RichFaces 4.5.6.Final is available for download.


In this release we have enhanced file size handling for rich:fileUpload - you can now specify "maxFileSize" directly on the component and it will also serve to reject large files immediately on client-side. We've also added support for transparent color in custom skin properties.


Release Notes


  • [RF-11091] -         Autocomplete component is wrongly aligned
  • [RF-11606] -         rich:select : doesn't cast selectItem value
  • [RF-12054] -         TabPanel onitemchange of outer tab fired by inner tab
  • [RF-12362] -         skin color parameters do not support "transparent"
  • [RF-14025] -         Photoalbum login via social sites
  • [RF-14035] -         Showcase context menu: JS error in console
  • [RF-14039] -         Collapsible Panel Icon Regression
  • [RF-14043] -         rich:tabPanel does not switch if rich:tab has number value name
  • [RF-14044] -         push: error in browser console after push enabled/disabled


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14038] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-14023] -         rich:contextMenu - on ajax re-render the destroy function doesn`t clean up properly
  • [RF-14034] -         PageFragments: Implement workaround for contextClick on PhantomJS


        Feature Request

  • [RF-6524] -         maxRequestSize for richfile upload should be made configurable per component and not globally.
  • [RF-12395] -         fileUpload validations must be done on client



  • [RF-13882] -         Showcase-test failed on phantomJS
  • [RF-14042] -         Create Arquillian profile for WildFly 9