What looks like a quiet summer is in fact the midpoint between an eventful end of June and the start of a busy September. So we may have fewer news this week, but they're as fresh and as interesting as you are used to.


Polyglot and cross-platform: C# client for Infinispan


Not only is Infinispan a premier Java caching and datagrid solution, but it's reach goes beyond the JavaEE platform with the Alpha release of it's C# client. Mircea Markus blogs about the release, the result of the work done by Sunimal Rathnayake - yet another successful Google Summer of Code project from JBoss.


The Benefits of OSS


Mark Proctor muses over the benefits of an open source ecosystem - compared to proprietary technologies. While the discussion is carried out in the specific context of Progress divesting itself of Savion, the general principles still apply: open-source technology backed by a strong community carries far less risk than proprietary lock-in - they aren't dependent of a specific company's business strategy.


More rules and processes


Mauricio Salatino continues his series of articles on rules/process integration with JBPM and Drools with two new entries here - focusing on older integration paterns and here - focusing on how to put the rule engine in Reactive Mode.


Meet JBoss Tools users


Max Andersen is sharing some data gathered from the opt-in ping-back feature available in JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, along with his personal conclusions.


Arquillian at JavaOne


The Arquillian team has published an overview of all the JavaOne talks where Ike will be present - if you are there and want to learn more about Arquillian in a specific context, there's your guide.


Master the Boss


Francesco Marchioni from mastertheboss.com has published two new interesting tutorials: one on using Netty, and the other one on JNDI configuration for various versions of JBoss AS.


How to JBoss


On howtojboss.com (a site that you should be familiar with already) Shane Johnson has published a couple of articles that show how to monitor and manage the performance and scalability of your JBoss EAP installations. The first article shows you how to tweak your user resource limits (ulimits) to fit scenarios that require a  large number of concurrent connections. The second article shows you how to use JMeter for identifying your maximum concurrency throughput. Both articles are very important, because they show you how to tweak the performance of your running applications, which is an important aspect when they reach production.




That's pretty much it for this week - enjoy your summer and join us next week for another roundup.