RichFaces 4.5.7.Final is available for download.


In this release we've fixed a bug with fileUpload causing error 413 in large forms and added support for begin, beforedomupdate and complete events. We've also addressed several client-side issues.


Release Notes


  • [RF-11159] -         rich:panelMenuGroup component don't save it's expanded property
  • [RF-11413] -         Popup panel, component values on popup panel are not updated after validation process fails
  • [RF-12037] -         Fileupload:onbegin, oncomplete and onbeforedomupdate does not work
  • [RF-12777] -         rich:picklist - selectItemClass disables the buttons
  • [RF-14060] -         column: @sortType, @filterType: flaws in vdl doc
  • [RF-14063] -         rich:fileUpload - URI too long
  • [RF-14064] -         calendar: day picker: wrong/different styling of hovered day


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14059] -         Upgrade third-party libraries


        Feature Request

  • [RF-4308] -         rich:pickList: keep sort order of source list after add/remove operations
  • [RF-14031] -         Redesign the AbstractPopupMenu page fragment to enable more complex ContextMenu interactions



  • [RF-14050] -         fileUpload: add default value of @maxFileSize to VDL doc
  • [RF-14051] -         photoalbum: fix TestAddImage tests
  • [RF-14052] -         Update with WildFly 9 profile