This week we are seeing a lot of activity around WildFly Swarm, in additional to the usual set of releases you have come to expect from the JBoss Community.

Microservices with WildFly Swarm


WildFly Swarm allows you to optimise your Java EE application for Microservice deployments, by packaging them with just enough of the server runtime to "java -jar" your application. Watch the interview with project lead, Ken Finnigan, to learn more. Also, you can learn about the latest release here.


WildFly Swarm is also Eclipse MicroProfile compliant. Learn here  how the Eclipse MicroProfile initiative is rapidly bringing Microservices support to Java EE, in a fully open way, despite the slowing pace of Java EE specification releases.


Elsewhere, Pavol Loffay on the Hawkular team shows us how to rapidly setup a JAX-RS application using Wildfly Swarm’s app generator. He then instruments the application, showing you how to trace the business layer logic and add custom-data to the trace.




  • Teiid 9.3.1. The latest bug-fix release of Teiid. The next preview release of 10.0 will be due out in about 2 weeks.
  • Hibernate Validator 6.0.0.CR3. With Bean Validation 2.0.0.CR3 support and several other fixes and improvements.
  • Bean Validation 2.0 CR 3 Specification. Bean Validation 2.0 CR 3 has been released and submitted to the JCP for final approval ballot. Stay tuned to track progress.