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devnation-logo.pngBy the time you will read our editorial, there will be more or less than 24 hours left until the debut of DevNation, the open source, polyglot conference for application developers and maintainers. Its packed agenda features a stellar cast of technology experts, and it is collocated with the Red Hat Summit. So whether, you're packing for San Francisco, or are there already for the conference, we wish you a fun time attending the talks and mingling with your fellow developers. And if you're missing this year's edition (like for example I unfortunately do), don't worry - follow our upcoming posts and you will stay in the know, as we'll keep you updated with blog posts, articles and news, and you'll get to share even some of the fun!


And in other news:


  • Marian Buenosayres' post provides a preview of the Drools and JBPM public training in San Francisco - an exercise of saving a cat, all done by the rules!
  • Eric Schabell continues publishing new episodes for the JBoss BRMS online workshop - the one this week is focusing on creating guided rules using the guided rule editor. An interesting read not only for developers, but especially for business analysts too.
  • Eric has also put together a series of OpenShift-focused examples and tutorials, grouped together in the OpenShift Primer, the second revised edition of which he is announcing in a blog post;
  • Heiko Rupp announces the creation of a distinct project, rhq-metrics, under the RHQ umbrella, focusing specifically on metrics, allowing the production and consumption of common metrics, regardless of what the project using them is;
  • Mark Little talks about the relationship between Red Hat in general and JBoss in particular, and academia, especially in the context of the awarding of a Centre for Doctoral Training to the University of Newcastle, the proposal for which was in the field of Big Data and Analytics.
  • Tristan Tarrant has provided an overview of the Access Control features added to Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha3, allowing to secure the access to the data in the data grid;
  • You can find out about upcoming (free! as in free attendance!) Red Hat product (JBoss Integration, BRMS, JBoss Way) workshops in Atlanta, Dallas and Montreal in late April/early May from Arun Gupta's post;
  • Have you heard of Heartbleed? Are you afraid of it? Anil Saldhana's post explains why JBoss community projects aren't affected by it, and what other precautions should you take;
  • It's not Heartbleed, but it still matters - Brian Leathem shows you how to deal with CVE-2014-0335 by upgrading to Richfaces 4.3.6.Final;


  • The Infinispan documentation has been updated, including the clustered cache tutorial - as highlighted by Dan Berindei;
  • Max Andersen announces that JBoss Tools has a new address JBoss Tools  - Home! So update your bookmarks and keep in touch with your favourite IDE!
  • Bela Ban's post shows you how to run JGroups on Google Compute Engine;
  • If you are interested in joining the RHQ team, they have an opening - read Tobias Heute's post.




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