last week's announcement of the JBoss Way - things are a bit quiet this week. We are gearing up for the annual celebration of all things Red Hat and JBoss: JUDCON + the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, to be held between June 25-26 and June 26-29 in Boston. If you can make it to Boston, don't miss either!


Until then, you can learn more about the future of the platform from the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Ease Into Cloud Virtual Event scheduled next week, on June 20 - a click away, we're virtually there.



Candidate release for JBoss Tools and Developer Studio


A critical part of the JBoss eco-system, JBoss Tools and Developer Studio has reached its first Candidate Release, and like each of its previous iterations, contains a number of significant improvements and critical new features - in areas like JBoss AS7 management, OpenShift, Maven and BrowserSim (an indispensible tool for mobile applications developers). Read everything about it as Max tells it all here.


Steal the blueprints - database reverse engineering with JBoss Forge


Francesco Marchioni continues his excellent series of tutorials with a couple of data-related examples, both extremely useful when migrating existing applications or using existing data with JBoss AS7. A first post shows you how to migrate datasource definitions from AS4/5/6 to AS7/EAP6. Next is a primer on database reverse engineering using JBoss Forge. This is another critical feature that shows how you can benefit from the rapid development capabilities of JBoss Forge in an existing project.


Are we doing the right thing at all?


Lincoln's tries to answer this question, in an awesome post, showing his excitement about the way in which different JBoss technologies try to put an end to technological fragmentation, and create easy-to-use, seamlessly integration technical solutions.


Buzzwords from Berlin


Mircea Markus and Sanne Grinovero share their impressions from Berlin Buzzwords 2012 - a lot of good stuff going on, especially if you take an interest in data management (storage, search, scale).


Meet the Drools and JBPM team at JBoss World


As announced by Mark Proctor, the Drools and JBPM team will have an all-day drop-in centre and codeathon on Friday June 29. So if you're around the conference and take an interest, drop in (you don't have to have summit tickets to take part).


Secrets of the RHQ


We often talk about development, but operations is an important part of enterprise application lifecycle. Here is where tools like RHQ become important. RHQ provides administration, monitoring, alerting, operational control and configuration in an enterprise setting with fine-grained security and an advanced extension model.


So the RHQ team has added a few interesting posts: Heiko Rupp blogs about the newly added support for JSONP in RHQ, and John Sanda talks about modeling metric data with Cassandra.



  • Gavin King has presented Ceylon at the DC JBUG on June 13;
  • Dan Allen will talk about Forge and continuous deployment using Arquillian at the Uberconf.