RichFaces 4.5.5.Final is available for download.


This release contains mostly minor bug fixes on the client-side. One thing worth mentioning is added support for status on a4j:queue - instead of setting a status for each request you can set the status for a queue and each request going through the queue will use it if they do not have one set.


Release Notes


  • [RF-11766] -         rich:tree - selectionChangeListener isn't called when the model org.richfaces.model.TreeNode is used
  • [RF-12491] -         Datatable model is accessed in tab panel which is not rendered using switch type "server"
  • [RF-12764] -         rich:select - javascript error when using myfaces with french locale
  • [RF-13138] -         a4j:log - should print partial-response value in a level=debug, but prints [Object] instead
  • [RF-14003] -         Richfaces included jboss-el-api_3.0_spec-1.0.4.Final.jar in the pom.xml
  • [RF-14011] -         a4j:mediaoutput does not work on wildfly 8.2 , uploaded Image is broken
  • [RF-14015] -         rich:calendar month and year selection does not work
  • [RF-14016] -         treeNode: missing @toggleListener in taglib and docs
  • [RF-14018] -         rich:select - js error - this.cache is undefined (or similar js error)
  • [RF-14020] -         Richfaces 4.5.2 not working in Websphere
  • [RF-14026] -         collapsiblePanel regression with switchType="client" and expanded="false"
  • [RF-14027] -         tooltip doesn't work with popupPanel (4.5.x).
  • [RF-14032] -         rich:calendar - pressing a key after manually changing the year resets the date
  • [RF-14033] -         calendar: fragment: DayPicker: selecting of a day uses unnecessary ctrl key


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14012] -         Upgrade third-party libraries
  • [RF-14030] -         Upgrade Arquillian Core to 1.1.8


        Feature Request

  • [RF-13203] -         a4j:queue should have status attribute
  • [RF-14019] -         Accordian Panel Item breaks in <= IE8 when Array polyfil is used
  • [RF-14022] -         Add support for "resetValues" for AbstractActionComponents (UIMenuItem, UIPanelMenuItem, UITab)



  • [RF-13996] -         Travis build failures due to VM termination
  • [RF-14009] -         log: document @mode=console