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Time flies by - we're almost at the end of January, and hard work starts showing it's results! So what happened since last week? Bear with us and we'll fill you in.


Keeping tabs on the TicketMonster with RHQ


Heiko Rupp demonstrates how to monitor a running application with RHQ, with a practical example: no less than JBoss Developer Framework's TicketMonster. The example shows how to enhance an existing application by having it push data to the monitoring server.


Learn about SwitchYard by viewing


The SwitchYard team has put together a series of videos introducing the new features of SwitchYard 0.7 with no less than 6 introductory videos, showcasing various concepts or features in live recorded coding sessions. Watch here and learn.


BPM magic with BRMS and the Eclipse BPMN2 modeler


Eric Schabell has published a series of blogs covering the new features and best practices of BRMS. The first article discusses using the native Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler support in JBoss Developer Studio 5, illustrated with a JBPM showcase. In a second article, he demonstrates how to create Maven artifacts from your BRMS distribution. And finally, a nice presentation on BRMS and SOA, from the EMEA JBoss Forum.


Future plans for GateIn 4.0


Julien Viet discusses the plans for GateIn 4.0 - new features, architecture, the underlying Juzu framework in his blog entry here.


Timeline of Fuse projects


For SOA practitioners: have you ever wondered about the history of Apache ActiveMQ, Apache CXF, Apache ServiceMix and how they were incorporated in the various products of FuseSource (now part of Red Hat)? Rob Davies has put together a diagram that explains the relationship more clearly.


Distributed transactions and race conditions in WS-BA


For SOA practitioners again, especially for the ones that have to deal with distributed transactions, Paul Robinson has begun a series of blog entries concerning a particular race condition in WS-BA applications. Follow the blog for further updates.


Some tips for configuring your ModeShape repository


If you're intersted in setting up a JCR repository for your application, the ModeShape team has published an interesting article to help you decide on your CND file configuration, also introducing the CND editor in Eclipse.


Easier setup of Infinispan in JBoss AS7 with predefined modules


Tristan Tarrant has blogged about a new feature of Infinispan 5.2.0.CR2: predefined modules for JBoss AS7+. Now you don't have to include Infinispan libraries in each application, just use the shared ones.


More about the language features of Ceylon


Gavin King has published a couple of blogs, describing newly added featurs to Ceylon, in particular higher order functions operating over other functions, such as compose() and curry() - and how do they tie into other features such as tuples, as well as pitfalls to consider when designing a type system . Both, an interesting read!



Team JBoss continues to crank out more and more open source for your consumption pleasure - remember "everything in moderation"  :-)



  • The Alien Invasion continues with the Arquillian Team producing new releases of Graphene, Warp, Drone and Android.   Automating your testsuite has never been easier. 
  • Hibernate Search 4.2 Final brings us Spatial Queries - The "I know where you live" edition. You can combine fulltext searches (think 'google' my database) with distance from a particular lat/long.  Perhaps you can set up a real estate web app allowing users to find "all 3 bed, 2 bath houses with a basement within 10 km of current location". In addition, 4.2 introduces the indexing of MP3 and other binary document meta-data.  Make sure to check out Emmanuel's blog for more details!
  • This week I also wanted to highlight our RHQ project which recently hit its 4.6 Beta. RHQ is an extensible tool to monitor your infrastructure of machines and applications, alerts based on user defined conditions, configure resources and run operations on them from a central web-based UI. Other ways of using RHQ include a command line interface and a REST-api.  This goes well beyond simply starting & stopping your JBoss Enterprise Application Platform servers (aka app servers).




  • Eric Schabell - published several blogs related to his demo projects.  If you are interested in Drools or jBPM, you should definitely check out what Eric has done in his series of BRMS demos:
  • Mike Brock publishes a few blogs on Errai @Dependent and Timing Your Methods - if you have not seen this awesome video created by Jonathan Fuerth and Christian Sadilek, please stop everything and watch it now! It clearly demonstrates how Errai helps you build richer web applications faster.
  • Have you heard of the CapeDwarf - a framework that enables you to make your Google App Engine applications portable!  Ales Justin continues to roll, check out this blog on his latest endeavors.
  • Modeshape 3.1 is coming soon and will bring back Federated Data - Randal Hauch does a GREAT job explaining how this feature can impact your application architecture.
  • Geoffrey De Smet continues to blow our minds with the magic of Drools Planner - who needs humans to plan for and allocate resources when an AI can do it? :-)


Well that is all for this week!


Welcome to another year, yes we are in a new year, in the world of We must have been hung over from all the festivities as we let a week slip, but are back with a vengeance! This week we again catch you up with the news in our world of JBoss, but not just one week, a full two weeks you get for the price of one. Can't beat that with a big stick...


So hold on to your hats, here we go!




Red Hat Summit call for papers was extended to 11 Jan 2013, so get your papers, stories and session in there, last chance!


Blogs / Articles


Bela Ban knocked out a new Supervisor, it even fixes things automatically! It that is not enough to shake you up, he pushed out a new video on cross-site replication.


Mark Proctor killed Rete! Really! I think the police are searching for him... tips welcome, contact your local station.


Lincoln Baxter III swears JavaScript is the new Perl, what do you think?


Shane Johnson does some OpenJDK tuning tips for you when running a Data Grid, pretty fun and quirky things that even the most advanced Javan can glean something from. He also presents us with a migration cheat sheet from Java EE 5 to Java EE 6.


Mickael Istria gives us an update on the STWBot from the Eclipse world.


Erik-Jan de Wit from Errai discusses Mobile Errai. Also Mike Brock talks about how Errai clusters natively.


Steven Hawkins announces that Jaspersoft is using Teiid!


Heiko Rupp shares a blurb? Along with that he talks about Testing RestAPIs, interesting!


Finally we have a new Asylum Podcast, a long one with James Strachan & Rob Davies talking Fuse... awesome stuff, really don't want to miss this.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!



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Vote closed!

Are you as curious as I am? The vote for your favorite new project name for JBoss AS closed and we are waiting for the results!!!


Until next time... keep it real, open and in the code.



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