Breaking down barriers

A great step in the evolution of JBoss/Red Hat and enterprise open source in general: Red Hat does make the EAP binaries available for all developers. Mark Little gives some insights on the motivation behind this move and the benefits for our community.



Boost performance with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid and Intel

To handle the explosion of big data, you will need an innovative platform as the basis for your big data solution. While there are a number of platforms that address big data, they are often constrained by the I/O performance of the local file system. This can be a show-stopper for applications that require extreme performance and real-time access to data.



JBoss A-MQ – getting started

This introduction has been setup to get you started as quickly as possible with the newest member of the JBoss Integration portfolio, JBoss A-MQ which will be available very soon. We have put together a three part video tour of the product, an example quick setup of the product and the installation of an existing project that is then deployed on JBoss A-MQ.



Adminstration & Management

Application Performance Management with JON & RTI

RTI (RootCause Transaction Instrumentation) is an APM (Application Performance Management) solution for Red Hat’s JBoss Middleware stack. RTI handles profiling, alerting & deep dive diagnostics and can be used across the software lifecycle. RTI is a fully integrated plug in to JBoss Operations Network. JON tells you when a problem occurs, RTI will tell you more – like where, how long and why.

Cross origin server management

Retrieving the AS7 management console through an app store? Great idea, but what does it imply? Harald has written up a pretty good blog post, where he describes the challenges with this approach:



Developer Productivity

Writing a SOAP message preview tool

Previous post introduced a new tree view of request parameters for invoking an endpoint. Here we'd like to show an example of a practical usage of such addition to Wise core: a customized SOAP message preview tool.

Webservice contract browsing and endpoint invocation

In response to some good feedback received from the community after the recent 2.0 release, we've been enriching the API of Wise Core to further simplify ws testing using it.

Sorry Miss Jackson

How I loved to do custom JSON serialization in AS7 with RestEasy


Project Updates

Merging BlackTie and Narayana

We would like to merge the BlackTie and Narayana projects together. As you will know, BlackTie is a C++ API onto the Narayana transaction manager and as such features are being developed which require changes in both components. Furthermore, Narayana already provides support for several other APIs within the main Narayana project so collecting them all together seems to make the most sense.

RHQ Net Services plugin enhancements

The RHQ Net Services plugin has just been updated with new features. It now defines three types of services: HTTP service, Ping service, Port service

Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.CR2 Released

Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.CR2 was just released. The full changelog can be viewed here:

RichFaces 4.3.1.CR1

This micro release addresses some bugs present in the RichFaces 4.3.0.Final release, and offers some improvements on the new features introduced in that same release.

PicketLink 3.0 Alpha1 Released

For those who don't know, PicketLink is a CDI-based application security framework for Java EE, much in the same spirit of Seam Security. In fact, PicketLink 3.0 can be considered to be the spiritual successor to Seam Security, as it is more or less based on a similar core design albeit with a much more powerful and flexible identity model and feature set.