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Welcome to another week of fun and projects from the wonderful world of! It was a hectic week last week with everyone and their Uncle getting JBoss AS7.1.0.Final released. This week we see the follow up on that.



jBPM5 had an in depth webinar on Wed 22 February, watch this blog for more details on the recording if you missed it.


Mark Proctor and team will be in London on the 8th of March for a Drools & jBPM Event.


Last week Eric Schabell was talking jBPM, jBPM Migration and OpenShift at the Portugal JUG in sunny Lisbon.


Blogs / Articles

A nice write up on the 'after-the-release' of JBoss AS 7.1.0.Final by Jaikiran, another look by Dimitris Andreadis, Alessio is calling it "the largest release in JBoss history!" and Mark Little covers more here.


Mike Brock schools us on Doing Things In The Right Order over on the Errai blog and also delves into web sockets too!


Micheal Anstis has added Import Functionality for XSL sheets to Guvnor in the Drools project.


Mark Little digs deeply into the JBossTS teams Optimistic STM work.


Over on the Infinispan blog there is a call for feedback by Galder, see if you can drop in and help them out?


Marco Rietveld (ask him about the 'O' and maybe about his Canadian roots!) has posted some thoughts that hit him late one night during a coding session, worth a read!



  • Tattletale 1.2.0.Beta2 released, details by Jesper Pedersen.
  • ... as you can see, most of the focus has been on JBoss AS 7.1 so expect more releases to be coming in the aftermath of last weeks release! ;-)


Follow a JBoss developer?

I wanted to point out a few active JBossians that you can follow on twitter as they tend to post interesting stuff about their projects, coding and speaking engagements. Maybe you know them, maybe you don't, give it a follow:


  • @nmcl (Mark Little)
  • @tsurdilo (jBPM Web Designer)
  • @rayme (JBoss developer community, need a speaker then see him)
  • @jbossdeveloper
  • @emmanuelbernard (Hibernate, Ceylon)
  • @maxandersen (JBossTools, etc)
  • @ericschabell (JBoss, jBPM Migration, OpenShift)


Have a great week, weekend and code on!

It's just mid-February and a great number of achievements is already behind us this year. More to come. The first big item of news this week is the release of the final version of JBoss AS 7.1.


Thunder follows lightning (closely, as always)


You've seen the lightning, now hear the thunder. It may be just a minor version change, but by no means this is a minor event: JBoss AS 7.1.0.Final "Thunder" is out, one of the largest releases in JBoss history. The new release brings in a whole slew of features and stability fixes, the most significant being a certified full Java EE 6 profile, which adds support for a number of new specifications on top of the already certified Java EE 6 Web Profile available as of the release of JBoss AS 7.0.0.Final "Lightning". No less than 1465 issues have been fixed since JBoss AS 7.0.2.Final, and they account for the new features added as well as improvements in areas such as security, management and clustering.


What do you need to know:

  • The fully certified Java EE6 profile brings support for a number of specifications - including EJB 3.1 asynchronous and remote invocation, timers and message-driven beans,
  • The security model is more strict, with remote access points (except web applications) being secured by default;
  • Management capabilities have been enhanced - through an improved management API, CLI and administration console - on the latter, more details are outlined here by Heiko Braun;
  • Remote connectivity capabilities have been enhanched - not only for EJB access but also in the area of distributed transactions;
  • Clustering support includes web and EJB replication, and  experimental CDI replication as well.


You can learn all the details in the release notes, while downloading the new release!


JBoss EAP 5.1 Common Criteria certified


We usually write about the bleeding edge of Java EE technology and community projects. It is, sometimes, interesting to learn about latest developments regarding JBoss commercial products, like the news shared by Anil Saldhana - that JBoss EAP 5.1.0 and JBoss EAP 5.1.1 have just received their Common Criteria certification at EAL4+ level. What does this mean? In short, it has been audited and found to fulfill the highest requirements for security-sensitive environments (like government customers).


J is for Java

Following last week's post, Mark Little provides a more detailed perspective on his vision about the future of Java as a suitable platform in the age of polyglot software development: Java continues to be the foundation and powerhouse of the JBoss enterprise platform, while developers will be able to use their language of choice, owing to approaches such as TorqueBox or Immutant.


