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Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial where we explore our Communities for news and developments from our projects.


CDI for the Future


With the CDI specification recently turning 10 years old Antoine has turned his attention to where he believes the CDI specifications need to adapt in order to be successful for the next 10 years.  Focussing on the requirements from areas such as the cloud, mobile devices, support for alternative languages and native compilation Antoine presents his vision for the advancement of the CDI specs through the introduction of a CDI Lite specification, covering what he believes should be included within scope and what should be excluded.


Accessing Kafka Specific Message Properties in Open Liberty


Open Liberty introduces a new client API which exposes Kafka specific properties in addition to the message payload.  For incoming messages the user can now unwrap a Message and gain access to the underlying ConsumerRecord and for outgoing messages the properties set on a ProducerRecord will be passed through to Kafka.  OpenLiberty will now also allow the SameSite attribute to be set on the session cookie, the LTPA, the JWT cookies as well as application defined cookies.


Integrating with SaaS Applications


In the next article in his series exploring the blueprints of integrating with SaaS applications Eric discusses a blueprint for exposing legacy or third party platforms within your cloud or SaaS service using technologies such as an API Gateway, Single Sign On and integration technologies such as Fuse.  The blueprint enables organisations to gradually migrate their existing functionality from their existing approaches to cloud native approaches.


Building a Retail Web Shop Workshop


Following the many updates to the open source decision management technologies Eric has revamped his Beginner's Guide Workshop which teaches how to use decision management tooling through a project building your own online retail web shop.


Kogito from Knowledge to Service


The KIE Group are moving quickly in their efforts to redesign the Drools based technologies to run at scale on cloud infrastructure through the Kogito Open Source project.  If you are unfamiliar with these efforts then you will want to read Eduardo's post where he demonstrates how to realise an intelligence service as a self contained REST endpoint and as an embedded integration within a workflow.


JBoss Out and About


Following the announcement that this year's Red Hat Summit will be moving to a free, virtual event Eric has confirmed the session he is presenting along side Christina Lin, entitled "Concept to Reality: An Advanced Agile Integration Blueprint", will be delivered as a live, online session.  The schedule is still being worked on so stay tuned for further updates as the event draws near.


New Releases



That's all for this edition of the Editorial, please join us again for our next instalment where we will bring you more news and developments from across the JBoss Communities

Welcome once again to another Weekly Editorial. We're still looking for a new home for this editorial, but we will certainly let you all know when we find it! Thank you for staying with us. Let's dive in!


New Releases




Once again, thank you everyone for staying with us. We're looking forward to more great content in a couple of weeks.

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