geek-pumpkins.jpgFor starter, let us wish you all a Happy Halloween ! This Halloween fell like heaven for us, because we just learned that Red Hat has been reelected to JCP-EC, which is both a fantastic news and a recognition of our contribution to the Java Community.


Indeed, even before its acquisition by Red Hat, JBoss has been an active member of the Java Community Process for around ten years. The numerous votes on our favor is a testimony to the value of this collaboration. Let us paraphrase here, what Mark Little wrote in his blog entry: "thanks to all the voters (whether you voted for us or not ), to whom we promise to keep up the good work"...


Back from the dead !


The JCache specification has released the final version of its 1.0. While not really dead, the specs was almost dormant for years, and it is really nice to see it finally going forward. InfiniSpan already supports the version 0.7 of the API, and should be updated to support this latest version of the specification in the coming weeks...


Still biting


While the years of the raging wars around dependency injection - then called inversion of control, are long gone, the community around Weld has certainly not stop its work. Indeed, the project has just released its version 2.1.0-Final, which contains, on top of the usual (but still appreciated) performance enhancement and bug fixes, the support for OSGI, using the PAX-CDI (reference implementation for RFC-193).


Apocalypse survivor


Both the JAX London and the Open Shift workshop done there by Eric D. Schabel survived the mega storm that hit great Britain capital ! However, if despite this good omen you were not among the happy few (like me) to participate to this event, Andrew Miller just released a book on "Implementing OpenShift".


Mort(gage) demo


On top the previous workshop, Eric D. Schabell found the time to release a pretty awesome demo for the JBoss BPM suite. If you want to have a first look at the coming version 6 of the product, you should definitely check it ! You can go even one step further, and learn how to install the demo itself.


Something old this way comes


The IT Business used to be focused on batch processing applications, and many technologies that predates Java and JEE, were quite good at it. With the rise of the web, and the coming of JEE application server, the need for batch applications did not really went away, but strangely enough, had never been a focus for the JCP. Finally, this gap has been filled by the creation of the JSR 352,Batch Applications for the Java Platform.


The release of this new specification, inspired by the success of Spring Batch, triggered the creation of a new JBoss project, called, JBeret. It's still a beta, but it's is still worth mentioning the project have released its first version.


Note: JBeret is awesome name that was proposed for the rename of JBoss AS. Sadly, people, at the time, failed to recognized the value and high quality of it, and went for Wildfly (also awesome). Fortunately, it was not lost to everybody


"Sallah, I said no camels!"


As he is surprisingly often for such an heroic character, Indiana Jones was quite wrong about that - we certainly need Camel . Especially with the recent release of Red Hat JBoss Fuse. So, it's definitely time to brush up on it, and, with a great sense of timing, a new book on the topic, Instant Apache Camel Messaging System, has just been released !


Test driven infected


If you are "test driven infected" as any good Java/JEE person should be, you'll be happy to hear that the Arquillian project has just released not one, but two new extensions with the version 1.0.0,  Arquillian REST Extension and  Arquillian Transaction Extension.




After five espresso and a latte, it's probably a good idea to have a decaf... The same logic applies to Java and JBoss - sometimes, it's good to take a look at what is happening elsewhere. Especially when it comes to tools that some many Java developers uses, like SVN. So, if you are still using SVN, and you are getting tired of being laught at by all those "cool kids" using git, take a look at this article and learn how to use git as a SVN client... (yeah, I know, this is obvious self promoting, but people stuck on SVN will thanks me...)


Photo by Lotzman Katzman.