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JBoss Tools Community Acceptance Testing aka CAT


As you may be aware, the internet is often described as the "electronic cat database" as much of "the action" on it appears to be around cute pictures or videos of ... cats. There is already quite a good chance that you are no longer reading this blog entry - as some relative may have notified you of the latest cat-video-you-must-look-at....


Anyway, it was time that the JBoss community joined the game , and therefore we are proudly announcing the release of JBoss Tools Community Acceptance Testing (CAT) ! Probably the most useful cat from the internet !


On top of this launch, the JBoss Tools community has also published the following releases:

Byteman 2.2.0 is out  !



The Byteman project has just released a new version, 2.2.0, filled with patches and bug fixes, along with one major feature - annotation-based configuration for BMUnit tests (more on how to use it quite soon). If you have never tried this awesome tool, this new release is the perfect excuse to go do so !


Teiid & ModeShape


Both part of the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization product, Teiid and ModeShape are getting quite close to their next release, so checkout out this week beta to have a nice preview in the coming features:

  • Teiid 8.8 Beta 2 is out - the final release is plan for mid July, so go download and test this one and help the community make it even better before then !


Other releases


As always, the JBoss community is a thriving one and a very share of project did some prereleases last weeks:



Evangelist's Corner - tutorial, demo, blog and video


If you follow the JBoss Community activity regularly, you most likely have noticed that our evangelists (Eric Schabell or Arun Gupta, for instance) are producing a large amount of interesting content, almost everyday. But, if for some reason you are not yet familiar with all of them, take a look at "Introducing your JBoss Technology Evangelist".

And to give you an idea of the excellent work they are doing, you can already check out what they have released just in the last days :



If Max Katz is not one of our evangelist, he did nonetheless produce a very compelling video that is worth mentioning here.



ManageIQ is open source !


Outside the JBoss universe, Red Hat just released the source code of ManageIQ, a cloud management product (EVM, which became CloudForms at Red Hat). People inside the company have worked toward this goal for a little over two years and it is with great joy and pride that we relay the announcement, full filling the commitment done in 2012.



OpenSource Architect blog launched !


My team, the Red Hat EMEA architect just fire a new blog, Opensource Architect in order to give us a place to share our experience, as architect, both with, of course, Red Hat products, but also other Opensource software - and we leverage all of them to build our solutions. Malcolm Herbert just published an interesting article on the level of adoption of DevOps in enterprise - go check it out !


Hopefully you have found something in this week's editorial to pique your interest and give you something to explore while waiting for next week's installment.  Join us here next week for more news from the JBoss Community.

JUDCon 2014 - now in Boston!

In the past years, JUDCon editions held all around the globe has become a traditional place for JBoss users and developers to gather together, and share knowledge and ideas. Following the very successful JUDCon 2014 India, held earlier this year in Bangalore, comes JUDCon 2014 Boston, taking place at the end of this month, on June 28. While traditionally being held together with the Red Hat Summit, this year's edition will be standalone, as Mark Little explains. Not only that: this edition will also see a change of format, the traditional conference setup being replaced with a more developer friendly structured hackfest, as Arun Gupta explains in his extensive coverage of the event, where you can also hear Andrew Rubinger, who drives this year's edition, describe it to the last detail.

APAC Tech Exchange - from the trenches


Eric Schabell and Kenneth Peeples have published extensive overviews of the APAC Tech Exchange - an Asia/Pacific-focused Red Hat event, focusing on open-source new technologies and featuring an array of presentations and hand-off labs, which took place between June 10-12. This year's event was held virtually, but by no means it was less interesting - and you can learn that by reading their day by day accounts: Eric's about his Openshift Primer, as well as his BPM and BRMS workshop), and Kenneth's about his presentations on JBoss Middleware Security, Data virtualization with Docker, as well as Fuse Service Works with Docker, Fuse on OpenShift, and Data Virtualization and Big Data.

Testing with Aliens


On the Arquillian team blog, Thorben Janssen provides a detailed introduction to testing JPA type converters with Arquillian. While the focus is a specialized use of the more generic JPA persistence testing use case, it provides an excellent introduction and references to Arquillian JPA persistence testing in general, as well.


