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This week editorial is eventful indeed, as it features a lof of events being either announced or launched in the last days. But rest assure, even if you can not attend any of those, whether its DevNation or Bela Ban's JGroups Workshop, there is also a bunch of interesting articles and news for you ! Maybe reading and them and discovering some new, cool technologies, would not the worth thing to do on Labor Day tomorrow ...




Welcome Google Summer of Code Students 2015 to JBoss ! If you consider attempting the now famous GoSC, please checkout the projects the JBoss Community is proposing - you may find the best topic for you !




With those events coming up soon, we've been mentioning the Red Hat Summit and DevNation quite a lot lately. But that a very special news we have about those this week : the Devoxx4Kids CFP has been launched ! So, if you plan to go to any of the previously mentioned events with your family, give your kids a real threat and register them (or, even better, consider applying to the CFP).



Regarding, the DevNation and Summit them self, if you are interested by Processes, Rules and Events (so jBPM), you'll see that already quite a lot of tracks covers this topic.








At last, but certainly not the least, Bela Ban, leader of the JGroups project - on which is built Wildfly clustering and Infinispan, has announced a couple of JGroups workshops in New York and Mountain View. This is would a perfect opportunity to learn from "the master" directly but also deep-dive into advanced features or simply recent ones.


In Depth...


If you have a day off tomorrow, maybe it's time to seat back and catch up with some reading. And this week, the JBoss Community has been quite prolific ! First is our very own Mark Little, who took the time to wrap up its own thoughts on Microservices and events. Next is a sum up from Thomas Qvarnström and Markus Eisele on their recent joint webinar on Continuous Delivery with Docker Containers and Java EE. If you are not done after those two, or just craving for something else, Kenneth Peeples opened - and discussed, an intriguing question : What are the benefits of Node.js ?

The previous article were quit high level, on might say, but if you may desire something a bit more practical, so why not jump into Integration Testing JBoss Fuse 6.x ?


Release or die !


Well, it's certainly not true that some of us would die if nothing was released, but it is also a fact that JBoss Community always opt to release anyway   - so here are the major releases of last week:


Evangelist's Corner


As like every week, our Evangelists have kept publishing new cool contents to the JBoss community, such as Eric D. Schabell's Slides from Online PEX Webinar - A Guide to Modern BPM Tools, or the new chapter in the When xPaaS meets DEVOPS (Part Three) series from Christina Lin.




I like to always finished this editorial by looking a bit outside the Java universe, as only very few Java program run only on their own, so it is always to keep one mind open. OK, so maybe this time I've been a tidbit nostalgic, but I must admit this article on Remote debugging with GDB on the Red Hat Developer Blog caught my eye.

It reminded the time of master degree, when I was experimenting C programming on Unix system, and programming was still a new and simple world, simple as a "hello the world" program. (Spending part of my week fighting my IDE and trying to get my stuff to build properly may have been the source of such nostalgia ! ).


That's all for this week's spin through the JBoss world, please join us again next week when we will take you through more interesting and informative articles written by our communities.

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Editorial.  Sit back, grab a drink and relax as we take you for a spin through the projects that make up the JBoss Community.


When are Champions No Longer Champions?


When they are Heroes of course.  Last month we announced the creation of a new program to recognise those community members who are passionate advocates of JBoss technologies.  This program was launched under the name JBoss Champions but is now called JBoss Heroes.  Do you know of any heroes?  If so get nominating!


EAP 6.4 is Out


JBoss EAP 6.4 has just been released with many enhancements and new features, the biggest being the inclusion of Java 8 amongst the list of supported virtual machines.  This is a timely release, as Markus points out, as Java SE 7 will no longer be receiving updates from Oracle after this month.  Arun has provided a summary of many of the new features and how to obtain the binaries.




The DevNation conference is taking place in Boston this year, from June 21st to June25th, with early bird pricing finishing today (24th April).  The conference agenda and featured speakers have now been announced so what are you waiting for?  This is a great opportunity to meet many of the core engineers in person, perhaps over a beer, and talk about anything.  The conference is also hosting a Devoxx4Kids event with submissions for this event remaining open until May 7th.


