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Kevin did already give an introduction to AeroGear last week. This time we are taking a look how other JBoss projects embrace mobile and how openshift can help to run your apps within the cloud.



RichFaces 4.2 candidate release


RichFaces has just published another candiate release that includes some interesting options for building mobile applications. Namely two new components that deal with asynchronous server side push and optimized loading of client side resources.


4 simple steps for RichFaces Push


What makes this component so attractive when there are plenty of other ways to achieve this? RichFaces is enabling application developers to build on top of push without any additional complexity. In his blog, Lukas explains the possibilities of how to use the RichFaces Push.


Optimized Resources Loading


Porting applications to mobile devices means leaving the convenient area of high bandwidth and limitless connectivity. As Nielson already figured, the tolerable waiting time  for most users is around 150 ms, before things are considered lag. Especially the initial load time plays an important role. RichFaces 4 contains some great improvements to decrease the overall waiting time, by optimizing the resource loading on the client side. In this blog post Lukas explains how you can make use of these features to improve your applications responsiveness.



Moving your application to openshift


Now that you've improved the overall response time of the stock watcher application that relies on RichFaces push technology, it's time to make it publicly available. OpenShift allows you deploy Java EE applications to the cloud without any pain. There are a bunch of video introductions  how to do this. In addition to that the OpenShift homepage contains additional material to get you started.


Debugging OpenShift application with Eclipse


Sooner or later you may hit the point where need to look behind the curtains. Fortunately Max has provided a great introduction on how to debug applications that are deployed to openshift using eclipse.



Eager to hear more: JUDCon Boston (June 25-26th)


If you are eager to hear more on these topics, meet us in Boston this year. The JBoss Users and Developers Conference is a great place to dive into any of these topics:


- Application Platforms and Development

- Big Data and Persistence

- Rules, Workflow, SOA

- Cloud and other Cool Stuff



Stay tuned!






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