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JBoss in the Wild


If you are interested in meeting with, and talking to, some of the JBoss developers then you have two fantastic opportunities coming up over the next couple of months.


The first opportunity will be during EclipseCon 2014, being held in San Francisco from March 17th to 20th.  This event sees a number of sessions being given by Red Hat employees such as Fred Bricon, Gorken Ercan, Bob Brodt and David Bosschaert.  In addition to these session there is also an opportunity to spend a full day learning about Vert.x with presentations being given by many of the leading experts, including Tim Fox.  If you are interested in any of these technologies then book your place for what promises to be a very informative  and worthwhile event.


The second opportunity will be during DevNation and Red Hat Summit, taking place in San Francisco from April 13th to 17th.  DevNation consists of numerous developer focussed presentations covering technologies such as Camel, OpenShift, AeroGear, SwitchYard, jBPM, Drools and many more.  With most of the presentations being given by the leading experts in these technologies this event provides another informative, developer focussed opportunity for learning, meeting the experts and debating any topic that may interest you.  There may even be a few beers to be had


Examining Mobile Development with Cordova


Mobile development is something that is on the radar of most developers, whether this be the development of native applications or those created using hybrid technologies such as Apache Cordova.  Another choice that we often make is whether to develop from the command line or through integrated support within an IDE; luckily we have both avenues covered.  Arun Gupta has taken some time to show how easy it is to create a Cordova application from the command line with Gorkem Ercan demonstrating similar capabilities within JBoss Tools 4.2.0 Beta 1.


Infinispan and Parallel Execution of Map/Reduce Tasks


Infinispan has long supported the fully distributed execution of both Map and Reduce phases of the tasks however the downside was that each node executed these tasks within a single thread.  With the community release of Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha1 this has now changed as this release introduces the ability to execute these tasks in parallel.


REST versus WebSockets


Arun Gupta, while travelling the world to give his Java EE7 presentations, has many conversations with those who turn up to learn.  One of the most common questions asked during these conversations is on how REST compares to WebSockets.  Arun has recently tackled this question in a post that discusses the pros and cons of each approach, including examining the performance of each through a micro benchmark, all with the intention of providing you with sufficient information to spur discussions.


RHQ source moves to GitHub


If you are interested in, or indeed already following, the work of the RHQ team then you should be aware that they have recently moved their source code repository over to GitHub.  This move should make it easier for everyone to obtain the source and contribute changes through pull requests.




Kris Verlaenen and Prakash Aradhya will be presenting a webinar demonstrating how quickly you can get started building powerful workflow automation solutions.  The webinar takes place on Wednesday March 12th.


The end of March brings three opportunities to join an interesting webinar discussing rules execution with a focus on how decision tables.  If you are interested in these technologies, and are available on Thursday March 27th or Friday March 28th, then register and learn.


New Releases


Brett has announced two releases from the Hibernate ORM team, Hibernate ORM 4.2.9.Final and Hibernate ORM 4.3.2.Final.  Both releases contain numerous bug fixes and have been heavily focussed on improving performance.


Thomas has announced the release of the Arquillian OSGi 2.1.0.CR12 component


Barry has announced the release of Teiid Designer 8.4 Beta1, focussing primarily on upgrading the Teiid client compatibility to include support for Teiid 8.6.


Max has announced the release of JBoss Tools 4.2.0 Alpha2, the first working alpha release that focusses on integration with Eclipse Luna.  This release comes with a host of new features including improvements for Cordova, Arquillian, BrowserSim, OpenShift and many more.


Dan has announced the release of Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha1.  This release includes support for several new features including support for clustered listeners, the ability to execute Map/Reduce tasks on multiple threads, the building blocks of cache security and improved support for OSGi in the HotRod java client.


The Forge team have announced the release of JBoss Forge 2.1.1.Final, following quickly on the heels of their 2.1.0.Final release.  This release addresses 51 issues making this the fastest and most reliable release of all.


That's all for this week, join us again next week to discover more from the world of JBoss


This is one of the busiest times in the JBoss Community, when products that are being churned out that leverage their projects and it is often much heads down coding and very little time for taking a break to read the latest news.  Luckily for you, there is the wonderful JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Central that embeds all this great JBoss news right in front of your nose. Instead of bailing out into a browser and context switching your code-focused brain, you can stay within the caffeine cozy world of the IDE.

Nothing quite like a bit of Java (be that code or coffee) and the latest news we post here fully embedded in your world:


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 13.44.48.png


With that tip out of the way we can now move on and bring you this weeks news from the wonderful world of JBoss, short and sweet style.



This coming April there is the brand new DevNation conference coming, aligning all the JUDCon / CamelOne goodness you were used to and bringing them under one umbrella in San Francisco. Expect the speak invites to be sent out any second now, so watch your inbox.


The Red Hat Summit 2014 is coming in April to San Francisco and the agenda was made available today so you can browse the talks.


