RichFaces 4.5.1.Final is available for download.


With this release we've implemented several improvements to rich:select - it is now possible to look up options by their first letter without enabling manual input, pressing a key repeatedly will cycle through available options. The Tab key can now be used to select an option.


Rich:chart has been made extensible with the hooks attribute and facets, allowing the use of plugins. For more information, see my previous blog post.


ResetValues attribute has been added to a4j components, this will let you properly reset values of components after a validation failure.


Finally we've updated several of the third-party libraries we use - Atmosphere to 2.2.3 (a4j:push), CKEditor to 4.4.6 (rich:editor), Flot to 0.8.3 (rich:chart), jQuery UI to 1.11.1 (many rich components).


Release Notes


  • [RF-12166] -        richfaces distribution - missing assembler.xml in showcase sources
  • [RF-12654] -        PartialViewRender skips check for whether column is rendered before checking if children can be rendered
  • [RF-13828] -        a4j jsFunction does not work inside a form with enctype="multipart/form-data"
  • [RF-13883] -        render-attribute of a4j:commandLink is ignored
  • [RF-13892] -        rich:contextMenu with rich:dataTable - after ajax re-render of table contextMenu no longer works
  • [RF-13893] -        Resource optimization - Invalid reference for gradientA.png
  • [RF-13898] -        Not able to tab out from rich:select field in a table.
  • [RF-13899] -        selected item in rich:select not highlighted after refresh
  • [RF-13904] -        RF can be deployed to Mojarra < 2.1.28
  • [RF-13905] -        Select: attribute onlistshow doesn't work when enableManualInput=true
  • [RF-13906] -        Calendar - Show selected date JS error
  • [RF-13908] -        Validation quickstart: UnsupportedOperationException after confirmation of the registration
  • [RF-13909] -        Attribute render doesn't work in command button/link, jsFunction
  • [RF-13912] -        rich:select inside panelGrid
  • [RF-13916] -        Nested collapsibleSubTable only collapse ten row  BUG
  • [RF-13917] -        Showcase: update the version of RF in readme
  • [RF-13922] -        Ajax requests fail if triggered outside of form
  • [RF-13923] -        Editor toolbar configuration cannot be changed


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-13902] -        Upgrade dependencies in jsf-test
  • [RF-13915] -        Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-11088] -        rich:select modify manualInput behavior to avoid single item scoped item list popup when editing value
  • [RF-13232] -        Enable flexible changing of the deployed archive name for general deployments, e.g. CoreDeployment
  • [RF-13867] -        Provide a way to access FlotCharts options


        Feature Request

  • [RF-13532] -        Support JSF 2.2 resetValues attribute for a4j:ajax
  • [RF-13855] -        Rich line chart string value on one of axis
  • [RF-13861] -        rich:chart doesn't preserve ordering of data
  • [RF-13900] -        rich:select should support selection by first character if enableManualInput is not used