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If you are not already on holiday, you'll probably be soon (or you are already back from them) - in any case, the JBoss communities are never on the break, and this week, last the ones before, comes a fair of exciting and interesting news (and yes, stuff about Docker).


Monitoring Wildfly and your Vert.x apps


In the last year, with the emergence of the DevOps initiative and the adaption of Java since the early 2000s, the topic of monitoring (and handling operation) of JEE server has been under an increasing focus. Especially because many administrators had an hard time grasping JVM related concept

and integrate the available JMX metrics inside their own tools (or scripts). However, if all metrics and operation on Wildfly

Monitoring DevOps Style With WildFly 9 And Jolokia ~ Enterprise Software Development with Java


Along those lines, the new project Hawkular, which aims at replace the previous RHQ as monitoring and operations managements tool for Wildfly, has made an interesting demo on Monitoring a Vert.x Application using Hawkular BTM, go check it out !


Data Virtualization and Hadoop


Kenneth Peeples, one of our very own Evangelist, has been diving deep into the integration between DataVirt  and Hadoop, in Connecting to Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine from Data Virtualization and SQuirreL. He also took the time to do a thorough inventory of supported environment and products in the latest version of the Data Virt: Tested Integrations for Data Virtualization.


Note that Data Virt is the name of the Red Hat supported version of Teiid. Whatever you read in those article obviously applies to the associated version of the community project Teiid.


On the applications side


Along the lines of the previous section on monitoring, the following article discuss how to configure a Vert.x Application and it is certainly worth the read ! And if you are not (yet) using Vert.x to develop your latest webapp, chances are you are still going to be deploying some (or more probably a lot of) Javascript. In this case, you'll be delighted to hear that Bower support is coming to JBoss Tools !

BRMS and jBPM -  Processes, Rules and Events for everyone !

BRMS and jBPM are all over the place, and, as you'll see in this section, and you are bound to find something here that interest you ! Obviously, the first item is this new book on the topic: Processes, Rules and Events: Book: Mastering jBPM6. Certainly an excellent starting point, wouldn't you agree ?


Then, if you are use of Fuse, you'll be delighted to read this new blog entry from Christina on Enterprise application architecture with JBoss Fuse and JBoss BPM suite.

If you read this editorial on a regular basis, you must be aware by now that Eric Schabell has published a lot of workshop around JBoss BRMS. Well, now he even show you how to use it to build your own workshop or event on JBoss BRMS Workshop in a Can Getting Worldwide Love !

Last, but certainly not the least, Drools & jBPM: Validation and Verification for Decision Tables Update




As always, the Arquillian ecosystem has come with his share of releases ! Please check'em out, as they are both adressing quite difficult (and crucial) topics :



It maybe Summer, but it's still 2015, and no week should go by without at least mentioning Docker ! Rest assure, our famous Arun Gupta brilliantly took care of that by discussing Kubernetes Design Patterns. Go read it, it comprehensive overview of the high concept of Kubernetes and how it would apply to your software architecture.




Quite unknown in the Java universe, the Red Hat Software Collections are very practical and provide an excellent environement for developers to work on. Last week article on Red Hat Developer Blog on Using Software Collections Toolset For Your Own Applications offers a nice overview if you wish to learn a bit more about those...

That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities.

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Editorial where we take you through some of the work that has been taking place within the community over the past week.


Kubernetes, Docker and Swarm


We begin this week's editorial by taking a look at a number of posts written by Arun, covering topics including Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and replication in Kubernetes.  His first post demonstrates how to set up a multi-container application using Docker Compose and Docker Swarm.  He follows this up with two posts discussing kubernetes and its replication controller, first demonstrating how the replication controller can automatically restart pods when necessary before moving on to discuss how to use the replication controller to modify the number of instances of a running image, scaling a cluster up or down.


Camel on WildFly


Marcus has written three posts this week discussing how to use Camel on WildFly to solve some problems you may face.  In his first post he demonstrates how to leverage Camel routes within JavaEE components through integration with CDI, JSF, JAX-RS and EJBs.  He then looks at how to use the HornetQ JMS bridge to integrate queues from a backend Weblogic server into WildFly, testing the integration using Camel, before ending the week by taking a fresh look at a demonstration written by Christina Lin and showing how the same application can be developed using JPA and CDI integration with Camel.