Meet Fabric8 (and get a DevOps outlook to it too)


If you're building an enterprise integration solution and looking for an open-source platform to base on, you should really take a look at Fabric8, which sits at the core of JBoss Fuse 6.1. To help you Christian Posta has published two excellent articles, one to get you started on the platform, and the other addressing fabric8 from a DevOps perspective. You can access them directly, or through Claus Ibsen's blog post.


Secure reverse proxies for Wildfly with Apache 2.4

Placing your application server behind secure reverse proxies is common practice when designing a system's architecture, especially one that targets a web audience. Often, the combination of HTTP/HTTPS server and application server has its own specifics, so it's helpful to have a guide in each particular case. To keep you in touch with the latest technology, Maurice de Chateau provides such an example for Apache 2.4 and Wildfly 8 (8.1.0 Final) to be more specific.


Messaging with the Deuce (Immutant 2)


While Immutant 2 makes significant progress towards its final release, the team continues to publish articles to get you started on the new features. This week, Toby Crawley provides a basic introduction to the messaging API, which will be followed by a more detailed introduction to more advanced topics.


A new episode of Eric's online BRMS workshop


Eric has published a new episode of his online BRMS workshop, so it's time to catch up and see how to complete the details of the reward process. If you haven't watched the earlier episodes, it is a good time to do that, as well!



Upcoming events


Don't miss the Red Hat Forum in Antwerp, which will take place on June 23!

Arun's Tip Corner


In his first Tech Tip of the week Arun continues the work he began in Tech Tip #25 by introducing a second Raspberry PI and showing how to configure a WildFly Managed Domain controlling servers on both devices.  He continues this work in his second Tech Tip by introducing a third Raspberry PI, running mod_proxy, and using this to balance the incoming load between the WildFly servers running in the Managed Domain.  Arun's third Tech Tip takes us through the WildFly patching mechanism, introduced in WildFly 8.0.0, and demonstrates how this can be used in either offline or online mode.  Arun finishes the week with the next installment in his series on developing a Java EE 7 Batch Addon for JBoss Forge.


Eric's Workshops


Now that Eric has finished the BRMS portion of his workshops he has created a bundle that allows you, with a single command, to install the completed workshop to your OpenShift account.  Eric also continues the BPMN segment of the workshop by walking us through the creation of the domain model and follows that with another episode showing the creation of the Rewards Process.  Eric's last post discusses many of the configuration properties that can be used to tailor an installation of BRMS or BPMS and how they can be used in a local installation or through the OpenShift cartridge.


Performance Improvements in Infinispan


The Infinispan Team have made some significant performance improvements between Infinispan 6 and Infinispan 7 and these improvements have recently been tested in their performance lab with the results showing that, certainly in in some scenarios, there is a four to six fold improvement in performance.


jBPM on WildFly


Maciej has written a good article showing how to deploy the latest jBPM 6 snapshots on WildFly 8.1.0.  There are still some known issues with the codebase however these will give you a good taste of what is to come in their upcoming 6.1.0.CR1 release.


Monitoring Application JMX Beans on WildFly


Thomas has written an article describing the changes that have been necessary to enable the monitoring of application JMX beans on WildFly 8.1.0.  This feature is now available in the master branch, give it a try and provide some feedback to the RHQ team.


JBoss Out and About


Claus recently presented at  gr8conf where he discussed the integration of Camel and Groovy.  His talk also covered the hawtio console and demonstrated the ease of which a new plugin can be written by developing a plugin to embed a groovy shell within the console.


Marek recently gave a presentation on Docker to the Warsaw JBoss Users Group, Boleslaw has posted a few photos of the event.


Upcoming Events


The date for JUDCon Boston 2014 has been set and it is coming up fast, taking place on June 28th.  JUDCon has reverted to its original format, a one day event associated with the project team meetings, and If successful this format may be duplicated at other team meetings around the world.


New Releases



Hopefully you have found something in this week's editorial to pique your interest and give you something to explore while waiting for next week's installment.  Join us here next week for more news from the JBoss Community.

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