• Deployment + Start

    Die Anwendung besteht aus EAR-File mit der Struktur:   CIBDocumentServer.ear:    META-INF           jboss-deployment-strukture.XML    ...
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    created by koohkan
  • Failed to add datasource MySQL in Wildfly 10.1.0

    Hello,   I found an issue when I deploying datasource of MySQL in Wildfly 10.1.0. I try to test the connection in the Administrator Console in the browser, that is the error:   Unexpected HTTP response:...
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    last modified by jonnathan.corredor
  • Implementation error in Jboss 5.2

    We deployed war file in Jboss 5.2, which is working in Jboss 5.1. I am gettig error as "Class NotFound exception : org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener".   Thanks& Regards,   M. Nandhakumar.
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    last modified by nandhupni
  • How to deploy Openshift Java web application on Tomcat/Jboss localhost for faster debugging..

    Hi,   I have a java application which is hosted based on the Openshift server. Each time when I did a change, I need to commit changes using GIT and do Push To Upstream. This is affecting/delaying my developmen...
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    last modified by lvlakku
  • deploying php application with Jboss

    Hi,   I am new to JBoss. I googled to run the php scripts on Jboss to web application. But I did not get the correct explanation. Please explain me the details where to download the PHP and JBoss. And configure ...
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    last modified by jackforum
  • JBoss 8.2 HTTPS Configuration

    Hello,   I'm trying to configure JBoss server to accept HTTPS and the problem is that I don't know what shall I do first.   There're differnet HOW-TOs but I don't know wich of them is valid for the new ve...
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    last modified by bsv89
  • JBoss AS 7.1 persitence.xml and hibernate.cfg

    I have a problem while enabling the .war project in JBoss AS, here is the log from standalone/log/server.txt :         21:34:14,766 INFO  [org.jboss.as.jpa] (MSC service thread 1-2) JBA...
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    created by elmario8
  • How can we solve the Issue in JBOSS server configuration setting?

    I am hunting for a quick solution to the problem that we are facing. Let me just make you understand the problem in a very simple manner.   We have an enterprise java web-application in which the entire architec...
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    created by gurjeetmca
  • org.jboss.web.rewrite.RewriteValve

    If I place the   <security-domain>jboss-web-policy</security-domain>     <valve>       <class-name>org.jboss.web.rewrite.RewriteValve</class-n...
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    created by scottjsn
  • jboss 5.2.0 does not recognize the CA issued certificates

    Hi, Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time configuring an SSL connection for Adobe LiveCycle ES4 using JBoss 5.2.0. I have followed the steps described in the attachments but t...
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    created by jbosslces4
  • Missing Dependents: Data-Source 6.2

    Hi All;   Looking for some help with a data-source error. I am migrating a 5.1 JBOSS application to a 6.2 JBOSS application. After spending a couple days online learning how to configure JBOSS 6.2 I am getting t...
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    created by saltman80
  • Sample project with Primefaces 5 using Mega Menu

    Hi guys, I created a simple project to show a MegaMenu element.  Well, turns out that I may be missing some configuration steps because my Mega Menu does not render.  Already tried to eliminate possible iss...
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    created by danielcastro
  • Jboss IPV6 configuration

    Hi,   Requirement: Start jboss with IPV6 enabled. run.sh contains :   JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djava.net.preferIPv6Stack=true -Djava.net.preferIPv6Addresses=true -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=false starti...
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    created by sandhyajboss
  • Authentication and Authorization of Applications

    Hi guys,   I am trying to find a better way to do what I will describe bellow. I have a wildfly 8.1 Final that is authenticating against an Active Directory, so it is integrated with the AD. I will have lots of a...
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    created by danielcastro
  • How to deploy jBPM and Drools on JBoss AS

    Hi,   I made a simple jBPM 6.0.1 project(Maven project with Java classes and bpmn files) and i would like to deploy it on JBoss AS 7.1.1. I've tried to import it to jBPM console, but i have serveral errors and i...
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    last modified by rizon
  • WebApplication deployment stopping after DB Connection Manager

    I've got a Web application that compiles to a war and serves a restful API via RESTEasy 3.0.6 on JBoss AS 7.  It contains within it a replicated cache that operates across JGroups using the JDBC_PING Protocol (Wh...
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    last modified by frankiethekneeman
  • Struts2 + JSON Integration

    I got this error while i deployed my struts2 application on jboss as 6   Please help me :           12:43:09,747 ERROR [org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.Dispatcher] Could not find action o...
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    created by pradhumnjboss
  • Cannot enable APR connector for JBoss 6.2.0 on Win32

    I am using JBoss EAP 6.2.0 and trying to enable APR connector by setting native=true in standalone.xml. I have also downloaded JBoss Native (tried version 2.0.9 & 2.0.10) and unzipped its content in the bin folder...
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    created by hamza.bartanwala
  • Error on method server while starting

    Hi   I have jboss 4.3.0 server in documentum. When i am starting the method server,when it is deploying methods.war in  serverapp.ear  file it is showing the error as shown below.So i am unable to run ...
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    created by shikhar06
  • Red x on my deployed war file in Eclipse

    Hello,   I have a strange problem with my JBoss in Eclipse. I have a war file which has a lot of dependencies to other *.jar's in the POM- file. When I deploy the war- File on JBoss, I get this at the bottom - ...
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    created by generic1