JavaOne Submissions


JBoss projects are usually well represented at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco with many core developers and community members giving presentations on many topics.  Our very own Markus Eisele, who is again part of this year's program committee, has some great advice for those who are still considering a submission.  Hurry up though, the Call for Papers closes on April 29th!


The conference is also working with the Devoxx4Kids organisation to run a special track aimed at children, submissions for this track are handled through the same Call for Papers process.


Docker, Docker, Docker


Docker is a technology that is generating a lot of interest within JBoss with many of our projects and products already creating dockerised versions so that you can focus more on how they are used rather than how they are configured.  Last week's release of Docker 1.6.0 brings numerous improvements, not only to the docker client but also to a number of other docker projects.


In Tech Tip #84 Arun introduces  a number of these changes while concentrating primarily on the changes that have gone in to Docker Machine.  He then follows up with Tech Tip #85 where he demonstrates how to orchestrate a cluster of containers using Docker Swarm.  Markus also covers some good news for those who work on Windows as this release also sees the introduction of the first Docker Client for Windows.


Kerberos in Keycloak


The release of Keycloak 1.2.0.Beta1 introduced support for login using Kerberos tickets through SPNEGO (Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism).  Marek has written an article describing the flow of a typical authentication scenario and explaining the steps required to set up the Keycloak provider.


Asynchronous Continuation in jBPM 6.3


The 6.3 release of jBPM will introduce a lot of changes however there is one feature that stands out having been requested many times, asynchronous continuation.  What is asynchronous continuation?  How can you make use of this features within your business processes?  Let Maciej show you how.


Visual Data Transformations


Keith Babo, of SwitchYard fame, has been working hard over the last eight months leading a team tasked with developing visual tooling in support of data mapping.  Claus has recently taken a look at their work, has some advice for how you can get started with their tooling and has provided links to some videos covering the various mapping styles they currently support.  Well worth some of your time!


JBoss Out and About



New Releases



That's all we have for this week's Editorial, we hope you have found something interesting to investigate and hopefully something that you feel you can contribute to.  Join us again next week when we will bring more news from around the JBoss Communities.

Another busy week is almost over. Time to wrap it up with the weekly editorial post. Get a #coffee+++ and enjoy the weekly recap.


Microservices and Container Still All Over The Place

Mark Little had a few conversations with different people recently on the subject of Transactions and Microservices and he put down his thoughts. While Arun added another angle to the discussion with the Microservice Design Patterns that he published. And even I got caught by the Container and Microservices hype and talked to Alex Soto in a new edition of the Developer Interview (#DI17) series about Arquillian, Docker and Testing In Containers.

I gave a talk at the Virtual Java User Group about how to architect large enterprise java projects which also talks a lot about all of this.The Keycloak team was playing around with OpenShift v3 and made it run there with Kubernetes.


DevNation Is Getting Hot

%7B4df908d9-becb-4bce-a05b-b67b674ce306%7D_devnation_emailheader_anopensourceconference.pngWe're just a few days away from having the complete schedule posted and the activities are winding up. A first introductory interview with our first keynote speaker, Venkat Subramaniam was published this week. If this isn't exciting, there's still some time left to get an early bird discount on DevNation tickets.

At DevNation, you’ll find a mix of: Technical sessions, Hands-on labs, Birds-of-a-feather panels specifically for developers, Late-night hacking events, A shared Summit-DevNation session track, Access to select Summit events.

Register on


Data Virtualization 6.1 Getting Started

Last Month JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1 was released.  It is a released packed with goodness around three major areas: Big Data, Cloud and Development/Deployment Improvements.  To get you started with an initial JDV video series, Blaine Mincey, Senior Solutions Architect, walks you through a "Soups to Nuts" 3 part series. Eric D. Schabell adds even more with his "Taste of Training" series which covers Managing Virtual Databases with JDV.


Red Hat JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 Released

Yesterday it has arrived! The official release of JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 has brought to you an array of interesting and new functionality. You can find the products on the Customer Portal for downloading and using today. Before you get started with all of the content and assets that we have available right from the launch, Eric D. Schabell provides a comprehensive overview.


