Welcome to another week of JBoss activities and news which kicks off this week with the newest project in the JBoss family, Opta Planner. Check it out over on their new site and give them a helping hand. Opta Planner optimizes business resource usage and is a fascinating project.




In April there will be a two part webinar series called Zero to Hero with JBoss BRMS Primer.


JBossTools will be in Boston this week at EclipseCon and Devoxx London.


Infinispan will be at CodeMotion in Rome this week.


Blogs / Articles


Marek tells us about scheduling jobs within Torquebox at runtime in this article.


RHQ team presents a nice practice on how to store your Agent preferences in a file, nice write-up by Jay.


Michal details his adventures migrating a RichFaces 3.x application to RichFaces 4.x.


Eric shares a project on performance testing framework around BPM processes using JBoss BRMS.


JBoss TS's Paul explains some of the API changes taking place inside the WS-AT and REST-AT.


An overview is given of Java EE 7 & EJB 3.2 support in JBoss AS 8.




A list of new project releases, enjoy!