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Ceylon: The Methodology Luddite Manifesto

The most useful methodology is the simplest, least prescriptive one. Gavin King on using methodologies when building software. Guess what, he doesn't like it.

RiftSaw Open Source BPEL: Building your own service in SwitchYard

Jeff did a presentation named "Building your own service In SwitchYard", it has two parts, first part is to give a very basic introduction to the SwitchYard project, and then have a live demo to build a simple sayHello service from scratch by using the SwitchYard editor in JBoss Dev studio. The other part is to introduce the steps on integrating a project as a component in the SwitchYard, this basically is the experience that we had on integrating the RiftSaw project as the BPEL component in SwitchYard, hopefully it will help some users/developers that want to integrate their in-house or other projects as components in SwitchYard.

Inside CapeDwarf: How we implemented the Datastore API

The single most important AppEngine API is probably the Datastore API, which (as evident from the name itself) provides an API for storing, retrieving and querying data. This was the first API we set out to implement in CapeDwarf. It basically served as proof-of-concept for the whole project.

Bean Validation: Should getters be validated when they are called?

The expert group is agonizing on a specific issue. We need your feedback. Should getters be considered regular methods and thus be validated when called?

Hibernate ORM 4.1.9.Final Released

We sincerely appreciate the large amount of community involvement on this release -- a large portion of the fixes were from contributor's pull requests.

Setting JSF ProjectStage with JNDI

One nice feature of JSF2 is the ProjectStage setting.  It lets the JSF implementation and the application developer optimize and customize behavior based on whether JSF is running in Development, Production, SystemTest, or UnitTest.

Teiid 8.3 Alpha1 Posted

Teiid get's some improvements around multi-source planning and JDBC support.

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