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Welcome to another installment of our JBoss editorial, but also our last on the Indeed, we’ll be migrating the editorial to the Red Hat developer blog quite soon (as is no longer hosting blogs). Don’t worry, you won’t even need to update your feed, we’ll provide a redirect… And now, to the news of the last two weeks…

So long,! Thanks for all the fish...

As you may be already aware, this website will become readonly on the 3rd of March. That’s why many projects have been moving their blog to a new location. That being said, don’t worry, the editorial will carry on, simply on another platform. We’ll provide redirect to play and I’ll ensure a smooth transition for all our reader. (Feel free to ping me if you run into any trouble).


Riding the (Apache) Camel (3)

Apache Camel Logo

With the recent release of Camel 3, it’s time to ride again the desert animal and explore its (newly) acquired features! Fortunately, Claus Ibsen has thought of that and he released a series of articles on Camel core optimization:

Also, don't forget that Apache Camel is supported by Quarkus. Maybe a nice way to expore (or explore again) using Camel ?



IMG_1322Image by markwgallagher is licensed under CC BY 2.0


If you are interested in process management with Drools and jBPM, we hope you have not missed this article on Drools & jBPM: PMML revisited! Also, the last two weeks brought you a threat as you have an interesting two-parts article waiting for you :



It’s no secret that handling … secrets is one of the most challenging topics when it comes to software deployment. With that in mind, you’ll love to learn more on Using secrets in Kafka Connect configuration.


Evangelist's Corner


As always, our very own Eric D. Schabell has been quite productive in the last weeks. He released an article on Integrating with SaaS Applications - Example CRM Integration along with a Beginners Guide - HR Employee Rewards Process Automation Workshop ! Have fun with those!

Releases, releases, releases...


It would not be another week in JBoss without at least a pair of new releases :



If you want to take a peek outside our usual Java world, you might find this article on OpenShift Actions: Deploy to Red Hat OpenShift directly from your GitHub repository quite compelling, but most importantly, quite useful if you deploy on OpenShift!



That's all for another edition of the JBoss Editorial, please join us again for more exciting development from the JBoss Communities.

Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial, our regular tour through the JBoss Communities in search of news and developments from the community projects.


Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code


Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code 1.3.0 has now been released on the VS Code Marketplace, bringing with it many new features accompanying the evolution of Quarkus.  David provides a summary of the major improvements in this release as well as a demo video which covers the features presented in his article.


Camel and Camel K


Claus has written an update to his first blog discussing the optimisations which they are making in the Camel 3.1 release, providing a status update on progress as they drive towards fewer object allocations, method invocations and improved performance.


Aurélien has written an article describing the first iteration of Apache Camel K integration within Eclipse Che 7.6.0.  The article covers how to set up the Che instance, create a new workspace and deploy a Camel K integration within the Che environment.


Deploying Camel K integrations in a lightweight manner can be supported through the support of standalone Java files describing the integration, however this comes with the downside that existing IDEs will not provide complete support out of the box.  There are already a number of solutions to this problem albeit without any intuitive configuration.  Red Hat's Tooling for Apache Camel K offers a new solution to this problem with support for the Java language now being included.


Keycloak and JWT Tokens


Muhammed has written a great article demonstrating how easy Keycloak can be used as to obtain JWT tokens through a login process.  Muhammed begins with Keycloak configuration for users and clients before demonstrating client side login and retrieval of the JWT token.


Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager


Eric has revamped his installer scripts to support the latest versions of Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager, setting up local environments for both environments in three easy steps; download, unzip and run the init scripts to get started!!


Guilherme has also announced the KIE Decision Tooling blog for those who want to find out more about the team building web editors to support business decisions, their first post discussing the new code completion feature in the DMN editor.


New Releases



That's all we have for this edition of the Editorial, please join us next time for another journey through the JBoss Communities in search of more exciting updates.

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