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I am writing this blog from the air - the beauty of modern air travel - an hour of Internet access is only $6. Gone are the days when you could truly disconnect, leveraging the excuse that you were flying!  Now when I am supposed to catch up on my reading?


We just wrapped up Red Hat Summit and DevNation 2014 in San Francisco - where thousands gathered to learn about the next generation of Open Source.


It is impossible to describe all that happened but I do suggest you check out a few photos and browse the Twitter or Google+ stream.


Twitter Photos


Keynote Photos:


Demo Video:

The JBoss team takes the big stage at Red Hat Summit & DevNation 2014 with a demonstration of



  • xPaaS having being: aPaaS (apps), mPaaS (mobile),  iPaaS (integration),  bpmPaaS (process)
  • OpenStack for provisioning a private cloud (IaaS) across a few laptops.
  • OpenShift Enterprise (PaaS) for carving up those OpenStack created VMs into app-ready, developer-friendly containers.
  • JBoss Fuse Fabric (iPaaS) for dynamically, provisioning those containers with the necessary middleware components, turning them into custom business integration services.  Integrating Twitter to SalesForce to JBoss BPMS (bpmPaaS) based on jBPM and Drools.


Mark Little has a nice write-up on the keynote.

And you can watch the video recording on YouTube


We built an on-stage private cloud out of inexpensive laptops.  Checkout some of the tweets from the live event.


This is not demoware, try xPaaS for yourself now!



It was particularly cool to have ARM send in several engineers and suit cases full of new toys (mbed for us to play with at the Hackfest - like most of the technological transformations of the last several years - open source, open standards and now open hardware platforms are key catalysts to igniting the spark of technological creative.


Other notable announcements:

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