Hello JBoss Community,  Welcome to another edition of This week in JBoss and as always we have a number of fantastic blogs, new releases and events to tell you about.


  • Objective-C anyone? Historically everyone thinks JBoss = Java, well that has not been true for a while with projects like TorqueBox that offer Ruby and RichFaces focused on JavaScript/AJAX. Now the Aerogear Project has released 1.0.0.M6 and we have Objective-C code for iOS!  If you are interested in going native mobile check out our latest and greatest from our Aerogear project.
  • Randall Hauch (@rhauch) published a blog that describes our JBoss Database - Modeshape :-) in When in ModeShape a good fit?  In the age of NoSQL, the development world is becoming more open to a non-relational database as the backend for particular applications.  ModeShape 3.0 is currently at CR3 but will go Final any moment now. 
  • UberFire (Drools likes clever names) needs YOU - If you are looking for a place to make your contribution to OSS then check out Mark Proctor's blog on Fun UI Projects we need help with.
  • The alien invasion continues with Arquillian providing another release of the Portal Extension, the 1.0.3.Final Core release and Drone 1.1.0.Final release.
  • JGroups continues to be the underlying core of JBoss clustering technologies - and the goto expert on all things JGroups, Bela Ban blogs about release 3.2.0.Final
  • Drools 5.5.CR1 - The world's best business rule, event and process engine gains Scorecards from contributor Vinod Kiran. 
  • Emmanuel Bernard opens Public Review for Bean Validation 1.1 - if you love those simple annotations (@Size, @NotNull, @Pattern) for including validation logic directly on your JPA POJOs then you should check out the BV 1.1 specification.
  • Gary Brown is our SOA Governance Guru and he announces a new ISO standard.
  • Teiid 8.2 Beta2 is out - Aggregate and abstract your various data sources into a Virtual Database - Developers Free Yourself from the difficult DBA! :-)
  • GateIn Portal 3.5.Beta1 is available - with Quickstarts!!! Make sure to check out our examples and send us your feedback.  There is also a new release of the Portlet Bridge to support RichFaces 4.2.3.Final.
  • Heiko Rupp describes REST/JAX-RS documentation generation, lessons learned while adding a RESTful API to RHQ.  If you are serious about "web APIs" and REST check out Heiko's blog and leave him a comment.
  • JBoss and SAP - Yes, we have an integration story - check out Eric Schabell's blog (@ericschabell)
  • What is a Data Grid? Perhaps you have heard about our Infinispan project and the supported product known as JBoss Data Grid but it it has been unclear where it fits into your overall enterprise architecture.  Check out Shane's blog entitled We, Data Grid.
  • Red Hat Developer Day in London - Make sure to check out our Nov 1st event if you are in the London area! You can learn about JBoss, OpenShift, MongoDB and much more
  • Finally, If you consider transactions to be the arcane and are wondering if they apply in the world of "NoSQL", please check Mark Little's (@nmcl) blog about NoSQL and Transactions.


That is all for now - please feel free to send me your thoughts via Twitter @burrsutter or on Google+ burrsutter