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Introducing xPaaS


For a number of years we, at JBoss, have been discussing PaaS in various forms including Enterprise PaaS, Integration PaaS and BPM as a Service.  We have been discussing each of these as independent components although each has obvious relationships with the others.  As a result we have recently announced an update to our PaaS strategy, a unified offering that we are calling xPaas.  Following the announcement, Mark Little has taken some time to present his thoughts on the topic and what can be expected over the coming weeks and months.


Embedded and Remote queries in Infinispan


The Infinispan team have recently introduced a new querying capability within their 6.0.0 codebase, intended to provide a way of running queries against cached entities using a simple filtering DSL and allowing the possibility of alternative query engines to be used while using the same query language/API.


Dynamic Index Sharding in Hibernate Search


Index Sharding has been a core capability of Hibernate Search for years however, until now, it has been necessary for the number of shards to be specified explicitly within the Hibernate Search configuration.  The 4.4.0.Beta1 release of HIbernate Search changes this by introducing a new feature, Dynamic Sharding, an introduction to which can be found in Sanne's post.


SwitchYard on OpenShift


Have you ever wanted to deploy SwitchYard applications in the cloud?  If so then Keith Babo has the answer for you.  In his latest video recording within the SwitchYard Video Series Keith shows how simple it is to create a new SwitchYard on OpenShift, how quickly an Application can be developed and how easy this application can be deployed into the OpenShift environment.


OptaPlanner and Vehicle Routing problems


Geoffrey has created a new video demonstrating how OptaPlanner can be used to optimise the planning of Vehicle Routes while delivery times are being constrained by specific time windows.


Presentations in the Cloud


Eric Schabell is well known for his presentations, many of which cover how best to use OpenShift.  In his latest post, Eric has decided to marry the two topics and demonstrate how easy it is to use OpenShift to publish presentations in the cloud, describing each of the steps that are necessary for deploying an example Awestruct presentation.


New Releases



That is all for this week, please check back next week for more updates from the JBoss Communities.

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