WildFly is approaching Fedora

A few days ago Marek finished upgrading all required components and finally packaged Alpha3 version of WildFly. It's already available in Rawhide and in Fedora 20 updates-testing repository.

New persistence API in Infinispan 6.0.0.Alpha4

The existing CacheLoader/CacheStore API has been around since Infinispan 4.0. In this release of Infinispan we've taken a major step forward in both simplifying the integration with persistence and opening the door for some pretty significant performance improvements.


Using Social Media Integration in Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform 6.1 Beta

JBoss Portal Platform 6.1 was designed with social media integration in mind to tailor use cases that are relevant in today’s web-based applications.  For example, when configured, JBoss Portal Platform can let new users to sign up and register by using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


Teiid 8.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of Teiid is available.


Narayana is now JTA 1.2 Compliant

I'm very proud to announce that with Narayana 5.0.0.M3 we are now JTA 1.2 compliant! What's more, with the release of JCA 1.7 in WildFly 8.0.0.Beta1 (WFLY-510 ), the new application server features are now available.


Arquillian Seam 2 Extension 1.0.0.Beta1 Released

Some of the highlights in this release:

  • Injection of Identity is now supported in the Arquillian powered tests.
  • Your tests can now exercise conversation scoped components!
  • Seam 2.3 and JBoss AS 7 are now covered by our test suite thanks to Thiago Veronese
  • Seam 2 autopacking based on Maven can now use arbitraty settings.xml when specified through mvn.alternate.settings system property.


Need to meet business priorities? Accelerate development

The business priorities may include increasing enterprise growth, delivering operational results, accelerating innovation, and increasing satisfaction. How can the right middleware help meet these priorities?


Learning SwitchYard : Labs from Red Hat Summit Available

The SwitchYard team helped put together a set of labs for Red Hat Summit this year focused on getting started with SwitchYard.  The objective of these labs was to take attendees with no experience with SwitchYard and help them become productive users of the project.  The labs set the stage by walking through an example application and explaining what you need to know followed by hands on development and configuration of common integration application scenarios.  We received some great feedback from attendees and the lab was one of the top-ranked sessions at Summit this year


Heterogenous clusters with Infinispan 6.0.0.Beta1

One of the basic rules of participating in an Infinispan cluster was that everyone must pay their fair share. Sure, each node was able to run a diferent set of caches (i.e. the cluster didn't have to be symmetric). But when a node started up a distributed cache, it automatically took ownership of a share of the keys equal to all the other members of the cache.


Pluggable Belief Systems in Drools 6.0

Drools has supported simple truth maintenance for a long time, and followed a similar approach as that in Jess and Clips. In 6.0 we abstracted the TMS system to allow for pluggable belief systems. This allows a sub system to control what the main working memory can see; i.e. what is inserted for the user to write rules to join against.