Hello Again,

Welcome to our weekly run down of what is happening within the JBoss community.   One of the beauties of living in the open source world is that it is always changing.


Do you know somebody in India? No? Well, now you do.  JBoss'ers from around the world are converging on Bangalore for JUDCon India on January 24th.  JUDCons are our developer focused conferences - where our coders get to hang out with you!  This will be our largest developer event in JBoss history.

Check out the agenda for more information.



JBoss Developer Studio 5 M5 -  Have a love/hate relationship with Maven?  I do.  :-)  And even if you hate Maven, this latest version of JBoss includes a much improved JBoss Central with several new archetypes for kick starting your Java EE 6 projects.  Two of the most notable are an HTML5 archetype and the much improved OpenShift Express project Wizard.   Our tools include everything you need for using Maven with WTP-based projects - deploying to JBoss AS7 (or the cloud) is a simple drag & drop.   This is the fastest way to try your hand at HTML5 and mobile web development. Run the wizard, deploy to OpenShift then tweet your friends the URL for their phones - it only takes a few minutes and its FREE. 

Check out Max's blog for more information on M5.


Jonathan Halliday is brilliant in his rant on the "perils of trying to replace or do without bits of code that you don't understand".  He tosses out myth busters by clearly stating that Spring is not JTA nor JCA.  If you have ever had a computer go down (and who has not?) then you owe it to yourself to learn something about transactions.  Here is a tip: ACID is not (only) that stuff your parents played with in the 60's - see Steve Job's Bio for further details. 



The Infinispan gang continues to roll out the features and the blogs with Mircea Markus delivering a great post on transaction enhancements in Infinispan 5.0.


What is a "Guided Decision Table"?  I didn't know either until I watched these videos by Michael Anstis.   The JBoss Drools team has been rocking the RIA with an incredibly feature rich user application called Guvnor.  A Web-based UI that non-programmers can use to create business rules, processes and "spreadsheets", I mean decision tables.


The title says it all Hibernate Search 4.1 is coming - our very own Sanne "The Ice Man" Grinovero just tagged Alpha1, specifically focused on upgrading core dependencies like Lucene, Infinispan and JGroups.  We make Hibernate happen - how is that for a tag line?


I would also like to call your attention to Weld 2.0's first alpha release.  Weld is the reference implementation for Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE.  This release is the first one focused on CDI 1.1 - the next version beyond EE6.  See the future, happening now.



Have you had a JBoss'er visit your JUG recently?  Our team is always on the move and getting out into the greater Java community.  Eric Schabell published a great post about his evening with the YaJUG in Luxembourg.


Ben Browning will be visiting the Atlanta JBUG to talk up TorqueBox, January 31st - Ruby on Rails on JBoss.