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Halloween has come and went away, and Winter swept in before the door can close behing the annual pumpkins massacre... But, lucky us, not everything is so gloomy in the JBoss universe this week...

Microservices for the real world


Right behind Docker - if not even sometimes in front, "microservices" has certainly been a big buzzword of those last years. And, as any trend, it's good to take the time to step back a bit and look at it seriously, and a couple of article released last week will certainly help you on this. The first one is High Performance APIs for Microservices With, certainly an interesting angle, because high level architecture sometime overlook performance constraint. Of course to be able to assess your microservice performances, you need to be able to deploy it and test it - so, let's how Red Hat JBoss Engineers think about Java EE, Container, Microservices and Testing.

"Architect of an Open World"

However, if you don't even see the value of microservices, all those good practices and considerations will neither help you, or speak to you. If this is the case, I strongly recommand you look at this in depth article on Tear Down Data Silos with Mobile Microservices from Red Hat Developer Blog.

Side note on this topic : How Would ESBs Look Like, If They Were Done Today ? - an interesting disgression, somewhat related to the topic of microservice (at least from my point of view)


Events, news and books


A lot of very cool upcoming events has been announced last week. I'll start by home territory, as two talks have been announced at the Berlin JUG, one from Infinispan on JBoss Clustering and an other, quite related, about BJGroups by Bela Ban (Berlin JUG Nov 19). If you happen to be in Berlin (Germany) on the 19th, please do join us ! (we'll have beer and pizza !)


柏林墙 - The Berlin Wall - Berliner Mauer

Berlin is not the only place to go, Roma will be hosting  Alfresco Day Roma 2015 - so if you really picky about your pizza, you know what to attend ! At last, but not the least, if you are in Switzerland, you may want to take a look at Dimitris' Andreadis Blog on "WildFly activity in Geneva".


Of course, not everybody can manage to get to Berlin, Geneva or Roma, but rest assured, some events are coming to you instead, like this upcoming webinar on How to become a data-driven organization to achieve more and gain a competitive edge. And if you don't have time to attend anything, you can still be kept up to date, the "old fashion way" - meaning by reading a book, so checkout this Book Review: "Arquillian in Action" by Alex Soto and Jason Porter.


Last bits of news for this week, we are currently looking for a Developer User Experience lead - so if you want to join us or know someone who might fit...


How To's and tutorials


After those high level considerations, let's get to some more practical stuff. First, let's take a look on How To Setup Integration & SOA Tooling For JBoss Developer Studio 9, as it never hurts to be well prepared. Along the same line,  if you are looking forward to use JBoss Fuse on JBoss EAP - look how to be ready for it !


Now that you are all set up, let's take a deep dive into the command line tool Kubectl : Logging Into a Kubernetes Cluster With Kubectl - I'll bet it will make using Kubernetes and Docker far more efficient for you.


Last but not the least, this week have seen the release of a followup on Getting started with Keycloak - Securing a REST Service. Certainly an interesting tutorial to look at...




Only two releases this week - propably a the lowest numbers of releases for a week since I contribute to this editorial. But, quite important and major ones.

The first one is Byteman Blog: Byteman 3.0.2 release supporting some exciting and impressive monitoring packages - definitely a must see (or in this case must "click on"). The second one is a new Teiid Designer 9.2 Released, which contains numerous bug fixes, but allow to import dynamic virtual database. If you are a regular user of the Teiid designer, you will probably be quite interested in this release.




Even if the JBoss Community is a very large one, it's good, now and then, for Java developer to look outside the JVM. Especially, that the following announcement of this week concern the java competitor .NET : Red Hat and Microsoft making .NET on Linux work for Enterprises.And talking about Linux,Fedora 23 has been released, so time to update your system (or try it if you are using an other OS).


Last bit of news, concerning more Red Hat than the JBoss Community, but too important to be overlooked: Red Hat jumps into DevOps by buying Ansible ! Indeed, there is also many in the JBoss community using Ansible, and one can guess that this adoption will certainly not slow down now...

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