Welcome to this new edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial ! Despite a couple of April's fool pranks released yesterday, there is still a lot of actual - and exciting news, this week. Hopefully this new edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial will walk you through it nicely...


JBoss Community Asylum - Feeding a Henry


Acquired by Red Hat a few month ago, Feedhenry is the most recent addition to the JBoss community. There is a lot of interest in how other existing projects can interact or interweave with them, and, for many JBoss community member, still a lot of Well, Emmanuel Bernard and Max R Andersen have taken upon them to have a seat with Mícheál Ó Foghlú (@mofoghlu), John Frizelle (@johnfriz), and Jay Balunas, and shade some lights on this intriguing new member of the familly: Podcast #38 - Feeding a Henry.unknown on what is exactly this Henry that need to be feed .




On the Learning Curve...


Time to blow of Fuse, err, wait no !



JBoss Community is thriving so much, with so many products being released and projects being launched, that the real difficulty is to learn how to use them. Fortunately, this week brang it fair amount of tutorial and workshop, starting with the fifth episode and sixth episode in

Christina Lin's JBoss 101 series. This last addition focused on running Camel inside container, such as Karaf or Wildfly. Fuse community being quite large, you may be also a bit at lost in term of what to download to do what - again, no issue, Chistina also took the time to do some House Keeping: where to download and what version of JBoss Fuse?


And who knows, if you are good student, and improve your Fuse fluency, maybe you'll get one of those nice Fuse stickers, Kenny is talking about !


Learning BPM at 240 BPM per minute


On the BPM side, Eric Schabell keeps on with his long running Online Workshop (Building a Rewards Demo) and just released the last lab, numbered 19, on "Automated e-mail task notifications". And if you are already familliar with BPM, you might also be interested by his recent JBoss BPM Suite Quick Guide: Customize Your Rules Maven Repository.


OReva, the future of OData for Teiid ?


In case, you don't know it, the OData standard (Protocol for REST APIs) is quite important for Teiid, as it can be used to expose many datasources, from SQL to NoSQL and even existing WebServices, as an OData endpoint. While the new release of Teiid, is coming closer (see  Teiid 8.11 Alpha1 Released) the community has just decided a big step for its future: they have just launched OReva - Fork of OData4J library. If you have interest in OData or if you were, as Reddy, disappointed by the lack of activity around OData4j, here is an excellent opportunity to wake up your interest in the project !


Blowing in the Wind


If you ever had to migrate an application from one app server (or container) to an other, you know it can be a daunting task and that you can get easily lost in "time and space", trying to sort why the target app server is throwing this or that exception. While people (of course ) tends to migrate to Wildfly more than any other app server - and the JBoss community makes everything possible ot make it a smooth ride, it remains a somewhat difficult task (especially with complex JEE apps). And that's why, you'll find the Windup project awesome !

Indeed, Windup, which was just released in 2.2.0 version,  analyses your artifact (war, ear) and look for issue, in the current code or configuration, with the target platform. It will spot misconfiguration, uses of not supported and proprietary annotation and so on... More information on Windup Wiki. If you are currently waiting for your app to deploy on an other server than Wildfly, maybe give it a try, to see how hard it would to migrate to Wildfly/EAP !....

Docker here, Docker there, Docker everywhere I go !


Unless you lived under a rock - or just managed to survive the 60's without hearing about a band called the Beatles, by now, you be aware of a new technology called Docker. While not a JBoss community project, it interweaves a lot with many of them, whether to help set up demo, use as a dev environment or even going in production on top of it, as some people start experimenting with. Therefore, with such an adoption, it  maybe it's time to think (and read) about something we generally tend not to like thinking too much, security: Where Docker security may be headed !

Of course, for all of this to really matter, you will need to be able to work properly with Docker, especially within your favorite IDE. Hence, it's an excellent news that JBoss Tools has an Upcoming Docker Tooling for Eclipse ! Even if you don't plan to use Docker that much, it remains a brilliant way to provide running demo, as the recently launched project Hawkular has just proven ! It is however a shame that Hawkular is stopping after such an effort !!!

And some more for the road...


What about architecture ?


When it comes to architecture, there is of course, a lot to be said on Java EE apps for enterprise, and that's probably you'll certainly enjoy this Virtual JUG session with Markus Eisele: Architecting Large Enterprise Java Projects.


There is a lot of chatter around the concept of micro-services theses days, and not all of this chatter is as clear as this very detailled and well written blog entry from Arun Gupta on Microservices, Monoliths, and NoOps. Go check it out !


Getting Things Done with Artificer


If, like many of us, follow the "Getting Things Done" methodology, but also want to know more about a new cool project o the JBoss community, go checkout this very cool demo using Artificer. The demo will show how to use the product to implement the methodology, by relying heavily on ontology.


  • Infinispan 7.2.0.Beta2 - Sometimes, it also nice NOT to have to learn, and for things to basically work out themself on their own. That's why this latest release should catch your eyes, as it improved the default configuration handling, thus letting you seat back and enjoy the show !
  • Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.Beta1 - Adding support Java 8 and many others goodies, go check it out !
  • RichFaces 4.5.4.Final - fixes a security issue concerning a4j:mediaOutput, but note that your applications may be vulnerable even if they don't use the component. Definitly a release to check out if you are using RichFaces.
  • Also, this week Red Hat released version 6.1 of DataVirt, the product based on Teiid.