The Trailblazer SIG is born!


Help creating better JBoss developer resources such as examples, tutorials or screencasts by participating in the newly created Trailblazer SIG!  We already have a number of initiatives in place, and that's just the start - with your participation it could be much, much more! Stay at the forefront of Java EE innovation, join us now!


Infinispan: how would you like your cross-data center replication?


If you are interested in of cross-datacenter replication - Mircea Markus is asking on the behalf of the Infinispan team for suggestions and feedback on the design of this functionality, eyeing for its implementation in 5.2.0.


New releases


With its 4.1.0 version, which has been released last week, Hibernate Core gets a name which will, hopefully improve the clarity of its purpose: Hibernate ORM. In the announcement blog post, Steve Ebersole is explaining why, as well as what you can find in the new release.


Hibernate ORM is not the only member of the family that gets a new release - while announcing Hibernate Search 4.1.0.Beta2, Sanne Grinovero discusses an important new feature: the ability of specifying the indexing path for embedded entities, thus allowing better control over what exactly gets indexed in a complex structure. Worth trying! To me, however, the lesson about the importance of community feedback in framework design is equally interesting - another reason to read Sanne's post.


Errai continues its race towards building a better rich web experience for Java developers with the completion of its 2.0.Beta1 version. Jonathan Fuerth is providing a comprehensive overview of the release as well as the upcoming roadmap.


If you are looking for deeper integration between Spring and JBoss, Snowdrop 2.0.2.Final is out, with a number of fixes related to Spring 3.1 support.


Teiid 8.0.0 alpha 2 has been released as well.



If you happen to be in Brno, make sure that you are not missing the Fedora Conference this weekend (17-18 February) - a lot of JBoss tracks - see the schedule here.


A JBPM 5 webinar is scheduled next week on 22 February.


This is all for this week, join us again in a week's time for latest and freshest in the ever-evolving world of JBoss.











Kevin did already give an introduction to AeroGear last week. This time we are taking a look how other JBoss projects embrace mobile and how openshift can help to run your apps within the cloud.



RichFaces 4.2 candidate release


RichFaces has just published another candiate release that includes some interesting options for building mobile applications. Namely two new components that deal with asynchronous server side push and optimized loading of client side resources.


4 simple steps for RichFaces Push


What makes this component so attractive when there are plenty of other ways to achieve this? RichFaces is enabling application developers to build on top of push without any additional complexity. In his blog, Lukas explains the possibilities of how to use the RichFaces Push.


Optimized Resources Loading


Porting applications to mobile devices means leaving the convenient area of high bandwidth and limitless connectivity. As Nielson already figured, the tolerable waiting time  for most users is around 150 ms, before things are considered lag. Especially the initial load time plays an important role. RichFaces 4 contains some great improvements to decrease the overall waiting time, by optimizing the resource loading on the client side. In this blog post Lukas explains how you can make use of these features to improve your applications responsiveness.



Moving your application to openshift


Now that you've improved the overall response time of the stock watcher application that relies on RichFaces push technology, it's time to make it publicly available. OpenShift allows you deploy Java EE applications to the cloud without any pain. There are a bunch of video introductions  how to do this. In addition to that the OpenShift homepage contains additional material to get you started.


Debugging OpenShift application with Eclipse


Sooner or later you may hit the point where need to look behind the curtains. Fortunately Max has provided a great introduction on how to debug applications that are deployed to openshift using eclipse.



Eager to hear more: JUDCon Boston (June 25-26th)


If you are eager to hear more on these topics, meet us in Boston this year. The JBoss Users and Developers Conference is a great place to dive into any of these topics:


- Application Platforms and Development

- Big Data and Persistence

- Rules, Workflow, SOA

- Cloud and other Cool Stuff



Stay tuned!






It's that time of the week again when we scour the blogs to bring you details of any important and interesting developments in the world of JBoss.  We have a number of technical posts, new project releases, new books being published and an exciting new project announcement. What better way to start off the month?


