Yes it's that time of year again when a lot of the world starts to think about Father Christmas, festive cheer and snowmen! JBoss and Red Hat are no different, but despite this it's also been a busy time for us here. Maybe the snowmen have been helping us out?!



The Vert.x community have been asynchronously hard at work (see what I did there ?) with automatic redeployment in Eclipse. And talking about Eclipse, as Alexey mentions we're hiring again for the team so if you've any interest then get in touch! Ho ho ho, let's not forget about the JBoss Tools maintenance release either!


Two of our most prolific authors have been making their lists, checking them twice and writing about a lot of interesting things: Eric, who has been writing about all things BRMS related for a very long time, presents his audience with a lovely Christmas present of the Ultimate Collection of BRMS Demos, and if that wasn't enough he has a quick tour of importing a project into BRMS. Meanwhile Markus has written about the latest EAP 7 Beta release, just in time for those people with time on their hands on Christmas day. And conveniently he also has the second part of his refresher on EE7 backend features.



If that isn't enough for you, Markus also managed to find time to write an article and associated video about getting started with EAP 7 quickstarts! Phew!


Now if EAP 7 beta isn't enough for you both Jason and Alessio have a few things to say about the latest candidate release of WildFly 10. So let's finish with Davide's article on Cassandra integration with Hibernate OGM 5.0.0 Beta1 and Christina's entry about different ways in which you can develop Fuse applications. I hope you've enjoyed these additional Christmas presents and we see you all after the day. Enjoy and remember: we love you!