BRMS Goodies


This week has seen Eric provide updates to some of his BRMS goodies.  He began by providing an update to his BRMS Cool Store Demo, taking advantage of a number of the fixes that have gone in to JBoss BRMS 6.1.1 to showcase its features, and then followed up by introducing a canned version of a workshop that you are free to use with any audience, whether a JUG, JBUG, work group, a conference or any other.


Hello Vert.x


If you have already heard of Vert.x then you will know that it is a project that enables reactive applications to be developed, relying on event driven and non-blocking features to scale applications with minimal hardware requirements.  To help you get started with this we have two "Hello World" tutorials, the first demonstrating how to develop a Vert.x application using java and the second demonstrating how to develop a Vert.x application using javascript.


Visual Editor for JEE Batch


The tooling team have added a new visual editor to support JSR-352 batch files, an API that provides support for Batch applications within the Java platform.  The editor is now available in JBoss Tools 4.3 and Developer Studio 9 for you to try out.


Hibernate Search Roadmap


Sanne has recently spent time updating the roadmap for Hibernate Search and has now provided a summary of the major aspects currently under development, also including some information on the direction they wish to take with future efforts.


Camel In Action, the sequel


Claus and Jonathan are writing a second edition of their popular Camel In Action book, a major rewrite of the first one.  As well as updating many of the existing chapters they are including six new chapters covering many of the new features that have been introduced into Camel over the recent years.


Hawkular Alerts


Hawkular Alerts is a new project spawned out of the experience learned during the development of the RHQ project, providing  fast, scalable alerting as part of the Hawkular Monitoring project.


VDB Builder


The Teiid team are busy developing a more versatile VDB editing tool called VDB Builder, a command line tool allowing the creation, editing and management of dynamic VDBs and their content.  Their first milestone release is now available and is ready for you to start experimenting.


JBoss Out and About


Arun and Devoxx4Kids were recently seen in London at the Minecon 2015 convention where they were fortunate to present their Minecraft Modding workshop to approximately 200 kids.  The workshop was a success with many kids experiencing their first opportunity to develop software through extensions to a game they love to play.


New Releases



That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities.

For those of you in the US reading this a day late ... Happy 4th of July


We've a lot to cover this week as despite the fact many people have been recovering from the hectic week at Summit/DevNation, life and work must go on! So for a start let's look at something not necessarily associated with JBoss: Minecraft. For those of you in the know, however, you'll understand that not only is Minecraft based on Java but it also relies on Netty! A while back we announced that we had joined the Devoxx4Kids community; well this weekend our very own Arun Gupta and his son will be running the Devoxx4Kids Minecraft Modding Workshop at Minecon in London (helped by yours truly!).


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.12.13.png

We all know that last week was Summit, but it turns out that a new conference was also kicked off in Barcelona. JBCNConf was attended by several of the Fabric8 team and Claus gives a great overview of what happened there. Which ties in quite nicely to the release of Fuse 6.2, which Christina writes about. As Christina states, one of the important new features is RBAC: "Another important new feature is the Role Base Access Control. Powered by JAAS implemented. Many enterprise needed this in real production environment, what this does, it authorized user's right on access the Fuse console, JMX, command line mode and the service allowed in OSGi." Claus also has a great article on getting up and running with Fuse 6.2 quickly.


Now of course we have the usual flurry of entries summarising Summit and DevNation. Including one from Eric with his usual BPM focus, Mark Proctor talks about his presentation (with more related here), Arun (again) has a nice piece on Summit with lots of photos, and of course there's the Summit Keynote demo to watch again!


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.20.50.png

Some releases to note include 0.1.0 of the Hawkular Business Transaction Management project, which Gary discusses along with how you can monitor SwitchYard applications with it. Hot on its heels is Heiko talking about the Alpha2 release of Hawkular. JBoss Data Grid 6.5 is out!


If you're a LiveOak fan then you should take a look at the latest entry from Ken talking about its future.


And last but by no means least, WildFly 9 Final is out!!


OK that's it for this week. And I'll be on holiday soon, so it'll be down to the other editors to take you through the summer

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