For those of you in the US reading this a day late ... Happy 4th of July


We've a lot to cover this week as despite the fact many people have been recovering from the hectic week at Summit/DevNation, life and work must go on! So for a start let's look at something not necessarily associated with JBoss: Minecraft. For those of you in the know, however, you'll understand that not only is Minecraft based on Java but it also relies on Netty! A while back we announced that we had joined the Devoxx4Kids community; well this weekend our very own Arun Gupta and his son will be running the Devoxx4Kids Minecraft Modding Workshop at Minecon in London (helped by yours truly!).


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.12.13.png

We all know that last week was Summit, but it turns out that a new conference was also kicked off in Barcelona. JBCNConf was attended by several of the Fabric8 team and Claus gives a great overview of what happened there. Which ties in quite nicely to the release of Fuse 6.2, which Christina writes about. As Christina states, one of the important new features is RBAC: "Another important new feature is the Role Base Access Control. Powered by JAAS implemented. Many enterprise needed this in real production environment, what this does, it authorized user's right on access the Fuse console, JMX, command line mode and the service allowed in OSGi." Claus also has a great article on getting up and running with Fuse 6.2 quickly.


Now of course we have the usual flurry of entries summarising Summit and DevNation. Including one from Eric with his usual BPM focus, Mark Proctor talks about his presentation (with more related here), Arun (again) has a nice piece on Summit with lots of photos, and of course there's the Summit Keynote demo to watch again!


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Some releases to note include 0.1.0 of the Hawkular Business Transaction Management project, which Gary discusses along with how you can monitor SwitchYard applications with it. Hot on its heels is Heiko talking about the Alpha2 release of Hawkular. JBoss Data Grid 6.5 is out!


If you're a LiveOak fan then you should take a look at the latest entry from Ken talking about its future.


And last but by no means least, WildFly 9 Final is out!!


OK that's it for this week. And I'll be on holiday soon, so it'll be down to the other editors to take you through the summer