AeroGear Mobile & HTML5 project


This week has seen the announcement of a new project within JBoss, called AeroGear.  The purpose of the AeroGear project is to make mobile development as easy as possible with JBoss technologies and will focus on three areas

  • Education

Covering all aspects of mobile development, including the latest HTML5 technologies, hybrid application frameworks, JBoss AS based services, mobile RichFaces/JSF2 and many more.

To start things rolling there is a 5 minute video showing how to develop your first cloud hosted mobile web application and a step-by-step guide on how this application was developed.

  • Innovation

Starting with development of examples, tutorials and techniques for mobile developers and continuing with the development of new mobile frameworks for solving real concerns of enterprise developers.

  • Community

Provide support and encourage participation in the development and use of mobile technologies through public meetings, held in the #aerogear channel on, forums and hosting code on guthub.


There are lots of discussions happening on the AeroGear forums (user and development) and now is a great time to get involved in the project.


JUDCon India


Last week saw the first JUDCon event held in India and, indeed, in the Asia Pacific region.  A very successful event, with 800 attendees, it has already generated a number of posts discussing the presentations and impressions of some who attended (read Jaikirin Pai's post from last week if you missed it).


This week we have some more posts from our colleagues, Dimitris Andreadis, Ray Ploski and Keith Babo, discussing their thoughts and impressions of the conference and its organisation as well as some photos taken by Saltmarch Media, the conference organisers.




Have you ever wanted to try deploying applications into the cloud but were unsure of where to start?  If so then Eric Schabell's post on OpenShift is definitely for you.  Eric has written a comprehensive post to introduce OpenShift; starting with an overview of what OpenShift is he continues by covering the OpenShift tooling and ends with a walk through of an application deployment into the cloud.


JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Central


The milestone 5 build of JBoss Developer Studio 5 includes the first integration of JBoss Central into the Developer Studio product, providing a single location for keeping up-to-date with JBoss news, technologies, examples and management of the Developer Studio plugins.  In this post, Len DiMaggio takes us on a tour of the various aspects of JBoss Central, introducing us to some of its capabilities and demonstrating how they can be used.


Integrating Server Side action methods using JSF ValueChange events and Ajax Listeners


Lincoln Baxter has written a very good post which describes a useful, flexible pattern for firing server side events using JSF ValueChange events, CDI and Ajax listeners.  By taking advantage of CDI he introduces a mechanism through which the application functionality can be successfully decoupled from the JSF User Interface.


Reacting to Alerts with JBoss ON


Jay Shaughnessy has published a screencast demonstrating a number of the new features in JBoss ON, showing how these can be used to react to alerts and then take corrective action through the scripting support.


Arquillian Fall Tour


The Arquillian team were very busy towards the end of last year, spending a lot of time on the road to give presentations on Arquillian, discuss future ideas and just meet up with the community.  Aslak has now published a post detailing their tour and providing links to many of the presentations.


JBoss Books


This week sees the publication of two new books on JBoss technologies, both from Packt Publishing.


The first is the JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide, providing an introduction to JBoss ESB and covering the core concepts and technologies behind services and their implementation.  The second is the Drools Developer's Cookbook, covering Drools Expert, Guvnor , Fusion and jBPM5 technologies.


Details of how to purchase these books, along with sample chapters, can be found on the Packt site.


Packt are also looking for reviewers.  Drop me an email if you are interested and I will put you in contact with the publisher.


New Releases


Another busy week for JBoss project releases


Infinispan - following feedback on the recent Infinispan 5.1.0.Final release the team have announced their first candidate release of Infinispan 5.1.1.  Keep watching for updates, there are plans to release a final version as soon as possible.


Modeshape - Randall announced the first Alpha release of ModeShape 3.0 and has also published a comprehensive post discussing its features and future direction.  This does not mean the end of the 2.x stream however, there are plans for a 2.8 release.


Drools - The drools team have announced the release of their second beta of Drools 5.4.0.


IronJacamar - The alpha 5 release of IronJacamar 1.1.0 is now out.




Don't forget that FOSDEM is being held in Brussels this weekend.  JBoss, Fedora and Red Hat are well represented and there will be a Devroom on Saturday.


That's it for another busy week, check back next week to catch up on any further developments.

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