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Welcome to my first ever edition of the JBoss editorial. I'm pretty excited to be sharing news from the JBoss community and look forward to bringing you highlights and latest developments. Let's go!


Did someone say MicroProfile?

Eclipse MicroProfile provide specifications for Enterprise Java microservices and this week we bring you news of two recent announcements


WildFly 19.0.0.Beta1, which is available since last week, includes implementations of all of the MicroProfile 3.2 specifications. It's an important achievement for the WildFly team and Brian Stansberry provides all the details and shouts out in his MicroProfile 3.2 in WildFly 19.0.0.Beta1 announcement.


Quarkus as well recently announced compatibility with MicroProfile 3.2, another milestone for the project right on the heels of the 1.1.0.Final release.


Quarkus Tooling and RealWorld Demo

Looking for dedicated Quarkus integration in your IDE? Check out the cleverly titled  on the March of IDEs post Quarkus blog.


If you're a fan of the RealWorld specification for fullstack app demos, then have a look at Diego Camara's Quarkus example app.


Developer Articles and How To's

Sébastien Blanc shows us how to use ConfigMaps to define properties for Quarkus applications on Kubernetes.


William Henry also breaks down Podman and Buildah for Docker users and shows how to migrate, answering lots of technical questions on the way.


Evangelist's Corner

JBoss evangelists release new demos and content to help people discover and use the latest version of the JBoss Community projects. Since the last editorial, Eric D. Schabell released an article that explains how to get a fully installed and configured Red Hat Decision Manager on your local machine. Learn how to install Red Hat Decision Maker in 7.5 minutes.



Apart from WildFly 19.0.0Beta1 that we've already mentioned, here is a roundup of all the latest releases:



That's all for this edition of the Editorial, please join us next time as we continue our journey through JBoss Communities in search of interesting articles and news.

For this very first editorial of 2020, let us wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope you’ll have another excellent year within the JBoss community and the editorial will keep you up to date like it did in the last years. With that out of the way, let’s carry on and jump into this week’s issue, starting, of course, with an update on Quarkus!


Quarkus... Godspeed!

As the new year arrives, we're happy to report that our latest (and very promising) project, Quarkus is still going strong. It just released its version 1.1.1 but also the framework is gaining traction, especially in the context app developed for the clouds. If you want to know more, take a look at this article titled See the magic behind Quarkus, the cloud-native Java framework. It's also interesting to see that there Quarkus, like Wildfly, does not forbid the use of the popular Spring framework, but also integrate wells into Kubernatives! More on this in this other article Kubernetes-native Spring apps on Quarkus.


15-04-2015 Quark ChromosphereQuark Chromosphere" by ewanhobbs99 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0



Bela Ban, the main developer of JGroups does not blog often, but  when it does, it's generally very interesting, in-depth articles regarding clustering and network development. His latest installment does not break with the pattern and led you into the complex, but fascinating use case of Spanning JGroups Kubernetes-based clusters across Google and Amazon clouds. A must read for the week! Still on the topic of Kubernetes clusters, maybe you want to discover Let your services communicate across Kubernetes clusters? Or maybe you are a Kafka user, then your interest will be picked by this article on Serverless Kafka on Kubernetes.

Leaving Kubernetes behind, we also have a couple of other interesting articles being released in the last week. The first one covers Dynamic case management in the event-driven era, so a rather high-level view, while the second one drills down on a more pragmatic problem discussing Role-based access control behind a proxy in an OAuth access delegation. Last but not the least, we have another "in-depth" article discussing camel-core optimizations coming up in the next versions.


Evangelist's Corner


As always, our evangelists keep releasing new demo and content to help people discover and use the latest version of the JBoss Community projects. In the last weeks, Eric D. Schabell released an article titled Code Ready Containers on Decision Management developer tools update, but also another on titled 2019 in review - Open career and portfolio architecture. Go check them out!




Kubernetes has been a very trendy topic for the last month. Actually, this very editorial features none less than three different articles relating to it! As people maybe interested in those while not wanting to fish them out of the content above, I've regrouped them all here. First we have the passionating article from Bela Ban on Spanning JGroups Kubernetes-based clusters across Google and Amazon clouds, closely followed by the one on Let your services communicate across Kubernetes clusters and, of course, the one on Serverless Kafka on Kubernetes ! Enjoy!


That's all for another edition of the JBoss Editorial, please join us again for more exciting development from the JBoss Communities.

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