Errai 2.1 is On The Way

Throughout our summertime communications blackout (sorry about that), the Errai team has been working overtime to further polish and stabilize all the great features in Errai 2.0 while also introducing a bunch of brand new features. This article outlines all the major changes between Errai 2.0 and Errai 2.1.

The future of GWT: What say you?

Are you looking to have your voice heard on the future direction of GWT as it moves beyond the 2.5 release?  The guys over at Vaadin have collaborated with other members of the GWT Steering Committee to build a survey in order to poll the GWT community, how they use GWT, what they use with GWT, and most importantly, what do they want from future GWT releases?

JBossTS team blog: XTS Whirlwind Tour

Recently the Transactions Team delivered a training course to the Red Hat support staff to help them support JBossTS. As part of the course I delivered a demo configuring XTS (our Web service Transactions implementation) and debugging common issues.

JBoss Tools: JBoss Tools 4

This year we are starting on JBoss Tools 4 (as opposed to the past seveal years of JBoss Tools 3). Why the new version? There are several reasons why it was time. Our project-based target platform also changed from 3.x to 4.x. The projects is growing bigger and bigger so it's time to clean up some of the APIs and move from our big SVN semi-modularized monolithic layout to smaller, more independent (but still aligned) Git projects. The groundworks for this does require splitting with things in the past, at least on a technical level - but we do plan on making this transition as transparent as possible on the user level.

Red Hat Integration & BPM Week

We are excited by the opportunities that the recent acquisitions of FuseSource and Polymita offer our customers, partners, and Red Hat. Building on the close of these acquisitions, we are hosting a virtual conference week to communicate Red Hat’s new integration and business process management vision, strategy, road map, and technologies. Customers, prospects, partners, employees, press, analysts, and other stakeholders and interested parties are expected to join us for Red Hat Integration and BPM Week, Oct. 15-18.

Business Process Simulation in jBPM Designer

This is still an experimental feature and subject to changes, so community input and involvement is very important.  Business Process Simulation allows you to to simulate your process models, and view helpful simulation results that can guide you to improving your models as well as be able to better understand and describe them to your peers and/or customers.

AS7 Web console architecture, future directions

It’s time to revisit some of the decisions that lead to the current console architecture and implementation. We would like to outline some of the challenges that lie ahead of us and provide entry points for subsequent discussions.

Teiid tooling for the AS7 management console

Teiid is a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores. The Teiid team is making good progress on adding the Teeid extensions to the AS7 console.

Portlet Bridge: JBoss Portlet Bridge 3.1.0.Beta1 Released

This release brings support for fileUpload in RichFaces! There is still a minor bug within RichFaces 4.2.2 that prevents it working in portlets, but it is resolved in the current 4.3 work. Check out RF-12273 for details on the fix, as it can easily be applied to 4.2.2.Final. Now all RichFaces 4.2.2.Final components are supported within non WSRP JSF portlets!