• Error MEM sending ENABLE-APP

    Hello!   I have a problem, when I upload 50 service I get an error ERROR [org.jboss.modcluster] (UndertowEventHandlerAdapter - 1) MODCLUSTER000042: Error MEM sending ENABLE-APP command to ip:host, configuration ...
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    created by Rassul Khurov
  • Mod-cluster configuration in wndows.

    hi i need to configure mod-cluster for wildfly in windows operating system. for windows os i need to follow the same steps which is following in linux, or else i need to follow the different steps to configure. can yo...
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    last modified by chandra shaker
  • mod_cluster 2.0.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT build error

    Hi   Tryiing to build mod_cluster 2.0.0.Apha1 from source but got error during tests. [INFO] Running org.jboss.modcluster.advertise.impl.DatagramChannelFactoryImplTestCase ... [ERROR] testDatagramChannelRead(o...
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    last modified by Chuan Ong
  • JESSIONID doesn't have instance id appended

    We recently migrated from JBOSS 6.2 EAP to JBOSS 7.0 EAP and we are facing an issue with JESSIONID generation. We don't see instance id is not getting appended to JESSIONID   Expected is "ScXqx80nQtPYDx11qOz1uoB...
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    last modified by Sarbajeet Senapati
  • Enable UndertowLogger statements in JBOSS classes

    I tried to enable logger statements mentioned in one of undertow subsystem. For example : I tried below configuration still it doesn't print statement "UndertowLogger.SESSION_LOGGER.tracef("Setting session cookie se...
  • Unable to load jboss-6.1.0.Final      Administration Console     JMX Console     JBoss Web Services Console in standard profile

    when i was started jboss-6.1.0.Final in default mode (>run.bat -c default) i am able to access the all consoles like Administration Console JMX Console JBoss Web Services Console But when i was started same jbo...
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    last modified by ambati rajashekhar
  • mod_cluster with Jetty

    Hello   I notice that most (all?) of the container integrations are tomcat (catalina) based. Has anyone used it with Jetty (particularly the auto-discovery stuff) ?   I assume I could write a relatively si...
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    last modified by Nigel Magnay
  • proxy balancer

    Hi All, I could able achieve  HA using below configuration. Issue is jboss will take time to deploy and start services. while port 8080 already open so Apache starts sending request to server though services are...
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    last modified by Sushma bhandary
  • Docker:mod_cluster and Tomcat

    I am using mod_cluster using Docker in one UNIX machine and tomcat server using Docker in another unix machine. Mod_cluster is registered by tomcat Jun 23, 2016 8:38:56 AM org.jboss.modcluster.ModClusterService conne...
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    last modified by raj pandey
  • mod_cluster memory leak

    Could someone please update http://mod-cluster.jboss.org/? Website is sending users to mod_cluster 1.3.1.Final version that has known memory leak (in Apache's native module): [MODCLUSTER-522] Memory leak in processi...
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    last modified by lukaszracon
  • mod_cluster configuration with wildfly 10 HA

    i am trying to configure HTTPD(2.4.6)+mod_cluster(1.3.1) with wildfly 10.1.0 as HA on CentOS 7 Scenario include three servers 1- HTTPD (2.4.6) + mod_cluster (1.3.1) 2- Wildfly Node1 3- Wildfly Node2   Downlo...
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    last modified by Muhammad Usman
  • mod cluster plugin for load balancer factor

    Hi All,   As i understand mod cluster offers ability to create plug in for load balancing mechanism specific to any application. Can anyone let me know how can i start creating plug in or any documentation avail...
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    last modified by Rocky T
  • Why decay factor isn't float

    Hi, using a decay factor of 2 the importance of loads decreases to fast:    0 100,0% 1 50,0% 2 25,0% 3 12,5% 4 6,3% 5 3,1% 6 1,6% 7 0,8% 8 0,4% 9 0,2%     I want to use a decay factor between 1 ...
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    last modified by Leandro Quiroga
  • Error 503 using mod_cluster

    Hi All, i'm using mod_cluster in production but i'm having some 503. I tried replacing mod_cluster with mod_proxy_balancer and in such case i didn't have any 503 so i'm thinking to a misconfiguration of mod_cluster...
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    last modified by Stefano Nichele
  • Stop sending requests to a JBoss

    Hi, I see a link to disable a JBoss in the mod_cluster-manager web console but I don´t see a link to stop it. I´m sending the STOP-APP command rewriting the URL of my browser, I wonder if there is a conf...
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    last modified by Leandro Quiroga
  • Configuring sticky session attribute name

    Hi, is it possible to configure the sticky session attribute name?   I need to use a name different to JSESSIONID.   I´ve tried:   ProxyPass / balancer://xxxxx/ stickysession=TESTSESSIONID|test...
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    last modified by Leandro Quiroga
  • Modcluster can't serve multiple contexts

    Hi, first english isn't my native language, so please tell me if something isn't understandable.   I've one node as RP running Apache 2.4.6 and Modcluster and my backends are a cluster (two nodes) of JBoss EAP 6...
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    last modified by Leandro Lemos
  • StickySessionCookie with mod_cluster 1.3.1 + Wildlfly10 + Single Sign On in Undertow possible?

    Hello Guy's   I messed up with a configuration "Problem"   Setup - Apache 2.4.6 with jboss_modcluster 1.3.1 (builded on centos7) - AppServer 1 Widlfly 10.0.1 with webapp1 and webapp2 - AppServer 2 Widlf...
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    last modified by Michael Koller
  • How to register a wildfly's folder to mod cluster

    Hi,   I have a setting in wildfly where its welcome content is pointing to shared folder,setting is as follow     <host name="default-host" alias="localhost">   <location name="/" handl...
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    last modified by Shraddha Kabra
  • Tomcat 8.5 / mod_cluster 1.3.1 : NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.catalina.Service.getContainer

    Hi,   I try to implement mod_cluster 1.3.1 with tomcat 8.5.13 / openjdk 1.8 but without success.   Here is the exception :   05-Apr-2017 15:38:34.318 SEVERE [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalin...
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    last modified by Nicolas Ramos