JBoss is fortunate in having very strong and passionate communities which have built up around our projects; it is these communities which shape the direction of the projects and, through their numerous contributions, help to make them some of the best Open Source projects available.  Fostering the development of these communities is one of the most important tasks we undertake and comes in many forms, including recognition for those contributions and promoting development through mentoring programs.  This fostering helps to not only strengthen the communities but also to strengthen their projects.  The community really is our strength.


2012 JBoss Community Recognition Awards


At this time of year we ask the JBoss project leads to nominate those within their communities who they feel have made significant contributions to their projects.  These nominations are complete and it is now up to the JBoss Community to vote for the nominee who they feel deserves to be recognised as a 'JBoss Community Leader'.  Please take some time to review the list of Nominees and then show some appreciation by casting your votes.


The voting period for the 2012 JBoss Community Recognition Awards is now open and will remain open until April 18th 2012, closing at 5pm ET.  Please make sure to cast your vote before it is too late.


As always there are many more contributors who deserve recognition for their contributions and we would like to extend our appreciation to all those who continue to help strengthen our communities and projects.


Google Summer of Code


This year sees JBoss participating in the Google Summer of Code program as an independent entity, having previously participated as part of the Fedora program.  The JBoss team have been actively encouraging submissions from the student community and are very excited at the response received so far.  We are now in the last few days of submissions, with the deadline for student proposals being April 6th, 19:00 UTC.


If you are wanting to participate in this program then move quickly.  There are numerous suggestions on the ideas page, including two recently added by Kris Verlaenen who also has ten more in reserve!




Francisco Marchioni has written a tutorial showing how to create a simple CDI based SwitchYard service and then have it consumed by a JSF based application.  He then demonstrates how easy it is to extend the integration so that the service is transformed and exposed through a SOAP endpoint.


Keith has been busy creating screencasts to highlight some of the Governance functionality which is being introduced as part of the SwitchYard 0.4 release.  His first screencast covers some of the ideas around Design Time Governance with his second showing how services can be monitored through Runtime Governance.


Incredibly Fast JSF Component Development


If you are interested in being able to quickly develop JSF Components then Lukáš Fryč has some advice, showing where to find the best articles on the RichFaces CDK and also a guide on how to setup your tooling before starting your development.


Prolog is Cool Again


Following an interview with Rich Hickey on InfoQ, Mark Proctor talks about the prolog capabilites which were added into Drools last year and their plans for introducing transactional persistence capabilities.


Cloud on tour


Eric Schabell has been busy touring as part of the Cloud Tour, recently visiting Amsterdam to give two presentations.  His first presentation covered how JBoss technologies can be used within the Cloud Infrastructure while his second was a primer on how to create a mobile application in the cloud by using AeroGear.  If you are interested in any of these areas then download Eric's slides and see what was covered.


TorqueBox at RubyConf India


Arun Agrawal and Rocky Jaiswal have recently been presenting TorqueBox ar RubyConf India.  They received a great reaction from those at the conference and their slides are now online for all to see.


New Specifications in OSGi 5.0 Enterprise


David Bosschaert and Tim Diekmann recently gave a presentation at EclipseCon/OSGi DevCon 2012.  David has now uploaded their presentation and has also included links to the draft releases of the OSGi R5 specifications.


JAX 2012


Kris Verlaenen will shortly be attending JAX 2012, held in Mainz, Germany between April 16th and April 20th, to give a presentation on Business Processes, Business Rules and Complex Event Processing.  If you are going to the conference then make sure to attend his talk.


Bela at JBoss World 2012


If you want to find out about how clustering works in AS 7.1.1 and EAP 6 then Bela's talk is one you should not miss.  He will be covering many interesting topics including session clustering, performance, integration with domains and many more.




JBoss Community Asylum is back with another podcast, this time featuring Jason Greene, Emanuel Muckenhuber and Bruno Georges.  In this podcast they discuss the many changes that have occured between the JBoss AS 7.0 and JBoss AS 7.1 releases, including what will be coming in JBoss EAP Beta release.


Do you speak French?  Are you interested in Ceylon?  If the aswer to both of these questions is 'yes' then head over to the Les Cast Codeurs site and listen to their latest podcast.  Episode 56 sees Emmanuel Bernard and Stéphane Épardaud discussing various aspects of the Ceylon language for over an hour, including its philosophy, features, community and its future.


New Releases


Another fast paced week at JBoss seems many of the projects making releases



That's all for this week, please check back next week for more news about JBoss and its Communities.


Don't forget to cast your vote for the 2012 JBoss Community Recognition Awards and sign up for the Google Summer of Code.