Virtual JBoss User Group News

Paul and I are running the Virtual JBoss User Group and we aim for delivering interesting and high profile talks around all kinds of JBoss projects and technologies. And we have some cool shows upcoming next. Make sure to join our meetup group and don't miss any news anymore.


This And That

Some competitive information about how Red Hat JBoss EAP has superior clustering compared to IBM WebSphere Application Server. The AeroGear Team tours Germany. And the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2 Achieves Highest Level Common Criteria Certification.



Teiid 8.11 Alpha2 Released

Immutant 2 (The Deuce) Beta3 Released

Hawkular-Monitor Agent

Alert notifiers for mobile devices

Hibernate ORM 4.3.9.Final, 4.2.18.Final, and 4.2.19.Final Released

Forge 2.16.0.Final (Spear) is here

Arquillian Core 1.1.8.Final Released


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This week has seen a lot of activity around DevOps and microservices. I'll shamelessly start with plugging a few things I've written on the subject, such as how you should look at microservices and Linux containers (such as Docker) for the natural unit of failure within a microservices environment:


"If you are building multiple microservices, or using them from other groups and organisations, within your applications or composite service(s), then do some thinking about how they are related and if they should fail as a unit then pull them together into a single image."


I also wrote an addendum to that article the other day just to make it clear that whilst containers such as Docker are useful, their neither necessary nor sufficient for microservices, especially in the Java world:


"If you're thinking about developing microservices in Java then you don't have to worry about using Linux containers: your unit of failure is the JVM. Start there and built upward."


I also wrote about how state can be handled with microservices, especially in a DevOps/cloudy environment where Linux containers are used and typically assumed to me immutable. Hopefully people find these articles useful - I certainly found them fun to write. Then in a semi-related article, Eric wrote about Docker and integration/BPM projects - lots of nice demos there! Everyone is looking at Linux containers/Docker these days, including the Keycloak team where Marko wrote about clustering recently.


Now some of our projects and products that are at the forefront of the things we're doing around microservices and DevOps are Fuse, Camel and Fabric8. Christina wrote about how to (lazily) create an offline repository. Christian took time to write generally about Enterprises and Microservices (part 1), but also how to do continuous delivery with Fabric8 v1. Claus has written a great "getting started with Fuse" article, so check it out if you're new to Fuse. Marek has written an entry on securing Fuse and Hawtio applications with Keycloak, which is a critical requirement for enterprise deployments.


In other news Kenny mentions the upcoming Red Hat virtual event Building Data-driven Solutions for the Internet of Things on April 23 at 11 a.m. (EST) / 15:00 (GMT). Sign up now! And the Arquillian and TorqueBox teams release new versions - 1.0.0 Alpha 5 (Docker extensions) and 3.1.2 respectively.


OK that's it for this week! Onward!

Welcome to this new edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial ! Despite a couple of April's fool pranks released yesterday, there is still a lot of actual - and exciting news, this week. Hopefully this new edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial will walk you through it nicely...


JBoss Community Asylum - Feeding a Henry


Acquired by Red Hat a few month ago, Feedhenry is the most recent addition to the JBoss community. There is a lot of interest in how other existing projects can interact or interweave with them, and, for many JBoss community member, still a lot of Well, Emmanuel Bernard and Max R Andersen have taken upon them to have a seat with Mícheál Ó Foghlú (@mofoghlu), John Frizelle (@johnfriz), and Jay Balunas, and shade some lights on this intriguing new member of the familly: Podcast #38 - Feeding a Henry.unknown on what is exactly this Henry that need to be feed .




On the Learning Curve...


Time to blow of Fuse, err, wait no !



JBoss Community is thriving so much, with so many products being released and projects being launched, that the real difficulty is to learn how to use them. Fortunately, this week brang it fair amount of tutorial and workshop, starting with the fifth episode and sixth episode in

Christina Lin's JBoss 101 series. This last addition focused on running Camel inside container, such as Karaf or Wildfly. Fuse community being quite large, you may be also a bit at lost in term of what to download to do what - again, no issue, Chistina also took the time to do some House Keeping: where to download and what version of JBoss Fuse?


