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Rapid Java EE Development Using Forge 2


Arun Gupta has spent time this week putting together a screen cast to show how easy it is to create a Java EE application using the Forge 2 Command Line Interface.  Arun demonstrates how to easily create JPA entities, add Bean Validation, include JSF scaffolding and REST endpoints and finally how to deploy the working application to JBoss EAP running on OpenShift.


Immutant 2 in the Works


The Immutant team are starting their development efforts on Immutant 2 with their main aim being the provision of a set of libraries, one for each of the commodity services, that are independent of the application server. This will allow you to embed those libraries in your application without requiring a "container" to be fully functional.  For those looking to take advantage of some of the container's facilities, such as as security, monitoring, clustering and more, it will also be possible to deploy your application into a stock WildFly or EAP container without the need to modify your application code.


Cleaning up Old JIRAs


Managing an Open Source project that has been going on for over 10 years presents a number of unique problems, one of which is how to deal with any old JIRAs that have been created.  This is a problem currently being faced by the Hibernate ORM team who find themselves with over 3000 outstanding issues, most of which they believe are no longer relevant to the current codebase.  The team has recently given some thought on this problem and have come up with a proposal.  If this topic is of interest to you then be sure to check out their post and add your thoughts to the discussion.


On the Road


San Francisco is going to be a very busy place over the next few weeks with the arrival of DevNation, April 13th-17th, and Red Hat Summit, April 14th-17th.  DevNation will have a very strong focus on the developer community with presentations on technologies such as Camel, SwitchYard, Drools, jBPM and many more.  The majority of the presentations will be given by those who are experts in technologies, providing a fantastic opportunity to discuss, in person, any topics that may be of interest.  Friday 11th of April will also see Mark Proctor giving a presentation at Square, discussing what is currently happening within the Drools projects.


The Red Hat offices in Amsterdam will be hosting a series of Hackathons over the next few months, providing an opportunity for some hands-on experience with various technologies.   The first Hackathon takes place next Thursday, April 10th, however spaces are limited so be sure to register before they run out.


Eric recently spent some time in Toronto, Canada, where he had the honour of giving a presentation on JBoss Rules and BPM at the Toronto Java Users Group.  He was joined on stage by Jonathan Feurth who was giving a presentation on Thread Safety.  Eric was also in Toronto for a partner workshop where he gave presentations based on his series of online workshop posts, the latest instalment of which covers the steps necessary for creating a Domain Specific Language.


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