automation, be sure to view Kris Verlaenen's helpful summary of all the BI related talks held at Red Hat Summit.


Demystifying the Event Driven Architecture - An introduction (part 1)

Eric Schabell has started a new blog series that explores the world of Event Driven Architectures (EDA).


Six reasons why you will love Camel K

Interested in Camel K, or want to find out what all the fuss is about? Read on, and Christina will give you six reasons to love Camel K.


Hybrid clouds with JGroups and Skupper

Bela Ban follows up on his post explaining how to span JGroups Kubernetes-based clusters across Google and Amazon clouds. In this new post Bela improves on the process by using Skupper to simplify this task and encrypt the data exchanged between different clouds.


This Week's Releases

  • Quarkus 1.4. Command mode, HTTP 2, New FaaS framework, Mocking, and more.
  • Keycloak 10.0.0. With Identity Brokering Sync Mode, Client Session Timeout for OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 and much more.
  • Kogito 0.9.1. This release is a bug fix release, but there has also been considerable work spent on documentation and code examples. See the link for detais.

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