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For those who don't recognise it, the title is a reference to that Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan and his song, but it really is quite apt at the moment. First let's look at some monumental news which is hopefully not so new now: Java EE is moving to a new home, an as-yet undisclosed open source foundation and to presumably a governance model which puts much more power into the hands of the community! This is pretty significant for the wider enterprise Java community, whether you use a full-blown application server or just some of the components that have been defined over the years within the JCP process; now you will have more ability to help influence the direction of the specifications, code etc. just as you might if you were to participate in any open source project. I'm also hoping that the work we are doing with Eclipse MicroProfile will help influence the next releases of Java EE, or whatever it might be called, since that has always been our intent.


OK so on to the next bit of news: is moving too! Although not quite on the same scale as moving Java EE and not really a move per se, it's important that anyone involved in our upstream communities and products take note because you can really help influence the future of the site. As I mention in my blog on the topic, the changes we have in mind aren't going to happen overnight so there is time to comment or use your clicks to let us know how you use the current site.


A few other changes this week include the fact you can now get NoSQL support in jBPM, and as Maciej also describes, through this there's now an option to use ElasticSearch as a data store. Since we're talking about things Maciej has been writing about this week, he's been busy also by writing about how jBPM 7 can be used in cloud environments.


Just time for a few more announcements. There's an article on how to use MQTT with Vert.x, WildFly 11 CR1 has been released, and of course there have been a number of other projects doing releases so go check out the blog feed. OK that's it for this week (surely that's enough?!) See you next time.

Interview with Brian Leathem & Leslie Hinson from the PartternFly Project



In this interview, Jason Porter interviews Brian Leathem & Leslie Hinson from the PaternFly project. PatternFly is a community project that promotes design commonality and improved user experience. Its offerings include open source code, patterns, style guides and an active community that helps support it all. Watch the video to learn more!


Other News




New Releases


  • Hibernate Search 5.8.0 RC1. This is hoped to be the last release before 5.8.0 becomes final. So this will be the last opportunity for the community to test it and report bugs before the final release.
  • Vert.x 3.5.0.Beta1. This release comes with an implementation of the RxJava2 API, an MQTT client implementation and lots more.

I enjoy reading about and being involved with different organizations that help young men and women get more involved in technology and the sciences.  I like to help with codecamps but a part of my background is around security with Operating Systems and Middleware. Recently I found a US organization, AFA CyberPatriot, that helps youth learn more about finding vulnerabilities and hardening systems through competitions.  Teams compete locally as well as the state level, and then move on to a national competition to compete for the national recognition and scholarship money.  We all get busy in our endeavours, but finding a organization to help our youth, regardless of location in the world, has such an awesome reward.


Now on to the happenings in our open source community!


The Past couple of Weeks Highlights


The Past couple of Weeks Meetups and Conferences


The Past couple of Weeks Releases


Thanks for being a part of the JBoss Community and stay tuned for the next Weekly Editorial!


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