Well it's been another really busy week in the JBoss world! What with the usual flurry of project releases, including two Weld versions, JBossWS 4.1.0.Final, and three Arquillian releases, you could be forgiven for thinking that we wouldn't have time to do much else. Well you'd be wrong For a start, John Sanda gives a good discussion about CQL and Cassandra, and how they are relevant within RHQ. Then Shane has a great article on Data Grids and NoSQL: you should definitely check it out and there's a lot of nice diagrams to illustrate Although it's Shane's other post on "What can I use a data grid for?" has some of the best pictures I've seen in a JBoss post for a while!




Keith Babo had a couple of sessions at this year's JUDCon in Boston on Switchyard and SOA, and has written them up for his latest blog entry.



Finally there are several activities going on elsewhere that you should be interested in, especially if you want to meet the teams behind out projects. These include Devoxx where some of the Ceylon team will be giving a hands-on session, and Intellifest where you can learn more about Drools and jBPM5. OK, that's it for now!