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With winter finally spreading from the US to Europe, all appears to be frozen... but in the JBoss universe, those freezes are only there allow more releases and announcements ! So toss one more log in the fireplace and enjoy this new JBoss Weekly, as we walk you through them. going social !


Probably the most important announcement of the week, your JBoss account on this website can now be linked to social website such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. More information on this in the official Social log in announcement.

Forge 2.0.0 (Furnace)


With this brand new version, Forge will help you fire up quickly your JEE project, set up your software stack, and removing the pain and hassle of searching Google for every bits of configuration... But, don't take our word for it, go and test this Forge brand new release !

Ruby in the snow


With this dreadful, and cold, weather, you probably want to stay home and maybe play around with something new. Well, if you have not tried yet, TorqueBox just released it's last minor release, 3.0.2, before the 3.1 series. This stable released is the perfect opportunity, to download it and try to see if this mild blend of JEE and JRuby may be your new favorite flavor of "cup of Joe"...

JGroups under the sun...


The JGroups framework, which is the keystone of both JBoss AS's clustering feature and the Infinispan replication and distribution mechanisms. A large meeting in Mallorca, regrouping many members of those projects, happened two weeks ago, and JGroups's project leader, Bela Ban, took the time to share the outputs of the numerous discussions that took place there...

Keycloak first released !


Bill Burke just announced the very first release of Keycloak, an SSO authentication server and appliance for securing web applications and RESTful web services. Along with this announcement, the team produced a set of screencasts to help you understand quickly how to set up and use this server in your project.


Keycloak already supports OAuth and CORS, but also integration with social broker, such as Facebook or Google. It comes with the admin console, but also with an integration with OpenShift, to easily deploy the server in the cloud... Go test it !

Talks, talks, talks ... and books


  • From JEE to mobile: Mobile is certainly everywhere now days, and it may be time to consider bringing your JEE apps into this new realm. It may sounds complex, difficult or maybe even impossible, but once you will have seen Serge and Burr's talk on the topic, all will become clear... So don't forget to register for the Red Hat Summit 2014 in San Francisco !
  • Camel Workshop: Last week, Claus Ibsen did a talk and a workshop on Camel - featuring also Fabric8, at the Barcelona's JUG. More information on his blog...
  • JBoss EAP 6 High Availability by Packtpub: Arun Gupta just released a brief review of the recently published JBoss EAP 6 High Availability by PacktPub Book Review.

That's all folk !


As always, the JBoss ecosystem continues to thrive and grow - making for many, many exciting events, announcements and releases.  It is a lot to keep up with so follow our This Week in JBoss blog for your weekly summaries.


It has been some time since we have had a chance to chat and update you on all the JBoss goodness that has been cooking up behind the scenes here since the New Year started.


Time we fixed that, so without further delay, we bring you several weeks of news from the JBoss communities.



Call for papers is open until the end of Jan for OSCON 2014 and in the JBoss communities there are things brewing, time to get your ideas in there too so we can meet up in July in Portland, Oregon.


This coming April there is the brand new DevNation conference coming, aligning all the JUDCon / CamelOne goodness you were used to and bringing them under one umbrella in San Francisco. The call for papers is ongoing, so hurry up and get your talks submitted!


The Red Hat Summit 2014 is coming in April to San Francisco and the agenda was made available today, you can browse the talks and enjoy a preview from some of the JBoss speakers in our community.


Next week, Jan 30th, there will be a JBoss BPM migration webinar covering the aspects you might be interested in when moving from the old version 5 to the new version 6.


There will be a Boston JUG meetup next week, Jan 30th in the evening that you can join to become a business rules hero. The following week all the JBoss Evangelist are going to descend on Chicago for a special workshop filled JBUG meetup.


There is a report following up on the workshops given in Singapore a few weeks ago training the locals up on JBoss technologies. The week after they were busy passing the gospel of JBoss to the Japanese in Tokyo at another workshop showcasing JBoss BPM Suite, JDV, and FSW. We also have a new translation contributor that is working on bringing various articles to the Japanese people.


You can follow up on the webinar around JBoss, Glassfish and Weblogic with links to the replay and Q&A lists from the webinar.


In March there will be an Atlanta JBUG meetup with speakers talking about the next generation integration with JBoss Fuse Service Works


There is a webinar coming up to get you started with JBoss A-MQ, don't miss it.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


The RHQ project has pushed out their vision of the future in a State of the Union address.

A new demo is available for the JBoss Business Resource Optimizer, this time running on OpenShift, start planning resource usage in the Cloud. If you are interested in upgrading from the older 5.5 to the new version 6, check out the blog detailing the experience.

The latest Forge 2 tooling has been made available in JBossTools and you get a tour through the tooling from installation to producing project code.

We welcome the brand new project, with an interview introducing the Narayana Transaction Analyser.


There was a series of WildFly tech tips published the last few weeks, you can catch up on them here; deploying multiple instances in the 8th tech tip, deploying applications and artifacts to Wildfly using the maven plugin in the 9th tech tip, deploying to WildFly using curl in the 10th tech tip, jboss-cli deployments in the 11th tech tip, and the 12th tech tip on using WildFly covers Role Based access control.

Take a tour of the new Drools core algorithm PHREAK stack based evaluations and backward chaining to sharpen your rules skills. Then you can watch them stress test the new algorithm with the OptaPlanner, find out which core engine is faster.


Take a closer look at using Spring with JBoss jBPM's newest release, this story will take you down the path to a warm Spring.

Interested in a new quick start guide for remote queries over Hot Rod by the Infinispan team?


There is a nice overview on how to integrate Apache Solr search results with your enterprise data using Teiid.


Catch up with the meetings in Brno last week by going through the slides to the WildFly EE Concurrency Utilities presentation.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!

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