Thirteen years ago saw the launch of the first JBoss Application Server (JBoss AS); since then the project has grown from its original goal of implementing the EJB 1.0 specification to include other enterprise technologies and all the specifications which fall under Java EE.  The current version of JBoss AS, which we call AS7, is not only an implementation of the full profile for Java EE6 but also executes with a very small and fast footprint.  It continues to innovate quickly, introducing new ideas and technologies into the JBoss mix.  But the JBoss name is no longer associated with just the application server and its community. The use of the JBoss name has expanded greatly to cover nearly 100 projects and platforms including JBoss SOA, rules management (JBoss BRMS), Portal (GateIn), IDE tooling (JBoss Developer Studio), mobile (AeroGear), big data (JBoss Data Grid), polyglot and many more.


We now believe that the time is right for making some big changes, as was officially announced earlier today and covered by Mark Little. Some of these include the decision to rename JBoss AS through an open election and also provide better access to the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform product.  We believe the decision to rename JBoss AS will not only reflect better the aim of the project and its community but also its spirit and future direction.  As with all things JBoss related, we believe that the community should play a major role in this process and, to that end, we have created an election process through which you can submit new names for the project and then vote for your favorite.


The submission period starts from today, October 1st, and will continue until October 14th.  The top suggestions will then be presented to the community from October 21st until November 1st, during which time you will be able to vote for your favorite.  The winning name will be announced during the Devoxx conference, held in Antwerp, Belgium between November 12th and November 16th.


So get your thinking caps on and submit your ideas for names.  Remember this is your choice and your voice.