In a few days, most kids will be back to school, if not already, and holidays season will come to an end (for now).... It could be a depressing time, but don't worry, this editorial will bring enough thrilling news to make your coming back at work passionating !


Getting started with ... everything !


Start Your Engines

In a few days, school start again and it's probably a got time for all us of to also "get started". And this is so with perfect timing, the JBoss community has released many "getting started" in the previous week:



Disclaimer : some of those quickstarts will be mentioned again below.

Docking Point

Grand Canal Docks

Whenever I do this editorial, I often make joke about Docker as being the almost systematic "topic of the week". Well, this entry not be an exception, as

Ioannis Canellos entry on"Fabric8 Kubernetes and Openshift Java DSL" gives us, yet again, an interesting insight in the popular container technology. That being, I'm also happy to see that the fad is seems to be finally getting down a bit, and people start questioning if "Docker everywhere, for everything" is really the answer to all our problems (one day our industry will learn, one day...).


That's why I found equally interesting Thomas Qvarnström entry on"Application Containers is not a replacement for Virtualization", along with Containers in the enterprise – Are you ready for this?. Indeed, if Docker has certainly a lot of merits, it is - as always, good to know where to use it and where not to use it - in short, how to find your docking point.


Data Virtualization with Teiid


I'm quite happy to see that in the last years, Teiid (and the associated product JBoss Data Virt) have been getting a lot of attention, and a lot of interesting material about it have been released, blogged or twitted. Indeed, while part of the JBoss community since a long time now, this very powerfull tool that is still a tidbit of a mystery for many people.


But at least for those living in Europe, now that Teiid and Data Virtualization are going to be a focus the EMEA Partner Conference

, they have a chance to catch on ! And if you can't be in Frankfurt, on the 5th of October, don't worry, you can always catch a glimpse of Teiid magic by following this Easy Getting Started Example with Data Virtualization for Developers !


Security :Database Authentification & Authorization with Elytron


In the last year, security have been a raging topic, especially with hacks as public as the one of Ashley Madison (or the far less impressive one of TV5 in France), so it is certainly a good idea to take a little tour of Wildfly security subsystem, Elytron, following Pedro Igor's WildFly Blog: Using a Database to Authenticate and Authorize Your Users in Elytron.


Wildfly Console Updated and Feedback Requested !


If you have been in the JBossverse for a long time, you might remember the high quality user experience of our very first JMX console with a mix feeling of dread and panic   (BTW, I loved the JMX console, but I also read my email with mutt and chat over irssi, not sure I'm the right customer for fancy UI). Of course, we've been doing some major progress in this area for years now, and the current webconsole provided with Wildfly is pretty slick.


Nonetheless we still aim at making it better, so please checkout Arun Gupta's entry on WildFly Admin Console Updated - Feedback Requested

and take the time to give us some feedback on how you will like to see it enhance.




Langing for some "hard core" C programming, and low level grittyness ? Take a pick at the impressive Dirty Trick: Launching a helper process under memory and latency constraints (pthread_create and vfork).