This weekend sees the end of the FIFA World Cup 2014 competition in Brazil with the game for Third Place, between Brazil and the Netherlands, occurring on Saturday and the Final, between Germany and Argentina, taking place on Sunday.  If you are not a fan of Football then the following articles from the JBoss Community may help you to while away the hours until the competition finishes.


Arun's Tip Corner


Arun continues his  series with the publication of two additional tips on Java EE 7.  In his first Tech Tip of the week Arun provides a brief introduction to the Batch capabilities that have been added to Java EE 7 through the inclusion of JSR 352 and suggests a number of  answers to a question that has been asked on the forums, namely how can you execute batch jobs on a schedule.  In his second Tech Tip Arun covers a number of important changes to the default behaviour of a number of  features  within Java EE 7 including CDI, Data Sources, JMS Connection Factories and Executors.


Eric's Tips & Tricks


Eric and John have combined forces to write a series of articles describing the various deployment architectures that can be used for deploying rules and events within BRMS.  In the first article in the series Eric and John describe the first two architectures, the deployment of rules within an application and then a slightly different architecture that monitors an external repository and automatically deploy those rules and events within the application.


JBoss Projects as Docker Images


Marek has written a great post describing the work that is taking place to create Docker images for JBoss projects.  The creation of these images is supported by an automated process ensuring that the images always contain the latest versions of the projects.


Cordova Simulation within JBoss Tools


Ilya has published an article describing the work that is going on within JBoss Tools to support the development and testing of hybrid mobile applications.  The article includes a short video demonstrating the capabilities and instructions for how you can try these out within your own environment.


M2E improvements within JBoss Tools


The Eclipse m2e plugin has suffered from a number of issues when dealing with the import of large projects however these have now been addressed through the release of the m2e 1.5.0 plugin.  If you are interested in finding out what has changed, and how this would benefit you, then take a look at Fred's article discussing the many significant changes that have been added for performance and usability.


JBoss Data Grid, EAP modules and CDI


Thomas has recorded a video demonstrating how to use JBoss Data Grid in Library Mode when deploying as modules within JBoss EAP.  As an added bonus the video also demonstrates how to make use of the CDI integration within the product.


Camel and Microservices


If you are interested in Microservices then head over to Bilgin's blog where he introduces an article giving you 10 good reasons for using Camel to create Microservices.


Upcoming events


This year's Devoxx BE will be taking place in Antwerp from November 10th to November 14th.  During last year's conference Eric delivered a session on OpenShift however he has decided to take a different approach this year and has submitted two hands-on labs, each lasting three hours, on the subjects of xPaas and JBoss Rules/BPM.


New Releases


The AeroGear team have announced the release of UnifiedPush Server 0.11, incorporating a fully rewritten UI and now based on Keycloak.

The Byteman team have announced the release of Byteman, addressing a couple of issues related to testing with BMUnit and TestNG.

The Teiid team have announces the release of Teiid 8.8 CR1.


That's all for this week, join us again next week to catch up with what is happening within the JBoss Community.