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Let's start with Happy Thanksgiving to our American audience (unless you're a turkey, of course, where it's probably not such a good day - hey, wait until Christmas!)


This week has been hectic, even without all of the Thanksgiving preparations I'm sure many people have been caught up by. What with the obligatory Devoxx catch up from Dimitris and then one of our newest hires (Arun Gupta, ex Oracle) posting about the death of commercial GlassFish, I'm not sure where to begin! Let's start by looking Ceylon. The team have a few things to say this week after the 1.0 release at Devoxx, including a discussion about typesafety and expressiveness, and the CLI. If you haven't checked out Ceylon yet then this is a good opportunity, especially if you're looking for something to do while the turkey cooks or gets digested!


Maciej has essentially written up a Getting Started tutorial for jBPM 6, complete with videos. His colleagues have also been busy. Edson, for instance, has written about the new Drools Developers' Guide, whilst Geoffrey has been making OptaPlanner work in Camel. As usual, the EAP/WildFly team has found time (how?) to write about cool features such as WebSockets, the clustering reference architecture, and WildFly meets Docker.


Before moving on to the usual list of new releases, it's worth calling out Kurt's article on SOA Governance for special mention. Kurt and the team have been working actively on this for a long time and the results are spectacular. Check out his article and give feedback!


OK, so to finish off we've had a lot of releases again this week, including TorqueBox 3.0.1, Arquillian OSGi support 2.1.0CR2, a new version of Arquillian's JRebel extension, and the 1.1.0 Final release of SwitchYard! Congratulations to all of the teams and communities involved! Let's see what happens next week!

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