And who knows, if you are good student, and improve your Fuse fluency, maybe you'll get one of those nice Fuse stickers, Kenny is talking about !


Learning BPM at 240 BPM per minute


On the BPM side, Eric Schabell keeps on with his long running Online Workshop (Building a Rewards Demo) and just released the last lab, numbered 19, on "Automated e-mail task notifications". And if you are already familliar with BPM, you might also be interested by his recent JBoss BPM Suite Quick Guide: Customize Your Rules Maven Repository.


OReva, the future of OData for Teiid ?


In case, you don't know it, the OData standard (Protocol for REST APIs) is quite important for Teiid, as it can be used to expose many datasources, from SQL to NoSQL and even existing WebServices, as an OData endpoint. While the new release of Teiid, is coming closer (see  Teiid 8.11 Alpha1 Released) the community has just decided a big step for its future: they have just launched OReva - Fork of OData4J library. If you have interest in OData or if you were, as Reddy, disappointed by the lack of activity around OData4j, here is an excellent opportunity to wake up your interest in the project !


Blowing in the Wind


If you ever had to migrate an application from one app server (or container) to an other, you know it can be a daunting task and that you can get easily lost in "time and space", trying to sort why the target app server is throwing this or that exception. While people (of course ) tends to migrate to Wildfly more than any other app server - and the JBoss community makes everything possible ot make it a smooth ride, it remains a somewhat difficult task (especially with complex JEE apps). And that's why, you'll find the Windup project awesome !

Indeed, Windup, which was just released in 2.2.0 version,  analyses your artifact (war, ear) and look for issue, in the current code or configuration, with the target platform. It will spot misconfiguration, uses of not supported and proprietary annotation and so on... More information on Windup Wiki. If you are currently waiting for your app to deploy on an other server than Wildfly, maybe give it a try, to see how hard it would to migrate to Wildfly/EAP !....

Docker here, Docker there, Docker everywhere I go !


Unless you lived under a rock - or just managed to survive the 60's without hearing about a band called the Beatles, by now, you be aware of a new technology called Docker. While not a JBoss community project, it interweaves a lot with many of them, whether to help set up demo, use as a dev environment or even going in production on top of it, as some people start experimenting with. Therefore, with such an adoption, it  maybe it's time to think (and read) about something we generally tend not to like thinking too much, security: Where Docker security may be headed !

Of course, for all of this to really matter, you will need to be able to work properly with Docker, especially within your favorite IDE. Hence, it's an excellent news that JBoss Tools has an Upcoming Docker Tooling for Eclipse ! Even if you don't plan to use Docker that much, it remains a brilliant way to provide running demo, as the recently launched project Hawkular has just proven ! It is however a shame that Hawkular is stopping after such an effort !!!

And some more for the road...


What about architecture ?


When it comes to architecture, there is of course, a lot to be said on Java EE apps for enterprise, and that's probably you'll certainly enjoy this Virtual JUG session with Markus Eisele: Architecting Large Enterprise Java Projects.


There is a lot of chatter around the concept of micro-services theses days, and not all of this chatter is as clear as this very detailled and well written blog entry from Arun Gupta on Microservices, Monoliths, and NoOps. Go check it out !


Getting Things Done with Artificer


If, like many of us, follow the "Getting Things Done" methodology, but also want to know more about a new cool project o the JBoss community, go checkout this very cool demo using Artificer. The demo will show how to use the product to implement the methodology, by relying heavily on ontology.


  • Infinispan 7.2.0.Beta2 - Sometimes, it also nice NOT to have to learn, and for things to basically work out themself on their own. That's why this latest release should catch your eyes, as it improved the default configuration handling, thus letting you seat back and enjoy the show !
  • Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.Beta1 - Adding support Java 8 and many others goodies, go check it out !
  • RichFaces 4.5.4.Final - fixes a security issue concerning a4j:mediaOutput, but note that your applications may be vulnerable even if they don't use the component. Definitly a release to check out if you are using RichFaces.
  • Also, this week Red Hat released version 6.1 of DataVirt, the product based on Teiid.

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