This week there will be a JBoss BPM Suite webinar covering as much of the fantastic UI web based designer and modeling components that the new version 6 ties together in the products dashboard. Hard to imagine, but we can pretty much support non-developers with their rules, events, and processes. See the slides here and the recording is available online already.


Tim will be on tour with Vert.x soon at EclipseCon Vert.x Day and QCon London in March, then at Philly Emerging Tech in April.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


Kenny put together three amazing get started articles that put you on the road to working with JBoss Fuse, Data Virtualization, and Fuse Service Works:


Check out the new web server Undertow used in WildFly 8 as Arun walks you through the performance numbers.


Gavin stands up for why OO is not imperative, speaking out to the function programming community in response to their "...continued conflation of object oriented with imperative programming." You don't want to miss this read or a chance to post a comment.


Shane put up a very detailed article to get you started in add-on development with Forge 2.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!

Much to the enjoyment of the entire JBoss community, we're happy to make this week's headline hint to the first final release of WildFly, the premier open source Java EE7 application server (and the foundation of the future releases of JBoss EAP). The importance of this release can't be overstated, for multiple reasons: it is the first release since the JBoss AS project has been renamed (and it is a good time to remember and thank again the JBoss community for their tremendous involvement in the effort), it is state-of-the-art Java EE 7-compliant (both in the Web and Full profile), it makes use of a modern, cutting edge, highly performant, web server (Undertow), and, last but not least, it is massively cool! And you can surely learn so much more from the announcement made by the project lead, Jason Greene.

In addition to the official announcement, we strongly recommend a few other articles published this week on about WildFly 8:


JUDCon India 2014 wrap-up

Arun Gupta has also published a comprehensive wrap-up of JUDCon India 2014 along with the feedback gathered from the participants. It was an engaging and successful conference, and if you didn't have the chance to attend, at least you can get a taste of it.


Tips and tricks for JBoss BPM

Eric Schabell has written a series of blogs posts, introducing a number of useful features of the JBoss BPM suite

Maciej Swiderski has published an article about developing reusable business assets as knowledge archives, a feature of the jBPM 6 deployment module.

In Brief

  • Hibernate Search is migrating to Apache Lucene 4.6, as announced by Sanne Grinovero's post
  • Heiko Rupp shows in this post how to run the RHQ agent on a Raspberry Pi
  • Mark Proctor provides some early performance results of Drools 6 with the PHREAK algorithm

New releases



We begin this week's Editorial by asking for help from everyone who is using Presentation Tier Technologies in their applications.  Brian has prepared a simple, three question survey to help us to get a better understanding of the direction in which your applications are headed, ensuring that we can continue to provide you with the best tools and capabilities to support you in your development efforts.  Please take a minute to look at the survey and help shape the direction we will take going forward and remember, the lists are not exhaustive so please use the 'Other' box to let us know of additional combinations that you are using.


Bayesian Belief Network in Drools

Mark has been very busy developing and integrating a bayesian network subsystem for the Drools pluggable belief system.  In his post he describes the initial work that has been done, references the papers that have been driving the development and briefly discusses the next steps in the development.


Deploying processes in jBPM 6

If you have been trying the recent jBPM 6.0 release then you will already realise that the mechanism for deploying processes has changed, with the packaging moving from a proprietary packaging model to using an extension of a jar file.  Maciej has written a great post explaining the changes that have occurred, highlighting the specific additions that need to be made and walking you through the choices for deploying the new artifacts into your system.


Integration Tooling for JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Tools

Tooling plays a major part in all projects that contribute to the integration platforms and this week's release of the integration platforms is accompanied by an update to the tooling available through JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Tools.  For those of you wishing to try out the new tooling, Paul walks you through what is included, provides a step-by-step guide to installation and describes the new components that are now included.


JBoss out and About

As part of the Developer Conference taking place in Brno this weekend, JHackFest will be providing an opportunity for anyone interested in Open Source to join with others and hack on any ideas that may be of interest.  JHackFest takes place on Saturday, February 8th in Masaryk University in Brno.


The Ceylon team have recently held their annual face-to-face meeting in Paris and, with everyone in the same location, took the opportunity to hold their first Ceylon Tour conference.  There were numerous presentation during the day covering topics such as the SDK, Ceylon Idioms, Vert.x, testing, module repositories and Java interoperability.  Stéphane has provided his thoughts on the face-to-face and conference, including slide decks from all the presentations.


If you were at the recent Boston JUG meeting then you would have seen Eric Schabell give a presentation entitled "Zero to Hero with JBoss Business Rules".  Eric has now made his slide deck available for those who are interested in seeing what was covered.


New Releases

The Hibernate Search team have released Hibernate Search 4.5.0.Final, focussing primarily on compatibility with Hibernate ORM 4.3 and WildFly 8.  This version of Hibernate Search will also now be included in the WildFly 8 distribution making it even easier to get started.


The Arquillian team have released 2.0.1.Final of their Graphene component, focussing primarily on browser interoperability and addressing bugs.


That's all the news we have for you this week, join us next week for the next installment from JBoss.

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